Whisper and Winterwind: Matchmaker

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The Wolf and the Howl: Matchmaker


Frostclaws the Shivertooth was on a mission...a mission that involved his rider, the boy Norbert.


He tried it first on Snoggletog.


Frostclaws: Okay, stand right there.

Norbert: What?

Frostclaws: I hear someone coming. Better prepare! You’re under mistletoe!



Frostclaws: Oops.

Norbert: I'm going to kill you.


Then later he attempted his mission again for New Years’ day, and this time, he enlisted in the cooperation of the other person’s dragon.


Winterwind (Woolly Howl): Well, you have them sitting together without us. Now what?


Frostclaws: Kiss. Come on, kiss.






Frostclaws: *from within the hole* I’m okay!

Winterwind: Oh, not again!


And again later.


Norbert: So I just got done flying and I was thinking later we could meet up for some skiing and—

Frostclaws: *nudge*


That one ended up with Norbert face-planting in the snow.


Frostclaws: Sorry!


Now, it was time to try yet again.


Frostclaws: You got your end set up?


Winterwind: Yes.


Frostclaws: Including the flowers for the crown?


Winterwind: Oh, yes. Icevein went out to where the snow is melting to fetch them.




Icevein: *singing* Off to find some flowers, pretty, pretty flowers!


Icevein: *trip* OOF!


Icevein: Maybe I’ll skip on singing.


Back to present...


Winterwind: So I did my part. You going to pay up?


Frostclaws: Don’t worry, I have your cookies. I stole them off Phlegma’s windowsill this morning.


Frostclaws: Now we just watch them through the open doors of the Hall!


Winterwind: *munching on her bribe* You know, Frostclaws, *crunching cookie* you can’t make people align with your ships. It doesn’t work that way.


Frostclaws: It’s not about shipping!



Frostclaws: It’s not!



Frostclaws: Stop looking at me like that!


Frostclaws: Oh, he’s noticed what she’s wearing!


Norbert: Wow, Whisper, you look...beautiful.

Whisper: Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself. What’s the occasion?


Norbert: I was going to ask you the same thing. This was Frostclaws idea...something about a dinner.


Whisper: Same thing with me with Winterwind.


Frostclaws: You even did her hair! This is brilliant! He’s too handsome to resist this time, and she’s far too pretty!


Winterwind: I know my rider, Frostclaws. Whisper isn’t interested in romance right now. And nor is Norbert. Don’t get your hopes up.


Frostclaws: You’ll see! They're secretly in love!


Whisper: Seems we’re the only ones here for the dinner.


Norbert: Hmm...something’s fishy here.


Frostclaws: Now kiss!


Winterwind: You’re such a creeper.


Frostclaws: You helped with this, you hypocrite!


Winterwind: Because you gave me cookies.


Norbert: Well, I think we’ve been set up.


Whisper: Yup. But might as well make the best of it. Dinner, sir?


Norbert: Don’t mind if I do!


Winterwind: Aw, that’s cute!


Frostclaws: Why is there no kissing?! Why don’t they just say they love each other?! WHY IS THERE NO BEAUTY IN THE WORLD?!


Winterwind: Don't be so dramatic!


Frostclaws: Don't be so dramatic?! This is worse than watching Hiccup and Astrid and waiting for something to happen!


Winterwind: Oh, for goodness sake, we have got to get you your own lovelife!




Winterwind: Why would humans have the Great Hall door open during winter, anyway?




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Good job by the way :)



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LOL thanks!


And Frostclaws will be glad to here there is someone else who supports his OTP! XD

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Tropical: now that gives me an idea




Tropical: well.... dang it




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Aw, thank you, I'm glad! :)


Frostclaws: Psst, Tropical, you should totally go for it! Just be sneaky!


Norbert: Alright, that's it! You're getting a time-out! *grabs nose horn and leads him away*


Frostclaws: Ow, ow, ow!

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Hydro and Tropical are playing tug a war with my subject!!!

lol frostclaws im picturing that in my mind right now






Tropical: -watches norbert take forstclaws away- um.... you wouldnt do that to me would you?


Athena: well.... maybe maybe not it just depends.


Tropical: -sneaks off-


Athena: where the heck did you go now

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If Causemoe (the most likely out of my dragons to do this) tried to pair me with someone it probably wouldn't end so peacefully. Someone would get punched or bit if they tried to kiss me. If they didn't it might be peaceful but I'd still be mad.




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Frostclaws is Dead

Whisper and Norbert have been best friends since they were three, and when you've been friends with someone of the opposite gender that long, you have to put up with this a lot from other people. They're kind of used to getting pushed onto one another, so they're just going to take it in stride.


But Norbert's going to kill Frostclaws later. XD

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Keke, cool.


Okay now im debating on who is better. Frostclaws or Icevein.
























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Oh, Frostclaws!

LOL thanks!


Winterwind is obviously my favorite, but as far as writing goes, Frostclaws has always been my favorite to write. XD


Though Icevein's adorableness can't be beat :3

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Lol I loved the part where

Lol I loved the part where Winterwind just stares up at Frostclaws XD


Good job though! I liked it!


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I always shipped them. Frostclaws is me IRL XD And the part with Icevein was hilarious.


Smaug: Hey, psst, Frostclaws...

Zapz: Oh no you don't, you oversized lizard!


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Thanks. Icevein really does seem to steal the show whenever he appears.




Norbert: I thought I put you in time-out!



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Zapz: Dragons don't like it

Zapz: Dragons don't like it when you pull on their nose horns, do they?

Smaug: I'll be going now, hehe, bye.


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Icevein stole the show in three pictures.


That outfit does rather suit Norbert. Also, I did not realise the boy's Hunter bottoms were the same as the girls' - or at least, very very similar. Yay.


Thanks SentinelSoul! Oh, and we are recruiting - visit our clan thread or search for us in-game!


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You can't hide the blush, Norbert...

Yeah, Icevein has a way of doing that. XD


Yeah, the Hunter outfit is a bit weird for the boys. The bottom that looks like the girl's bottom is actually part of the shirt; there are no bottoms. I just used some pants that seemed to match in color.

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Awwww, that's cute and funny

Awwww, that's cute and funny :3
I don't have to worry about Ash doing that, he's not usually one for romance XD


clear the slate and start over

just watch it all burn

the name that you know

you will have to unlearn


she's no longer here

but what can i say?

he's happier now

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enjoy the fresh air

with a smile on your face

and the wind in your hair


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because i felt so much better

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and now you know his name is not "catie"

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Frostclaws: Aw, but Ash! It's so fun!


Norbert: *glare*


Frostclaws: ...I'll go now.

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Ash is italics :)

No problem :3

Nah, I'm good. Romance just isn't my cup of tea... most of the time...

I know your crush Ash **wink wink wink**

Stop. Just stop.


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Made my day!

So funny! XD



proud to be an edler of TDR



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I'm glad! Thanks!

I'm glad! Thanks!

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Awww I totally ship!


As do I!


Shadow I thought you weren't into shipping


Well they are just too cute


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For the Love of Cookies

You know, they're right, it is pretty cute!


Oh, go eat your cookies of betrayal!


Look at the pretty Harry Potter "ship it" gif.




That's what I thought.

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**le gasp**

Is that...

A Harry Potter "I ship it" gif?

I must add this to my gif collection.

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Hi! :)

Dang! You beat me to it! I have the exact same post below. XD






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Stormcatter: (The winged cat) One more ship to add to the list!

Entire stables: *Sigh*


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                                                        Heres Freeze Flare,the wooly howl.


                        This is Forest Saber! My Saber-Toothed Horn tail!


                                   Heres Pika(Right) and Topaz!(Left) the dynamic duo! (Credit to Defy)



                                                    This is zesty!my orange night fury!



                                  This is Lime! the Terrible terror in my profile pic!


                                              This is Sariah!my bewilder beast!


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So Many...

Beware the many ships....



of Stormcatter.


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Ty the Dragon t...
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Last valentines day... was absolutely horrible,cause he is the shipping king,and he would not stop blabbering about the ships ALL. DAY.

*Flashback to last year*


Everyone else: *Headphones*

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Think these two lovely matchmakers could help someone else out?



Not me


Why would I say that



Art by thedeadlydragon




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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match



Winterwind: Um, you might not want--


Frostclaws: I'll get you more cookies.


Winterwind: We would be very happy to help, my dear!

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Viyn and Vesper

Viyn: Good, take this lousy, lazy dragon off my hands and find him a mate


Vesper: -mouthing "Find him a mate"-

Vesper gif (I don't know what number) by MajoraDrowned

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Can't wait to see more of your work!

I loved this! Nice job on the editing, little detail can add a lot to a story!





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Stormcatter: *Looks at my Shivertooth FrostHeart,and then Frostclaws* :D Another ship to add...

FrostHeart: *has no words,wants to shread the fur off stormcatter*

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 This made my day

 This made my day XD

 Frostclaws is so funny, lol



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Thanks. :3

Thanks. :3

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This was hilarious! 

And about hiccup and Astrid.....

*grins evilly at them*

*teleports them into the great hall alone*



They would sic toothless and stormfly after me, but it would be great!


Call me Penn!


I’ve been inactive for such a long time, but pop back every so often.

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Hiccstrid Shipping



Frostclaws: Ooh, Hiccup and Astrid alone! Now maybe something good will happen!


Winterwind: *looks around and slinks away*


Frostclaws: Where are you going? *sees angry Toothless and Stormfly approaching* Oh... WAIT FOR ME! *runs after Winterwind*

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Hi! :)

Ooooh I love romance!


Another Harry Potter gif for laughs

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More Harry Potter gifs?



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Loved it!

Your comic made me laugh!  It was great!  :)


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Thanks! I'm glad!

Thanks! I'm glad!

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Loved it!

Your comic made me laugh!  It was great!  :)

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This was adorable! I don't know if Moonstone would try to play matchmaker with me...


Moonstone brings in a guy hanging from her teeth.

Ugh, Moon. Take him back, I already told you I'm not interested.

Moonstone squawks, shaking her head.

I'm really sorry about this by the way... My dragon is a nut case.


Okay, maybe I do know if she would. That sneaky little Nadder.


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