Wooly Howl or Skrill?

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The title says it. I kinda need a main dragon... I love both, maybe I'll even get both XD. The skrill is good in TRR but almost everyone has one. The Wooly is a cute winter dragon but not the best in TRR, or is it? Oh well, what do you guys think?

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If you want to race and skrills are better in TRR, I'd pick a skrill. They're cool looking and they also have a titan version if that strikes your fancy.

Woolly Howls are really cool but that's all they've got, I think.







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Actually, I have both dragons

Actually, I have both dragons and I've found that the Woolly Howl is actually better at racing. I'm also a huge fan of the Skrill though... The Titan Skrill looks magnificent. Ah, go with the Skrill.






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After some deliberation on my part and urging on Pheobe's we took him with us and nursed him back to health. His leg healed really well and he was running around and playing like any normal dragon his age. While taking care of him, I'd often return to the forest where I found him and search for any signs of a family, but never found any. He'd probably been abandoned because of his size. I decided that I was going to keep and train him, and I decided to name him Ogmundr because he lived and grew despite the odds working against him.


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Totally Choose The Skrill

Totally Choose The Skrill :)



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My personal favorite out of those two is the Woolly Howl so I'd say go with the Woolly Howl. However, it really just depends on which one you prefer. 

The Woolly Howl can be good at racing if you practice with it enough. Sometimes it's difficult to make the tighter turns but with pracitce you can get the hang of it. I've actually gotten pretty good at racing with my Woolly Howls, although sometimes I do still make mistakes but I'm a lot better at it than I used to be.


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The Woolly Howl!!!!! It's

The Woolly Howl!!!!! It's actually really good at racing in my opinion. It's one of my mains when I race :) plus at super cute 




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Thank you, one question

Which one do you prefer in battles?

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Probably Shouldn't Consider TRR in This

The Woolly Howl is actually the better racer than the Skrill, but the truth is, both of them are good racing dragons and neither are great. Though the Woolly Howl is slightly better at battle due to a higher shot limit, neither is any good in battle. I wouldn't base your choice on racing or battling. If you're set for one of these as your main dragon, I recommend having another, better racer to be your main racing dragon and another to be your main battle dragon. Your main dragon doesn't have to be your main racing dragon or main battle dragon. Might I recommend a Slithersong or Snow Wraith for a main racer and a Prickleboggle or Scauldron for a main battler?


For a choice of your main dragon, I'd look instead at the dragon's personalities and see which one you like better. Woolly Howls are intelligent and very sensative to mood changes; otherwise, nothing is known about their personalities. Skrills are belligrent and unpredictable, being intelligent, mysterious, and aggressive. They are a loyal partner when trained but have a mind of their own.


Another thing to consider is why you want these particular dragons in the first place. Is it just because of their class or their looks? If so, careful on your choices. Don't be afraid to consider other dragons who may have more compatible personalities.


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Thank you, Whisper!

Yeah, a new main dragon doesn't have to be my main racing or battle dragon. So, personalities, I love intelligent dragons, and the personality of the Wooly Howl seems kind of nice.. By the way, thanks again Whisper, you're a kind of dragon expert in this ;)

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No problem! Glad I can help!

No problem! Glad I can help!

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And one thing

I had several choices which dragon would be my main dragon, I was thinking about a mystery class dragon but so many dragons seem to be "untrainable" or something. The reason I like strike class dragons isn't because of Toothless or something, no, no, i love mysterious and clever dragons, who is a protector-kind of dragon :)

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Actually, while many dragons in the Mystery Class are difficult to train (as are most in the Strike Class), there's only two dragons that the rest of the franchise has outright deemed "untrainable": the Snow Wraith and the Smothering Smokebreath. Everything else is fair game. :)


Hmm...clever, intelligent, mysterious, a protector...I wouldn't call a Skrill much of a "protector" but otherwise it matches. And as mentioned, information on Woolly Howls are scanty, but due to its stealth and intelligence, it's also fitting, with only "protector" status thrown intp question. I can see your dilemma. Though it seems like all dragons have some level of protectiveness for their riders.


In terms of other dragons (for theoretical purposes), hmm...a dragon that fits all those traits...Hobblegrunts, Rumblehorns, and Deadly Nadders aren't particularly mysterious...Timberjacks are extremely protective and gentle and known for intelligence, but I'd have a hard time calling them "mysterious" as well...Same thing with Stormcutters...Changewings are very protective, mysterious, and pretty clever, a bit of a trickster, but otherwise not known for its intelligence...Sand Wraiths and Shivertooths are intelligent, mysterious, and friendly, but we don't know if they are particularly protective...


Actually, Whispering Deaths match that description perfectly, though it should also be noted that they are extremely aggressive and have long memories and hold grudges. Actually, they're kind of like Skrills that way, only more territorial and protective. The description matches Speed Stingers and Night Terrors, too, though I imagine you would prefer a flyable dragon. Oh, Razorwhips fit the description, too. They're mysteriousness is mostly due to their reclusiveness and anti-social behavior, but they are insanely protective and pretty clever.

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Oh wow

Well, now that I started SoD over and I need more dragons, because I'm saving gems now, I was thinking of getting the Wooly, Skrill AND Probably a Razorwhip! Again, thank you Whisper!

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And eh..

"Protector" was a kind of synonym for loyal. (My English sucks, I wonder why Im still at school)