Yak harvesting issues??

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I have 2 yaks on my farm and since the day I purchased them, I've been unable to harvest Yak Milk without having to reboot the game or refresh my page. Every time I try to harvest my yaks, my avatar is stuck in a running position, and is never able to get farther.

Is there anything I can do or that can be done to fix this?

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Thank you for any and all help.

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My subject fell into the void

I have that glitch too and I found that if I go to milk my yak and that hapens I open my journal and go to dragon customization page and click the color option (you don't need to actually pay or color your dragon just need to click the red button and exit the journal.) 





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There is an easier way - when

There is an easier way - when you milk the yak and your viking gets stuck, just open the store, and close it again, give it a couple of seconds, and you'll get the bottle of milk and be able to feed it again :) Also play around with where you position your Yak Pen.  I originally had it in the far bottom left corner, and whenever I tried to milk them my viking would run all the way to the end wall and get stuck running etc which wasted time.  I now have it in the far back right corner, and now when my viking runs she runs into the yak, so she doesn't stray anywhere!


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I have my yak pen in the right front corner opposite the farm stand. I harvest it by standing in front of the farm stand, which means outside of the actual farmng area. That gives me the room that they can make my avatar turn or run aroung like crazy or whatever they choose to do, without getting stuck. Works fine.


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Got that happen too

I got this happen too so I went my friend hideout then I was running spining to exit then stop running/spining 






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How To Milk Your Yak

I've posted a comment on getting around the milking yak issue:



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