Woolly Howl bug.

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This bug is quite strange as it appears my woolly howl (who i just transformed into a titan), seemed to be having issues when i got him out before he was a titan. He started doing some strange things, as the following gifs present:

In this gif, he seems to be going around while hovering. I have 0 - none control over him and I can't access the flight suit to get off of him, leaving me with two options: exit, or change areas.


In this gif, it's similar, as I can get on the flightsuit to get off in hopes of fixing the problem by myself, he seems to literally spin out of control here. Options: Exit, change areas, or flightsuit and pray it fixes it. 


Another similar one, but in this one he's diving and spiraling out of control, sort of like being adrift. In this one, I have the same options as above, but I can't flightsuit away all the time.




My precious dragon has finally lost his mind, lol.



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i also might make a wattpad story for all of their journeys to get where they are now. :D


This is me in-game. As an OC though, her name is Feather Mountainss (yes, double the s.)

Her best friend is someone named Aero Juniper. His dragon is a male Nadder named Sticks. He used to have a dragon named Drain, a male Shockjaw. Drain sadly passed away when a wild dragon got a hold of him.


something will be here! soon! I promise! maybe!



so lately ive been liking stormcutters
















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What the...uhm

Oh my...something like that never happend to me. my titan woollys are normal. I only had a glitch like this on mobile with teenager dragons. Sometimes they started flying without any control over it. They should glide not fly but yeah buggy game. But on a computer Ive never seen this glitch. And not with a titan dragon. o.O










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In my deference, I was left unsupervised.

This has happened to me before... but with my Titan Stormcutter. 


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Kinaara: Scauldron, female

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Segger: Tide Glider, male

Mogwai:  Titian Thunderdrum, male

Maji: Shockjaw, ?



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That reminds me when I found

That reminds me when I found a very strange glitch on mobile where all the sudden, every location had no collision whatsoever.

Have you tried to restart the game and see if it fixed?


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I left the game for a bit to watch some videos to have some me time, and when i came back my precious child was perfectly fine! I was greatful that I didn't lose him completely! 

But in all seriousness, they should fix it.