Wrath of Stormheart - Review - SPOILERS

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Well, what a surprise, eh?

I wasn't expecting it, were you?


It was Monday afternoon, I walked in through my front door and I had several notifications due to my sudden connection to the wi-fi. Twitter, YoutTube, Google Alerts, E-Mails, all containing the same three words: NEW SoD EXPANSION.

With no foreshadowing or photos by Snod, would I believe such a drastic turn of events? Yes. And so I went on the forum to find it more erupted than the Eruptodon, itself, with WRATH OF STORMHEART everywhere I looked like a plague of excitement dominating the web.


An all-new expansion pack. With one controversial photo released strangely last week, I was stunned. Despite, however, last week everyone saying it was a fake, I stood by my thoughts and believed in it and so now laugh in the face of those who didn't just say it was fake, which I'm fine with, but tried to disprove it with everything they had. Sorry guys told ya'.


Anyway, off track. I bought it. That night, after adjusting my game, I bought the pack and my, my, what a disappointment!

I'm kidding of course. 


This is, I must say, one of their best. 


Starting with an old friend of ours, a friend which we thought had been forgotten, Lumie (Love the name, also), we are sent off a chase across the archipelago in light of a new situation concerning The Love Birds (Love that, also). Within Stormheart's almighty vessel, we see little ol' Dagur, defenceless and alone, needing our help.

After a short while, he goes free and we witness something not even  could have thought was implemented. You see, from the start of the quest, I feared a plot-hole had occurred, with no explanation on how a boat the size of Dagur's could fit through such a small gap in Stormheart's. It opened up. I couldn't ask for more, honestly. It was set to be an incredible expansion.




How well was this done? Very. 

Smaller than the real thing, but that's expected. I love the tunnels and passageways, it is incredible. The gentle nod to Oswald and, of course, that skeleton! That was glorious, too. 

And then we got a little surprise, something I wasn't really expecting. More on the Leviathan front. How incredible!

An underwater sequence was expected as we've had this the last three times now and I was really pleased with this one. Unlike RoS, the place was somewhere completely different where we could dive to depths of extremity. And unlike SotL which was a simple one-area thing, we got different chambers all being fed, geniusly, by oxygen excreting shells, wonderful! 

And then we see it. The confirmation we all needed. A Krayfin's Corpse. And how beautiful it was. Don't mind me saying, but seeing these massive corpses, just proved me right more and more by the second. Also, the skull looked amazing. Then we get a connection. On the back of the Greatest Krayfin to ever live, was an emblem of Stormheart's and then we make our way back up to the top.


This is where SoD really outdid themselves with their villain. Nikora was fantastic in this, and it really tops her portrayal in RoS completely. WoS shows her, utop a SEASHOCKER taunting us. Let me just point out a few things:

-The fact that she goes alone shows me that she isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty, and probably believes the saying: "If you want something doing, do it yourself," completely (Probably a past event that happened, cough cough).

-The way she stands ABOVE us shows that she is of higher status than us, and she knows this.

-The SEASHOCKER. Oh SoD, you did this amazingly. How do we get that lot to hate her? Give her something they can't have! A SEASHOCKER! In all its glory, she stands upon the Shocker and taunts us. While we're not paying attention to what she has to say, we are looking over the dragon and how much we want one and how unfair it is that she gets one and we don't. That is how to make a villain.


The Seashocker looked amazing and I loved her power over us. 


The Heist:


We then leave Lumie to save Fishlegs and the Archaeologist from Stormheart. She threatens us, and Fishlegs unless we give her the heirloom. And here her true villainy shines. She is happy to send a man to his demise, she is happy to do it. No hesitation required. Villainy at its best.

I loved the next part where she still drops him, villainy is shown and we are given a timer to get Fishy out. I loved this as it really shows how much danger we are in, that it might be more than we think. The ticking clock symbolises that Stornheart is more of a threat than we first thought.


The next part did irritate me. Despite the addition of the 'mini' Tempests which showed Stormheart's wealth and rich, along with the banners everywhere, symbolising her need to conquer everywhere as her own, it really irritated me... I don't like Dragon Tactics. I hate Dragon Tactics and so three different challenges in a row which was really repetitive irritated me. Don't do it again, please.


However, the final battle was very enjoyable. I loved how it brought everything together:

=There was a battle event-style ship conquering, which was easy but effective, with lots of symbolism.

-The short VT of the bots coming ashore, that looked amazing. And us shooting them added that.

-The return of the Grimora gas.

and of course the final Dragon Tactics battle.

It was really easy to do and we got to try and destroy Harald first hand! Incredible!


And then, when we spoke to someone in the end, I thought that was it. The end. Kapoosh.

But then something was raised. Something which I had been wondering all along. Why was there a padlock on Auction Island? And we found out.


My, my. You couldn't of done it better, my friends. Seriously. How to shock us more than to suddenly add a new law in the works. Stormheart is now the ruler of all, basically. She has shown her worth and has got her throne. And the decoration changes are spectacular. I could go into so much detail, but another day.


Overall, I Loved most of it. The way Nikora clapped sarcastically when we survived. Her on the Seashocker. More on the Leviathan Front. Loads of things I wasn't expecting came up.

However, I think I counted 7-8 Dragon Tactics. Too many. You overdid it. Yeah, it was fun at times but really repetitive.


Overall, I Loved this expansion, and it is going in the top three, I'm sure.

With great scenery, surprises everywhere and honestly the BEST VILLAIN of our time ( except Viggo, may he still live on with that Skrill), you cannot match it in these ways with another expansion.


And as for lack of teasers? I think it made it 10X better, as I didn't have the time to come up with a theory of what was going to happen only to be let down by the simlicity of a plot. Please, do this again. I realise I hate teasers.


Well done SoD, can't wait for the third part in the 'of Stormheart' series and a continuation of the Leviathan Series Arc.



Thank you all for reading,

  and watch out for it is said that this maniacle woman still sails the seas for her revenge: Nikora Stormheart.




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Good review.

The padlock is there for the EPs you play on. It unlocks for RTDL, RotS, and WoS. 


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Thanks for your review. Your

Thanks for your review. Your thoughts are heard. :)


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