Who here reads The Green Ember series? (Spoilers for book three)

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So who hear reads the green ember books?

My family discovered them fairly recently, and almost all of us fell in love at first read. Pocket and Heather are so compelling as characters! With a great plot and invigorating storyline, I was on the edge of my seat through the whole series! I loved Heather, and sympathized with her self doubt and confidence issues. Her needing to find her place. With Picket in his anger and frustration with the cruelty of life. Laughed at Helmer's cruel,her hilarious treatment of his pupils, and adored Emma in all of her motherliness. I loved Maggie Weaver, Gort, and even Kyle,despite his treachery. And I couldn't help but pity him.

And don't get me started on Smalls, charming, friendly and fierce, he made it to the ranking of favorite make character in that book. Considering Picket's incessant grouching.

Wilfred was awesome! And just the continuation of characters while developing, I can't even!


The second book,while it was out a while ago, I'm pretty sure that it drive me to tears. Heather and Picket finding their place, KyleKyle's return as a Prince from beyond the sea, his treacherous father and the evil plan to stop the rabbits. The death of Smalls almost killed me! And Heather's sacrifice was amazing!

Did I mention that Picket flew? He FLEW!!!!


I absolutally love these books and just finished the last one.

Here's were spoilers kick in so watch out!

The beginning, the wholestory, was tense. I  cried with Heather over the loss of Smalls, I laughed with Picket and Helmet during their friendly banter. Felt their pain as they caught to Bare the Flame. I was able to read the whole book in a day! Watching, waiting, getting mad at my sister who wanted me to post on forums, right when I was at all the good parts!!!!I

And finally, the end. I'm pretty sure Picket fell in love. Emma is now queen, Heather is pleasantly dying, and SMALLS IS ALIBE AFTER ALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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