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Hi there!My name is Yannied Lepsy,but you can just call me Yannied(pronounced yeah-nee-yud).I am one of the oldest students of SoD since I have been playing since August 2013.Without the help of a membership,I have raised four dragons to adulthood(see signature).It was tough,but well worth it.My favourite thing to do,like many,is doing tricks.I have created and done many tricks,such as trust falls,dive bombs and sea-skimming.My signature trick is definitely flying through the tall trees at the Wilderness(It's literally nearly impossible at first,but you'll get there).My other favourite thing to do is exploring the skies and seas,just to see if I can help Hiccup find never-before-seen dragons.I am also a part-time School Counselor,giving advice and helping younger students with any problems they may have.You may or may not see me around school often,but my favourite hangout is a high area overlooking the school(see below).

That's all I have for my submission for Viking Of The Week(I'd love to write more about myself,but it might take a year to read).I really hope you will choose me and spread the word about helping younger students. :)




Avast Thar,Fellow Vikings!

My full Viking name is Yannied Lepsy,but you can just call me Yannied :)
I own a female Deadly Nadder named Jelsa(First ever dragon) and a male Whispering Death named Dreyar(I got him from a quest),a male Gronckle named Rockgobbler(He has an extremely short attention span and often daydreams),a male Skrill named Elektrikshock(I got him from a Battle Event),a female Shockjaw named Poisonbreath(She's very shy),a female Changewing named Toxic(she's rather vain but she's really sweet) and a male Speed Stinger named Lightning(he might not reach the sky but his dreams do).
I love them all and regularly keep their energy bar and happiness bar full.I love all dragons in existence,even if they don't belong to the HTTYD franchise or books.Basically,I am a huge fan of HTTYD!
My very own Dragon Training License!


My first dragon,Jelsa the Deadly Nadder.She's the oldest and also the wisest.She also takes care of my other dragons when I'm busy adventuring.She's around twenty now,but is still fast and competitive,bless her.



This is my second dragon,Dreyar the Whispering Death.He may seem menacing with his wide-open mouth,but he's just trying to catch the snowflakes.He's always being silly like this,but I love him for it.

This is my third dragon,Rockgobbler the Gronckle.He's the most adventurous and restless of my dragon pack,but when he isn't in 'adventuring mode',he likes to just stand on sea-stacks and admire the view.
This is my fourth dragon,Elektrikshock the Skrill.He's generally quite a chilled out dragon,but he's always ready to do anything that I ask him to do.The thing that he loves to do most?Sleep.
This is my fifth dragon,Poisonbreath the Shockjaw.She actually prefers the company of the narwhals out in the seas around the School to the company of other dragons,but I don't mind,so long as she's happy,I'm happy.
This is my sixth dragon,Toxic the Changewing.She's rather vain but she's still really sweet.She loves night flights and often we go exploring during the night and see the beauty of the night-time world.
This is my seventh dragon,Lightning the Speed Stinger.He may not reach the skies,but his dreams do.With the help of his other six fellow dragons,he was carried to the highest point of Berk to achieve his dream of seeing the world from above.
I'm proud of all my dragons,because they have grown up to be the best dragons I have ever trained.But the dragon that I will always love the most is my dead Deadly Nadder Mixedup.She was the best companion I've had for years,and will always be by my side wherever I go,even though she is gone...
This is my own creation...THE THUNDERING TWISTER!!!Drawn by the AMAZING artist
THAIGRA!!!Shoutout to her for her amazing artwork!
And now,this is Yannied Lepsy signing off! ;)
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Sorry I forgot the photo of my favourite hangout here it is: