-Whisperclan- A WarriorCat RolePlay

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~Please Fill This Out~
NAME: Your cats name
RANK: The rank your cat plays as
GENDER: Tom or She-Cat
LIKES: What does your cat like?
DISLIKES: What does your cate hate?
Link: If you have a character page, put the link here
Played by: (Your username here)
~My Info~
NAME: Frostpaw/wish ---
RANK: Kit/Apprentice/Warrior ---
GENDER: Shecat ---
PERSONALITY: Vary quiet and reserved and detached. Prefers to avoid relationships, but once a strong connection is made, she is vary generous, devoted and understanding, but tries to hide the fact that she cares. Tends to avoid conflict that does not interest her, and is not interested in impressing or dominating others unless her values are at stake. Hardly ever expresses her emotions and often comes off as having an apathetic, cool and calm personality. Doesn't like to be around others, but she is still extremely loyal to her clan. ---
Calm, cool and collective. 
Distant, but loyal 
LIKES: Being in the open, close to the sky. Having the wind in her fur. Feeling of freedom. Loyalty. ---
DISLIKES: Water. ---
KIN: Unknown ---
NAME: Batstorm ---
RANK: Warrior ---
GENDER: Tom ---
PERSONALITY: Emo-ish mysterious personality makes him seem like a shady character, but in reality, when you get to know him, he can be the sweetest, loyal friend youve ever had. He doesnt talk much, but he will always speak when he thinks it is necessary or when he thinks his friends need comforting words. He likes to be away from the crowd, often going hunting alone and finding secret places to hide and watch everything from afar. ---
MAIN CHARACTER TRAITS: Emo Mysterious Calm Cold/apathetic Cautious ---
LIKES: Mentoring, hunting, being a good and loyal warrior, being alone. ---
DISLIKES: Large crowds. ---
Yes, the leader posision is open
WhisperClan used to be split into four clans, that was before they started dying off from an illness that spread to the prey around them as well. So the cats that the illness had not touched, were chosen by the clan leaders to leave the others behind to create one main clan, away from the reaches of the illness, in hopes that Clan life would not perish completely and disappear for good. Many years later, to honor each of their fallen clan members they send out their soon to be warriors to spend a night with them in their old territory. But what they new warriors did not know was the badlands were haunted by the ghosts of the past Clans, due to the soul of one leader that could not be put to rest, Shadestar of ShadowClan. The Clan leader did not agree with the idea of the new clan joining together and because of this he secretly curses one of the warriors with the illness that the leader and clan members themselves died from. And that is when the illness is brought back into camp and it slowly starts to spread once again, taking hold of fear and attacking the clan within. Will the clans survive this time as well? Or perish at the sickness once more?
We will start the roleplay as a normal day in the clan and go from there and let the story take off :D
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There's already an open

There's already an open warrior cat roleplay on these forums, which was just started last night... I suggest you either join that, or if you don't like the plot, just google "warrior cat roleplay" and there will be a million results for roleplay websites, where you can recreate this. I just don't want the forums spammed with roleplays of the same series, because there are like four Pokemon roleplays.


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