Wilderness Run!

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*Still owrking on the name feel free to post a suggestion*


So i already made a suggestion on a new way to earn trophies:  http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/sheep-round

But here's another one :D


So this game would be more for new users with dragons under lv. 5 (everybody can compete tho, i just have a feeling it will be more popular with the new users)


So for this game to happen we first need shields in the game. We'd have a quest where you have to make a wooden shield and you could buy a basic shield (800 gold) and a advanced steel shield (80 gems and increses your speed in this game)


Somewhere in the wild there would be a sign and you could enter the game there. 

You will be playing on a course (like thunder run):

- Rocky mountain 

- Forest path

- Silent cave


3-8 players



Players with their shield would be set on a starting line. This game doesn't include your dragon. When GO! appears you would run. (you could have an energy bar like in TR). 


- Wild Terrors would be shooting you from the trees, you will need to defend using your shield

- If you get blasted 3 times you lose

- When you get blasted you loose speed

- You'd have to avoid rocks, jump across rivers and avoid branches

- If you are wearing special boots(i think they're furry boots) that give you a speed boost, it would also count here.

- The better the shield, the better your speed

- There would be special items  (i don't know what) that would give you a boost



- first 3 winner would recive 5 trophies

- everybody who got blasted 3 times would lose 2 trophies

- everybody else who made it but weren't top 3 would get 0 trophies


This game is build so new members with baby dragons could still earn trophies. 


Hope you like the suggestion :D





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Agree! XD

Agree! XD









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Good idea!


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A very interesting idea!

A very interesting idea!


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Sounds cool!

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this is a great idea! I love

this is a great idea! I love it :D


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Thank you!

Thanks everybody for all the support this suggestion is getting!

I really want more ways to earn trophies :D I think it would be more fun :)

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Awesome idea to earn throphies :D



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this sounds like a lot of

this sounds like a lot of fun, awesome suggestion! I hope they implement it somehow


We could be heros, just for one day...


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Really cool suggestion, Ellie! There have been some Viking-only minigames ideas but this sounds really good, especially (as you said) for younger trainers. It also works on broadening the perception of the Wilderness area. I feel it could be a bit addictive, but this is all but a problem;)

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That sounds like a really

That sounds like a really good idea!

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awesome idea! Sounds like

awesome idea! Sounds like alot of fun


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I love this idea! :D And the trophy system is great, too.









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Thank you

Thanks for all the positive responses, i hope the admins will see this idea ^^