Wish I could Reset To Default?

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This is a simple but much, much needed thing that, to my knowledge, can't be done - I would like to reset my dragon's colour to it's default. Would like to match it exactly - I know the "example" dragons in the store use the same default colours so I would expect that I could click something that just sets those same colours for my own dragon(s). Obviously it would still cost the 15 gems.


I know this seems superfluous, but I'm not the only one who has expressed interest in being able to do this. Dragons like the Smokebreath and the Skrill have very specific colourings that are surprisingly hard to repeat. If they are saved in the game code, why can't we enable them again?



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I sure hope they find one soon. It would be a pity if they didn't.




In fact... perhaps they're planning something bigger right now!




Nah. That's ridiculous.

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I like this idea.

I like this idea. I have sometimes wished I could revert back to my dragons default colors; for some dragons I've  learned never to change their colors.