yin-yang [fanfiction ch5 high school the late]

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the next morning it was a monday an my alarm clock rang ''ughjust a little bit longer its not even day yet'' i said while sleep next store to michel's room his alarm rang ''ugh my god yang stop doing that'' he said with his eyes closed dozing ''its night so turn it off'' michel said not knowing  yang couldn't get up without waking yin an not knowing it was a alram clock i woke up ''OMG WE OVERSLEPED'' i yelled as i looked at the time'''wake up michel its a monday an we are gonna be late'' i screamed tring to wake him up ''huh what are you talking about'' yin said as yin -yang woke up ''huh oh you see me an michel an franchesca go to high school where we learned neat stuff an its fun to like the ne time michel threw up as we disected a frog'' i chuckled remembering the memory ''do you got a piture of that?'' yang said amused for once in his life ''sadly no but i think someone did''i said ''now an you help me wak up michel we are gonna be late'' i said looking at the sleeping boy ''leave ot to me'' yang said getting a speaker an screaming in ichels ear ''AHHH IM UP IM UP'' michel said jumping out of bed startled yang laughed as he said that ''THATS NOT FUNNY'' michel said to him ''michel we are late come on get your stuff ready'' i said ''but how if we leave mom might find yin-yang'' mchel said stopping me ''ugh'' i sai ''well we just got ta hope for the best i aid as i putted my backpack down ''fine'' michel said putting it down next to mine an followin g me to the kitchen to get are lunch boxes ''ugh there is no way im staying with that lady'' yang said feouriously ''well we need to stay here cause we cant be in poublic'' yin said trying to calm him down ''what ever lets just hope in arianna's'' yang said hoping in ''-sigh-'' yin said following ''ok by-'' i was inturuped 'hmm he was right here a secound ago'' i said ''dotn worry he is fine'' michel said picking up his backpack ''fine if you say so picking up mine ''is it just me or is this backpack got heaveyer'' i said confused puttign the backpack on my back ''what ever lets go!'' michel said running ''WAIT UP'' i said running after him


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back story: i was flying with bone when i saw a bone napper egg it had a star on it so i took it home where it can hatch when it hatched it was a bonenapper it saw bone it walked all over him ''bone looks like your a dad'' i laughed


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