Wutend Bonfire Returns! (again) Foreshadowing, Announcements and Catch-up

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Alrighty, lads, now I have done a return post previously, but that was ahout a month ago and before we found out that mcfriggen Telstra had screwed us over again, meaning I still have no internet! And have been trying my best using phone data for the last week.
So once again here I am! I think a few of you have been awaiting my return, theres likely a dozen new users I have never seen before, and five hundred updates to the game that I have missed.
But I am here mostly to run down on what I have been doing in my abscense.
I have fully prepared 2 new original dragons that I will be doing requests for, and I have another 3 or 4 to be properly lined up and their bio's written.
A new character will be coming to the role-playing stage who I think many of you will approve of and others may copy off due to their extreme originality, which I was carefull to make unique on a few fronts, and I don't mind if others want to leach off the idea(call me pretentious)
On the writing side of things, it will please a few of you to know or be reminded that the long awaited Bloodbird Epidemic RP will be getting a reboot in this month. The reboot may feature a second pathogen, will either start the story at Patient 0 or have a prequal in the form of a fanfic, depending on whats easier, and have a new immune species to either replace or go with the Rumblehorn.
I know that only a couple of people know about and/or track Eagles Cry but I will be continuing that. It will be slow getting it rolling again and the plot may go a bit wobbly for a bit but hopefully I can get back into my writing mindset.
Also on the waiting list for reboots, releases and new launches are:
- When Winter Bites (RP)
- General Art (Requests)
- All Art (Gallery)
- Reign of the Deep Queen (Fanfic or RP)
- Reign of the Deep Queen 2?
- Jagged Hearts (Fanfic)
- Mymic (Character)
- All of my human characters
So that pretty much sums up everything I have planned for my grand return, and should keep me occupied for a few months, so now all their is left is for me to do is catch up with you guys.



Tis me,


ace, female, and definetely not a bee



Latest News Regarding Me:

Im gone boios, and I'll give y'all one free parting gift- fan characters listed here are now free-to-use: go nuts my dudes, I aint using them any more. Fan fiction plots are free for the taking, so if somebody wants to take over the Alpha Series, doors open.

If you want a request done before I leave for upwards of several years, shoot me a PM before the 30th and I'll do it- THIS ONLY APPLIES TO PRE-EXISTING PERSONALISED ONES. Recolours do not count to this.

I'll still be on the Discord server tho, if you truly must find me.




Art Requests

Currently Closed! PM me with the details of the drawing you want done. I'm best with dragons, getting pretty good with human skills, and can create digitally, a symmetrical 3D model, or on paper with graphite, pen, and/or watercolour.

ALSO: it may help to send me reminders every few weeks since i am not very reliable and will forget things quickly.

>> Gallery <<




The Alpha Trilogy

Reign of the Deep Queen | Refuge of the Blue King | Age of the Midnight Prince


(haha see i can edit)(sort of)

We know that Vikings settled in the Archipelago a little over 500 years ago, but what stopped them before that? In the Dragon Nest, a stolen child must try to overthrow a tyrant. Her descendant, a volitile soul, runs from revenge until he cannot go any further. His son, a strong-willed leader, takes on a new name and builds his own empire until the past catches up with even him.

(Progress on this will be slowing down since I've become comfortable with my writing skills and styles and I am moving into original works and more ambitious projects. AotMP will be finished in the same style it is currently in, but RotDQ and RotBK may be shorter and lower priority, if I decide to do them)






Ebony and Flies With Storms

(is this a self-insert-babies-first-oc type character?)
(absolutely, what do you think i am???? quality content creator?? u fool....)


by me(left), and Chameishida (right)

Dramatic and petty with no impulse control to speak of, some would say her intelligence is wasted on revenges over small things, always done in very unique and specific ways. That’s not to say she’s a bad person, or easily angered; but with an oddly selective memory, she can sometimes have a (unintended) threatening presence. Storms, on the other hand, has a far more calm demeanour and often acts *begrudgingly* as a vent for Ebony, be it random ideas or long-winded complaints.

- Working on detailed design of Ragus (her sword)





Pallus- the liberated Roman

- has a terrible memory (especially with dragon species names)

- generally avoids conflict

- has absolutely become an epic bard that parties hard

- trapped in a permenant state of i-kinda-know-what-im-doing-but-not-really-so-its-awkward



Yzar and Lochiel


- hey who wants some immortal quakens?

- thats right, these lovely ladies have surpassed mortality to be together

- only got art for Yzar so far, but Lochiel will be gettin some tasty eye-treats soon

- i love them so much.


Sir Edmund

By Silvernight

The draconic embodiment of a middle class victorian era man, with extra RUFFIAN SPANKING ABILITY

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Glad to see you're back! Also those RPs sound exciting. xD


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