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So here is the backstory. I wrote a story for my friend she loved it and made me open requests XD there u go





3. put "IM A NUT" ​as ur title





loudmouth had been flying out, talking to her dragon as she sometimes did. “—and now here we are!!-” She said this, her fluttering hands showing off the land where they took care of the dragons as they flew past, “—in this amazing land! With dragons playing! And an OPEN BLUE SKY!!” She has her hands fly wildly around at the sky, but one cloud remaining, to slightly, but not at all entirely, dampen the excitement and joy in her voice. “For US to explore in!!” she laughed jovially and loudly. The two had been out going to the trade isle, away from berk, and poor, poor Emerald had been putting up with the narration, happily, and joyfully the whole time. She cooed as she made this last, heartwarming, not to mention LOUD explanation.


The two arrived at base, Loudmouth mentioning a “WE’RE HOOOOO-OOOME!!” with an extravagant swing of her arms. Her two friends, Malena and Manera, waved happily, with a “WELCOME!” call.


Emerald cooed at a young Sand Wraith with a broken wing, she nuzzled it and Loudmouth walked over. “Awww! You’ll do GREAT, little guy!!” the baby nuzzled her and purred. He then waddled off, much happier than when he’d first waddled over. Loudmouth guffawed boomingly. 


She saw Hiccup, he was treating an injured Gronkle, “Loudmouth. Over here!” he says, “I need your help with this injured Gronkle. I named him Lime.”  He smiled weakly as he held his hand with a knife, “I gotta hold him. You use the knife, get the piece of arrow out of his leg.” Loudmouth screeched, and just about passed out.


She gazed at the knife, “b-but HOW!?” She asked, her lip quivering slightly in doubt and fear for the dragon. “just. Do it, all it needs is a small slice, then your good!” Hiccup  prods, “O-ok” she puts on her ~~GAME FACE~~ and begins to perspire with focus. She took the knife and put it next to the Gronkle’s thick hide.


She then stand up, “I JUST CAN’T DO IT!!” she screeched, “But, you have to!” Hiccup said, “Try again, you can do it, trust me.” She nods, slightly hesitantly, but goes again to the Grpnkle, and puts the knife to his leg, making a quick slash, she grasps the part of arrow in her hand, “I-I I DID IT!!” She said triumphantly. She then grabbed a bandage and proceeded to put it on the leg. “I knew you could, you shouldn’t have doubted.” He smiled, patting her on the back.








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Would you write a story about how Aniu met her Flighnare Mystery Strike if its really good ill feture it in my fanfiction!


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I can, but I need a picture and a personality, for both, as well as a general idea if you want a specific scene! THANNKS FOR REQUESTING tho :DD

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