Wings of Fire Surveys Here! (Oh, did I forget to mention a prize?)

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Hey Peoples!


Like the title states, I made two Wings of Fire surveys. The first one is about your favorite WoF things, fav book, character, etc. And then the second one is about my ocs. So it's more of a quiz than a survey.  And for each of those surveys, I will be giving out a free drawing! Either digital, hand drawn, or an edit. It's up to you!


And now for the very little rules I have,

1. Only summit a form once, I want this to be fair, and that means that no one shall cheat to win. Understood?

2. No fighting, I think that's pretty self explanatory.

3. You may do both surveys, I case you wondering...

4. The same person may win the drawings, but it will be very unlikely.

5. You may skip questions or leave them blank, though this will decrease your score.

6. Have fun!


Okay, so for the first survey. This survey is about your favorite things about WoF. There is around 27 questions in it. For this one, the winner will be decided by how much effort and thought I think was put into these surveys. My sister will he be helping me pick the winner for this one. So I will place the link now, hit on it to start. And have fun with this!



Now for the second one. This one is about all of my Wings of Fire Ocs. The first 30 answers can be found within all of my rps, I'd check out all of the WoF ones, the other ones may not be much help. All of the answers on this quiz will be fill in the blanks, so get ready to type! And for the last 5 questions, all marked with BQ, are bonus questions. These will help you gain points for the questions you may get wrong or that you skipped. So before I write over the whole page, the link will be below. And remember to have fun, and only summit your answers once!


And please post below saying that you took this survey for then I know who entered! And once again, HAVE FUN! I'll be posting the winner tomorrow!


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Winner will be decided in 2 hours.


This is where I will be posting the winner! Have fun!

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First Survey Done!

I did the first one, but the second one said I needed owner permission.  



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Okay, I'll see what I can

Okay, I'll see what I can do..


Okay try it again.

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Yes, it works now, thank

Yes, it works now, thank you!

I'm actually pretty busy so I might not have time to do it though. XD

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I did the first one. :D


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Finished! That was really fun. I only did the first one since I don't know much about your OCs. X3





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I am still filling out the second one, and i only know the stuff from wings of darkness... geez, guessing is hard


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Bumping this for any more

Bumping this for any more people want to answer!

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Another bump for some more

Another bump for some more entries!

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Quetzal rushes up to meet the winner.................

And the winners are......






Awkward Squiid!


Congratulations you two! I feel like you two did wonderfully in answering all of the questions.


And few things I'd like to say to everyone.



Once again, congratulations! You have won the free drawing from me from the survey about my ocs! Thank you for taking it, for you were the only person, minus the random forum people, who took it. So truthfully, you could of answered one question and won it. But I love all of the hard work you put into doing it. You almost got all of the questions you answered right, so very good job. So you can either post what you want drawn from me on this page or you can sent me a pm, whichever works better for you. You just have to tell me what dragons you want drawn and the pose. You can have more than one dragon in the picture if you'd like. Once again, congrats!

Awkward Squiid~

Congratulations! You have won one of the surveys. You have one the favorites one! I feel like you did an amazing job into the questions and put a lot of thought into them. I especially liked the answers you did about Turtle. Just like you, I have a lot in common with him. I hope to see you in a Wings of Fire RP in the future! So here is what's up with the free drawing you have won! You can have as many dragons as you'd like in the picture, oc or not. You can chose the pose and so forth. You can either post it on this thread or sent me a pm. It's up to you! So once again, congratulations!


I see that you are a huge Seawings fan. I adore you for that. But long live the Rainwings!


 I see we have another Queen Scarlet lover here........ By that I mean my sister, not me.

The Random People who stalked the forum and took my surveys!~

You two made me luagh, hard. I hope that you join the forms! But that one guy, two much John Cena's.

And Everyone Else~

Thank you for taking my surveys. I hoped that you enjoyed them!


Okay so congrats to those who won, and do you guys think I should make more surveys in a later time?

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Thanks so much! I had a huge blast taking the survey, and yes, I'm sorry about the whole essay I gave you on how much I love Deathbringer. He's just...fantastic. My sarcastic cinnamon roll. X3


Yes, I relate to Turtle a lot. And it's not just his dry humor and disliking of exercise. I, too, sometimes wonder if my interest in writing is really all that great- because sometimes, I don't feel like it is. Seeing Turtle overcome that feeling of unimportance really spoke to me on many different levels.


And again....



I'll PM you about the prize when I can. But for now, I can just say I really enjoyed taking the survey and would DEFINITELY MOST CERTAINLY do another of yours in the future!





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Thank you so much for making this survey, and are willing to draw something for winners! (tbh, i never seem to draw anything recognisible so i'll need someone like you to draw them)

the survey led me to a lot of Oc descriptions and i've learnt a lot about how and what to write in the appearance section, a pic! (well and also the other sections, but this is most important. 

that SeaWing you drew was just so amazing, that was.. Clownfish, right? correct me


if you don't mind i'll be pming you about the drawing, 

and tysm for doing this,  maybe another survey about the HTTYD books, or for Warriors? It will be pretty awesome!