yet another disappointing Battle Glitch

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First battle was just fine. I got my exp, and bad reward, then immediately went on to switching servers by turning mmo on and off to find another one.

Second battle I find was the first glitched one, it was going with full health and it did not deplete, the other playing were not moving and not making an effort, so that glitch makes me believe it happens when the ship most likely lterally just died. Being as how I have come across that kind of prediciment before.

Third battle I found was the most disappointing. it was a late one that finally showed up and I waited with other players till it started. It was just normal until the very end. For me, when the battle ship was supposed to die, it didn't for me. It gave me the text saying "congrats!". However the Big ol' victory sign, board and reward did not show up for me. The ship was still going and was completely stuck at 17 percent, and clearly, it was just me as well from me seeing how all the other players stopped and went along like people usually do after battle.

Needless to say, this was very annoying, disappointing and feels just very tiring. Also, before anyone says it, I did relog afterwards to find out if i somehow was lucky and did get the exp and chest was in my inventory, but it wasn't. It was just a battle I particpated in, but got nothing out of it. 


Also while typing this, I feel maybe mentioned of another bug, I believe. I tried to visit a friend to another battle earlier, however, she couldn't stay landed forever, so I couldn't get into the same server as her, but could see the ship. Which strangely was basically full health, at the end of its route, looking to be stuck? I shot at it, then it ended up escaping, but it gave me no defeat sign and chest. So I decided to start switching servers to see if I could get a really late one, and surprisingly I did. However, once I got out of setting to fight it, I was actually just suddenly given the defeat sign and I was completely stuck, only ever be able to fire, but of course where I was, was in no way hitting the late ship I managed to find, and I could do nothing but close the game. 



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This has happened three or four times already. Twice in a row today, one of them even being a stuck battle ship...


Completely stuck ship, stuck at 14 health for me, but completed for everyone else. Am I really the only one experiencing this?


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One Battle Only

Well, I suspect whoever's in charge figured out or was informed that smart players are getting extra battle xp by switching servers. They must've rigged players to have only one battle per Event. I've played battles all week and could not get another by switching servers. I managed to join a battle that was almost over because there weren't much players. But other than that nothing else. It could be a bug or the devs were told to rig the Battle Event. That's what i think.


By the way, I think I was at that battle. The ship was at 0 then switched to 14 while the "You Stopped the Scouting Boat!" was displayed but no Victory board. Yeah, I switched servers to that one.


Sigh, Goodbye double battle xp... just when I thought it was possible to max level all my dragons easily. Guess I'm stuck with the Flight Club/egg/eel feeding/petting method.



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Ooof, I've noticed it too, and I really hope they're not just trying to get rid of second battles for others. @ admin, devs, whoever, you got rid of the good eel roast exp to expand our ways of leveling our dragons when battles or shoving chicken eggs down their throats are the only other ways available to us to level them up. Not everyone still has quests available and tactics doesn't offer much either.
Also, late battles have also been great for me because my game loving to crash whenever a battle is going on, and when I still see I have some time, it aspires me to get back on and keep playing, but yesterday I crashed right at the end of battle, completely unable to get the experience for my dragon or anything reward, unable to find myself another one to repay the loss, but no.