Wutend Bonfire Returns! (again) Foreshadowing, Announcements and Catch-up

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Alrighty, lads, now I have done a return post previously, but that was ahout a month ago and before we found out that mcfriggen Telstra had screwed us over again, meaning I still have no internet! And have been trying my best using phone data for the last week.
So once again here I am! I think a few of you have been awaiting my return, theres likely a dozen new users I have never seen before, and five hundred updates to the game that I have missed.
But I am here mostly to run down on what I have been doing in my abscense.
I have fully prepared 2 new original dragons that I will be doing requests for, and I have another 3 or 4 to be properly lined up and their bio's written.
A new character will be coming to the role-playing stage who I think many of you will approve of and others may copy off due to their extreme originality, which I was carefull to make unique on a few fronts, and I don't mind if others want to leach off the idea(call me pretentious)
On the writing side of things, it will please a few of you to know or be reminded that the long awaited Bloodbird Epidemic RP will be getting a reboot in this month. The reboot may feature a second pathogen, will either start the story at Patient 0 or have a prequal in the form of a fanfic, depending on whats easier, and have a new immune species to either replace or go with the Rumblehorn.
I know that only a couple of people know about and/or track Eagles Cry but I will be continuing that. It will be slow getting it rolling again and the plot may go a bit wobbly for a bit but hopefully I can get back into my writing mindset.
Also on the waiting list for reboots, releases and new launches are:
- When Winter Bites (RP)
- General Art (Requests)
- All Art (Gallery)
- Reign of the Deep Queen (Fanfic or RP)
- Reign of the Deep Queen 2?
- Jagged Hearts (Fanfic)
- Mymic (Character)
- All of my human characters
So that pretty much sums up everything I have planned for my grand return, and should keep me occupied for a few months, so now all their is left is for me to do is catch up with you guys.



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Alternate Universe where everything is the same except...

Habits Of A *Proffesional Forum Artist

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I TAKE ART REQUESTS (And I use Krita just so you know)

And better yet I seem to have made a habit of sending progress pics throughout the entire thing. PM me with the details and I'll get to it (but like a week later cause school and stuff)

A L S O: If you have some unfinished* business with me, let me know: Art Cleanup

*- Adoptables not recieved, old requests never done, old art you might want redone ~ let me know!


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Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Afternoons(3:30pm-10:00pm).  Including dinner, homework and other, about 5 hours drawing

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Important Pages


The Sprectral Leviathan~ Bonfire's Original Species


HtTYD Fan Fiction- Eagles Cry



Bonfire Triple Stryke Collection


Bonfire's Left-over Adopts!


The Solarflare Skrill- Bonfire Original Species, Request Page


Characters and Art


Behold Sir Marvelous! Edit by VoSpader, original concept art by Cory Strader

Species: Sea Dragon Leviathan

Gender: Male

Story(not to be taken seriously, intentionaly bad)

Marvelous was a good SeA dragn, not like the others!!! He was in a fight with a warper one day and damaged it, and it accidently teleported him to berk!!! luckily the people liked him and now he lives peacefully with poeple and helps catch fish! But he is afraid that he took the carar desease with him... because why else would the warper attack him?



Sister of Whales


(Art by me)

Regal and full of herself, Amelia isn't the easiest to be around. She has few friends and makes sure to choose them wisely, but even then she will often believe they need her help with anything when it's obvious they don't

A decendant of a long-dead clan of Furies that learned the song of whales, she discovered her gift to communicate with the ocean giants at a young age. During her teens, she had her first encounter with humans- Hunters that managed to catch her unaware of the danger out at sea, and when a harpoon got ensared in her paw, she called out in desperation. Luckily, a stray humpback whale calf answered the distress call and managed to roll the boat. This did rip the harpoon out, however, and that caused her to lose the paw. Grateful and sad for the lost calf, she watched over him until he could survive on his own, but he chose to stay with her despite the difficulties of not migrating. Named Mud for his vibrant dark brown colouring, the two close friends explore the lands in search of Amelia's history, and maybe some entertainment in between.

When around others, Amelia likes to keep Mud as much of a secret as she can unless she absolutely has to call on him. This is mostly to keep him safe, but also for an element of surprise during potential battles. When she communicates with him, others will hear it as strange gurgling, humming, moaning, clicking and other assorted noises. This often leads dragons (and people) to think of her mentaly impaired until they see who's on the other side of the line



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He is small but he is angry. What about? Probably his ironically green laser, but his namesake didn't know what hit them. Really, they were all dead before we knew what was happening.


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Glad to see you're back! Also those RPs sound exciting. xD







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