Woolly Howl SALE!

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The beginning of spring has arrived and Hiccup is encouraging Vikings to befriend the Woolly Howl with this week’s newest sale!



Early this morning Hiccup headed to the Trading Post where he found a crate of Woolly Howls and inspired with the beginning of spring he decided to set up a weekly sale. Vikings can now train this chilling dragon and age him up to a Titan, depending on the bundle.


Only the bravest of Vikings will take this opportunity to explore the School grounds as not everyone has the skills needed to train this dragon. This dragon is known for its chilling blasts of ice and its speed but the Titan Woolly Howl displays a stronger blast of ice and razor-sharp talons on its wings.


Those willing to face this fearless dragon should head on over to the Trading Post and begin a new adventure alongside the fierce Woolly Howl with this latest sale!  


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Another sale.
Another sale.


Leaving the forums because I swear every  thread ends up starting an argument. Am I the only one noticing this? Maybe. I'm only gonna be online if I get a PM.

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They used to do sales alot. Usually a dragon egg would be discounted the first 3 days after its release. Personally I've been enjoying the sales as opposed to random new farm decorations or something.


Plus, it's highly speculated that they're working on another big thing right now (all the signs are there) So... they're doing sales in the meantime to keep us busy. So.. yes. Another sale.


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Ha! Got ya >:D

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Nothing interesting is happening on this forum! Give us the release date or at least a teaser for the thaw fest already Maahssjsjsjsj



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"Not caramel! It'ss BUTTERSSCOTCH!" *drowning in ..BUTTERSCOTCH*

I mean.. Snod the Sneak does usually 'leak' big things before they happen buuut.. it's usually like.. 3 days before it happens :'D

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Unless the preceeding "sales" which either offered you dragons you could get from expansions or which were actually overpriced rip-offs, this one is moderately useful.


Vikings who don´t have a Wooly Howl, want one and have gems to spare can now get one slightly cheaper than usual. Notice that the "Tier 1" offer is actually the best since the "baby-to-adult" tickets are virtually worthless since they don´t level up your dragon (and you can get to level 10 quite easily through gameplay) and the so-called "Tier 3" costs more than the reduced egg and the titan age up if both are bought seperately.


I also notice a pattern here. When I started playing, they were egg sales for a discount of 50 % (yes, I got my Snow Wraith for half price then - seems unthinkable nowadays). This practice was sadly discontinued and later replaced with discounts of 25 %. Now, the discount for the egg is down to 14 %... I´m wondering if there will be a time when a discount of 5 % will become a "major sale"... but by then, I probably won´t be playing this game anymore. 


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