Xeno's story (my sand wraith's back story)

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this is my very first sand wraith xeno's story, told with screen shots from the game that date back to 3 or more years ago.



feel free to share you're dragons stories with me if you like.



Part 1- Xeno's story


It all began with a young mother sand wraith that travelled high into the mountains of the wilderness to lay her very first eggs. 


Soon the eggs hatched, among them was xeno. he was probably the most energetic of the hatchlings. he had his whole life ahead of him.


That was until a cage suddenly surrounded him.


It was a stranger riding an adult deadly nadder that held the cage that xeno was in.




Xeno's mother woke from her slumber and instantly got on high alert when she saw this. her only instinct now was to get herself and her 2 other hatchlings away.


She now took off with her other babies, leaving xeno behind.


Me and xeno!