Without Limits Recruitment

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Joined: 11/01/2017
I'm looking to add more Vikings to this wonderful clan. ( Thank you to the people who have already joined, my heart pours in gratitude for all your guys work you have put into it, I'm so happy to have you guys as friends, means alot to me)
Without Limits is about Autism Awareness and so much more. Peaceful clan that helps others. Like other clans there are rules.
One thing I do have to add is you must have trophies to join. I know not everyone can play everyday but you have to be active to join. 
1. No bullying, fighting, or making fun of clan members or other clans. If there is any issues speak to me or a elder. 
2. No hacking of any kind. No speed hacking or clothes hacking. ( Alot of people worked hard for there trophies oor clothing items they got in clash of clans it's not right to wear those items)
3. Racing isn't a top priority but I would like us to move up higher on the top high clan list, race when you can, or play fbf.
( Speed boosts and traps are allowed just don't over do it) remember there's always the next race you could win first. 
I want us to be a example for newer players. No matter where someone is from and who they are we are all equals.
Im not on as much as I want to be, the clan is currently cclosed because of certain reasons
If your interested in joining please message me, I will be happy to send a invite. Elders are also leaders in the clan , they have say what happens in the clan. When. I can there are giveaways once a month to one Viking per month. A gift card of persons choice ex.. google , iTunes, Amazon, in the amount of $10. 
Thank you for reading this long thread.

            .                        Made by myself


           We Soar Without Limits for Autism

              Awareness & Acceptance is

                            Clan banner done by EmeraldHuntress55






                            (Viking by Abcguy)                                                                            

         Just call me War, I've been playing SoD since December of 2014. Ive loved dragons my whole life. (Even have a dragons eye tattoo:druidic symbol)       I'm a very laid back person, love to race in TRR(don't like using boosts or traps unless someone else does, then it's game on) If you see me in game say hi, I'm really bad at breaking the ice with people, I have social anxiety so initiating talk isn't my strong side.  But I like making new friends in the game (but absolutely don't do drama) I'm old enough to know better {Adult Player}, I've made lots of wonderful friends and made some mistakes. But I still have fun. What you see is what you get with me. I'm honest, truthful and trustworthy.

Im a proud member of Ecliptic Embers and Great Heights clans. Leader of Without Limits.

Feel free to pm me here or ask for my discord name.



                             Photos above made by Strykana


                                  2019 participant 





                     Drawn by byrnnebyronne           My dragon and I fly as one


        My Sand Wraith Secretariat done by the talented Roaring Origins


.      Artwork done by Flitt    My daughter and me riding toothless


         My little sistas ( family isn't always blood)


     Valka is the one viking I'm like, a mother calm,caring,Strong, wise and determined

  My Artwork/Edits

          My tattoo ( dragons added for look)

                           Second tattoo


                        My first flightmare Beowulf drawn by myself


                                       Quickfire by me


                               My razorwhip done by myself



                              Artwork done by Zitka



                          I attack my enemies with

                              the swiftness of a fox


                          My Supernatural gif collection