Which Piece of Fan-Fiction, from those you've written, is your favourite?

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^^^^^ As the title says ^^^^^






Art from Others


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Rovena Cousland || Asiya || Arwen Lavellan || Imogen Trevelyan



Ailith Hawke (c Arrow)




Rosie Catherine Chattaway (c Arrow)



Amanda Bardsley [no picture available at this time]

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I think, of all the stories i've attempted, my favourite is Sage

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I've liked the plot of Reign of the Deep Queen the most(links to the original which is terrible), since I'm still trying to write a good version 3 or so years later, and Eagles Cry has gone for the longest (and i might pick it up again at some point). My latest, tho, Age of the Midnight Prince, is probably my most developed right now.


A quick synopsis of RotDQ right now is Toothlesses ancestor is stolen into nest, she grows up and gets powerful and all, queen sees her as a threat, and a revolution begins, so on so forth as dystopians go.


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Caution: There may be spoilers for new seasons of RTTE! Tread carefully!


Huh. Good question. Actually something I haven't really thought about much.

Well, to anyone who knows me, y'all know I really just love villains. So one night at 1 AM, I decided to start a writing practice thing on one of my faves. Now, this was originally supposed to be just one short for writing writing practice, but it actually turned into a whole series of shorts/semi-shorts about the one and only Viggo Grimborn. A lot of it is just writing stuff that happened to him from his perspective or things that happened to him that we didn't see in the show. Anyways, it acidentally turned into a whole collection of shorts about him. And that's been pretty fun. 

Edit: Oh yeah, and if anyone's interested in learning more about them, just ask! I have them all in a nice line here, and I'd be excited to show you guys.

Most of my fanfiction is just short little spoofs, but one of my longer ones is Tales of the Quickshot, which is technically a comedy retelling of one of my SWTOR character's "famous" lives. Actually, it's just her crew and her spitting witty banter at each other the whole time as my character retells the stories of her younger days to her kids. Of course, it's probably highly exaggerated in every possible way, because that's just Adelaidia's style. I love her.

Anyways, those are some I can think of off the top of my head... 






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Definitely my most recent

Definitely my most recent one, Dragon Fights. I have so much planned for it, and so many details I want to add (but keep on forgetting to and mentioning them in later chapters), and it seems to be my most popular fanfic so far! I have more planned, but I don’t exactly know how I’m going to lay it out... so we’ll see... whoop- never mind! I just had an idea. Off I go to write!


You have no idea how much detail I want to go into with how this place works, and the machinery and the dragons and... I can go on.



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The one I'm currently

The one I'm currently writing, which needs more characters in it, and I put up a thread asking people to join.


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Name: Phantom

Age: 4

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 4,630 lbs

Species: Night Fury

Personality: Kind, caring, and quiet. She mostly keeps to herself, being very shy, but if you can break bast her barrier, she is a friend for life.

Backstory: Phantom hatched alone on a mountaintop, surrounded by the bodies of her tribe. She grew up alone, save for the eagles. Traveling all over the world, she ran into a Night Fury with a human on its back. She followed the dragon home, and found a human of her own- Delilah.