Will we ever get the firing while flying animations back?

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Will we ever get the firing while flying animation back? It's been a year and a half since we lost them, and i'm wondering if we will get them back with this big update. That animation rended the game more realistic, plus, a lot of people complained about its disappearing, but we still didn't get any answer to our question. Some people here on the forum made some theories about it, but now...after almost 2 years..it's time to bring them back, isn't it?


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I'd love to have them back. I see how it looked problematic on some dragons but that's no reason to remove it for all of them.


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DeadWrong by Zikta

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I think it's the models, but cut the animators a little slack.

SOD re-uses a lot, almost all, of it's dragon models. Nadder-like dragons (Nadder, Scuttleclaw, Boneknapper), Thunderdrum/Changewing, Toothless-bodies; the only exception I've found thus far (yes I got on the game to check) is the Razorwhip which still opens it's mouth when firing and flying. It's cheaper for the game to re-use models, but so long as they keep doing it this problem will likely persist.


It's not a very big deal, albeit annoying if you're trying to rp/take screenshots, but I get your point. It is a long-standing issue. Still, I know graphics are expensive and I can't blame them for re-using models when they're spending a ton of time/money on expansions we keep asking for desperately. The devs are most definitely trying to give us what we want in terms of satisfaction and thus highest pricing.


Honestly, probably the best way to get the firing animations back is to considering buying more from the game. It may be a free game, but I don't think people realize it's still very expensive and time-consuming for the animators who SOD has to pay. If you want a better game, you kind of need some ground to stand on; you can't complain too much about something that costs real money unless you're spending it. This coming from a person who has a membership as a gift, if not for that I wouldn't be able to afford it either, but don't take for granted the people working behind the scenes is all I'm trying to say. I'm sure it will get fixed when they have the time/money to fix it without bigger things to focus on. Right now they seem to be dishing out expansions because it forces people to buy memberships which helps them pay their employees. 


Sorry to go all technical on you, it's just a bit irritating seeing people complain for these two years about something that isn't hurting your gameplay while also seeming to expect this game to be completely free. Some games that people make out of passion are completely free, sure, but SOD is run by the Jumpstart company. Employees ect; cut them a little slack, perhaps? I happened upon the Light Fury model on YT and guys they're working on much more important animations. Save up $10 and buy a one month, show the devs and animators a little love. 


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Tons of games recycle their assets. It's normal and for good reasons. The missing firing animations are likely just a bug. Why would they retroactively remove the firing animations? Because of asset recycling? That makes no sense to me.


Don't forget that the people who work at JS get a salary. You don't have to buy more gems so that an animator for the game will have the time to create something. Whether the game does well in a given month or not, it doesn't affect the animator's salary and neither does it affect their working hours. It's all fixed. The income from SoD is not their only income, and they don't distribute the profits as they come in like that.


We also haven't had an xpac for a while? What do you mean with 'dishing them out'? Wrath of Stormheart was the most recent one, yes? It came out in March 2018. I also don't get the whole membership idea. Why are people being forced to get them and who is forcing them?


Anyway, nothing wrong with a bug report, despite this thread being posted in the wrong subforum.


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Long response for a long post

That's true; I never said there was anything wrong with it, just explaining that by my observation seemed to be the "why" she/he was looking for. It was probably a file that got moved about, happens often. 


Yes. I know they have a salary. I said they were employees, those tend to get salaries. But I'm saying we don't actually know how many are professionals and how many are just hired for their skill. You never know when it comes to animation and computer work. 

We seem to get an expansion pack every year, which actually isbn't bad; that's what I meant. ALso we clearly have a new one on its way in a few day's time, I assume, considering the US release of HTTYD3 is only 4 days away. 

No one is forcing anyone to do anything, I never said that. I just said work should be rewarded. 


No, nothing wrong with a bug report at all. But beating a bug report to death won't help either. Every month or so there's another firing animation thread and it's honestly irritating because it doesn't effect gameplay at all. 

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I just diagreed with the 'why'. Retroactively removing things has nothing to do with model and animation recycling is all.


If you're hired for your skill, you are a professional. Not sure what 'you'll never know' means though. It's not a mystery industry.


Also, you did say that people were forced to get memberships, because JS/SoD is dishing out xpacs or something. What did you really mean with that?


If more people report a bug, it's more likely that it'll be passed on to the corresponding department and get fixed. This doesn't ring true for SoD, but perhaps it should. There's tons of bugs that haven't been fixed in years, but should we stop reporting them because it's 'irritating' to you? How else should we report them? If the same bug gets reported once a month, big deal, that's not often at all and those threads are easy to ignore.


Whether something affects gameplay is subjective in this case. Some people like immersion in their games. It's alright if you don't, but people have the freedom to think otherwise and report the issue accordingly.

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It's 3am, but-

It's 3am for me and I'm gonna be heading to bed, but I'll edit this post tomorrow. I do have a response, but writing it half asleep would be no good. lol 

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You don't have to reply if you don't have a reply yet. You can just reply when you do. just sayin' :þ

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Guys, please, i was just asking. I didn't want to create drama or anything here, the only thing i wanted is to ask. Since fire animations are still here (You can see them with a bug) it means that they still are in the files, so why not take them back, since a lot of people wants them? I know it's expensive, but since you can also see the firing animations of the new dragons (tryple stryke, sentinel, grim gnasher, etc..) why shouldn't they fix this bug and add them back? Listen, i didn't want to complain or create drama, the only thing this post was meant for were answers or theories. I don't complain without knowing anything.

Plus, as you may know, i'm new to the forum, and i didn't even know that some people already made a post similar to mine.

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No drama, no worries

There's no drama, at least I didn't think so. I saw it as a discussion but, if you want us to stop I will, sure. No need to make anyone upset. 


But anyway, it is annoying and I know that's why you/people post about it, it's just been a recent theme that people have ignored the behind-the-scenes. I realize from your clarification that's not what YOU are doing, but it just kinda came out. lol My apologies for making you feel attacked, that was not at all my intention. 


Anyway, let's just hope a lot of things get fixed with the upcoming update. 

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Why is it that so many people on here call conversations between people 'drama'?

Genuine question, not trying to start anything here.


As for the bug, I still hope it gets fixed eventually.