Why people are getting chat banned!

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If you've been on the forums this week, you'll know that people are outraged at the chat bans that they have "randomly" gotten. In fact, there are several people complaining that the chat ban should be removed. While I do see their point, uhm, no. SoD is a kid-friendly game that is licenced by Dreamworks. And if they wanted, Dreamworks can and will pull the license to run SoD. Chat bans are meant to keep trouble makers from ruining the game for children. It should be obvious right now, but the game is clearly targeted for Elementary, maybe Middle Schoolers, so removing the chat bans are out of the question. But contacting the admins will most likely help you get the punishment removed from your account, of course that won't exempt you from future punishments if you choose to swear.


So why is everyone getting a chat ban to begin with? One word: Symbols. You see, SoD noticed that the game had a problem, and that is where trouble makers would bypass the filter by adding a . between swear words. An example would be if lol was a swear word, the trouble maker would say lo.l, and it would go through. I have a feeling they will fix it, but the reality is that there isn't going to be a perfect swear filter. People will find new ways to break the chat rules. This is the curse that faces many virtual worlds that were made for kids.


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The filter punishes those who want to chat but those who have weird intentions always manage to evade the filters and end up being able to swear and share phone numbers anyway. It's not blocking out the people it should.


The filters need adjusting. Its not just symbols, because I never do that stuff and get banned regardless. The chat is pretty useless as it is now.


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You mean, I got banned

You mean, I got banned because of commas and fullstops?? I am absolutely sure that question marks can be used, and !'s maybe too. Numbers (why??), swear words and several dragon names are also on the ban-list.


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Its chat bans combined with a

Its chat bans combined with a guessing game of what you are and are not allowed to say. It’s hard to think around how to explain to somebody in game that you think there is a glitch when you can’t say glitch.