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Hello My name is Silver I just made a clan allance looking for members to join anyone is welcome to join as long as you are not cheating or hacking we are  partners with the clan called The Dragon Racers we are team working together as you may know them as the top 10 clan in the clan they are nice and friendly and such like no other. why am i talking about them well heres why i just made a clan teaming up with The Dragon Racers we are a allance aand working team. Why should you join  my clan  if its the same? well 4 years ago i was a leader looking to be the top clan but wasnt ready yet i was not mature to be a leader i was looking after other clans to take them out and was rushing sense i got to  top 80 place well i  failled reasons why i was not a good leader so i tried to join clans and none of them fir for me but one did one day i joined The Dragon Racers they been such a great family to me and i felt very humble then from alot of thinking it took me  a 2 years to think what can i do to help them well i did alot of plans and it worked out and now I relaise its not about winning its about being a team leader and co-ping with my fellow dragons racers now i made a clan called Wings Asylum we are a balance clan i just need to find members to become one of us. To join pls contact me though PM or here. Thanks


Leader  Of the Wings Asylum partners with The Dragon Racers

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