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SNOW WRAITH/SLITHERSONG( can't tell the difference)
WHOLLY HOWL/SKRILL( can't tell the difference)


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1) Lighting flash my SHOCKJAW





2) Toothless My NIGHTFURY





3) Sweet Beaut My SLITHERSONG




4) Blizzard my SNOW WRAITH




5) Sand Tempest my SAND WRAITH




6) Amber Blast my DEATHSONG




7) Night Howler my STORMCUTTER




8) Electic Nebula my Titan Wing SKRILL



9) Legendary Foreverwin my RUMBLEHORN




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Night Fury

Definitely Night Fury in my opinion! Amazing turn and pitch rate, amazing speed, and pretty good acceleration IF you know how to get it right. Overall my favorite. My second choice would probably be a Night Terror, and the third is a Snow Wraith.




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Toothless has taken back his

Toothless has taken back his place as the fastest dragon with recent updates. I've been able to access him again with the free month's membership and, to me, he's now the only dragon that actually gives any sense of thrill when flying.

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But of the non-member dragons, the Snow Wraith. Hands down. Other dragons pale in comparison.


But that's actually not true for me personally. I'm actually better at racing my Shivertooth that my Snow Wraith because I've raced my Shivertooth so much. The Shivertooth races pretty similar to the Slithersong but has a better turn rate and can also wear a helpful Defender Saddle.


After them, I'd go for the Shockjaw and Night Terror. These dragons win by high acceleration and amazing turn rates.


I actually find the Woolly Howl and Skrill to be better racers than the Sand Wraith. The thing is, they are harder to control, so only really skilled racers who have practiced with them can show off their real speed. Sand Wraiths pale next to a good Howl rider, but they are much easier for people to learn to control.


Then there's the Grapple Grounder. This dragon has amazing acceleration but can be caught on the second or third lap.


Now the Typhoomerang is an amazingly fast dragon, but it's notoriously hard to control! Only those who have practiced intensely with this dragon can race it, but those who can are a force to be reckoned with! They are one of the few dragons that come close to competing with Toothless when they have the right rider. I only recommend other dragons above them because they're so, so hard to race correctly.


So my main racing dragon is a Shivertooth, no contest, but my generic list for all players would be:



Snow Wraith


Shockjaw/Night Terror

Woolly Howl/Skrill

Sand Wraith

Grapple Grounder



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*Avalanche: female Snow Wraith

*Abominable: male Titan Wing Snow Wraith

Toothless: male Night Fury

Light Fury: female Light Fury

Slashtail: male Triple Stryke

Venomtwirl: female Titan Wing Triple Strike

Interceptor: male Deathgripper

Blackwidow: female Titan Wing Deathgripper

Icebones (in-game name Stormblaze): male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill


Boulder Class.png

Boulder Class

*Icevein: male Groncicle

Hoarfrost: male Groncicle (Icevein's father)

Permafrost: female Groncicle (Icevein's mother)

Crystal (in-game name Krystal): female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Snowblast: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Firn: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Coldnip: male Groncicle (Frozen Groncicle stand-in)

*Meteorblast: male Eruptodon

Sawblade (in-game name Sawfang): male Whispering Death

Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

Furious: male Screaming Death

Merciless: female Titan Wing Screaming Death

Silhouette: female Sentinel

Monolith: male Titan Wing Sentinel

Comrade: male Elder Sentinel

Stonemaw: male Gronckle

Fireball: female Titan Wing Gronckle

Ironmaid (in-game name Honormaid): female Hotburple

Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

Dayspring: female Crimson Goregutter

Stonefist: male Thunderpede

Redwolf: male Grapple Grounder

Gemtooth: female Snafflefang

Charity: female Shovelhelm


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*Thistle: female Prickleboggle (tiny Prickleboggle stand-in)

Silvershard: female Razorwhip

Swiftslice: male Titan Wing Razorwhip

Oakthorn (in-game name Oakclaw): male Timberjack

Windrider: female Stormcutter

Owleye: male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Fleetsteps: male Speed Stinger

Quickflash: female Titan Wing Speed Stinger

Spitfire: male Scuttleclaw

Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw

Cindertooth: female Grim Gnasher

Darkmaster: male Titan Wing Grim Gnasher

Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


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Tracker Class

*Brightclaw: female Deadly Nadder

*Horntail: male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder

Bullheart: male Rumblehorn

Leafshade: female Titan Wing Rumblehorn

Echo: female Mudraker


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Mystery Class

*Faith (in-game name Mystic): female Changewing

Nightingale: female Sithersong

Evermore: male Death Song

Valkyrie: female Titan Wing Death Song

Bandit: male Armorwing

Double & Trouble: female Hideous Zippleback

Short & Snout: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback

Scourge: female Boneknapper

Wishbone: male Titan Wing Boneknapper

Mistwalker: female Smothering Smokebreath

Professor: male Flightmare

Starshine: female Titan Wing Flightmare

Sneak, Snip, Snap & Trap: male Snaptrapper (Leafy Snaptrapper stand-in)

Honey: female Sweet Death

Fortitude: male Buffalord

Horrorcow: female Titan Wing Buffalord


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Tidal Class

Seacry: female Thunderdrum

Darkbreather: male Titan Wing Thunderdrum

Fjord: male Sand Wraith

Shorewind: female Titan Wing Sand Wraith

Sparky: male Shockjaw

Stormsurge: female Titan Wing Shockjaw

Riptide: male Scauldron

Backbiter: female Titan Wing Scauldron

Wavedancer: female Tide Glider

Splashwing: female Sliquifier

Freyasfang: female Windwalker


Stoker Class.png

Stoker Class

Brightsoul: male Singetail

Scout: female Flame Whipper

Firegale: female Monstrous Nightmare

Ridgeback: male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Sparrow: female Terrible Terror

Van (in-game name Slurg): male Titan Wing Terrible Terror

Eclipse: female Night Terror

Cavetorch: male Fire Terror

Ghost: male Fire Terror (Night Swarm stand-in)

Fireflight: female Hobblegrunt (Threadtail stand-in)

Sunheart: female Fireworm Queen

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The shivertooth is not as

The shivertooth is not as fast as the SLITHERSON, SHOCKJAW, SAND WRAITH, WHOLLY howl, NIGHT terror , or SKRIlL. SLITHERSONG have better turns than SNOW WRAITH when you boost.SLITHERSONG are tie with SNOW wraith I don't THING your list is very accurate whisper the wolf.(in my opinion.

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In Whisper's Defense

Whisper never directly said the Shivertooth is as fast as the Slithersong, Shockjaw, and Sand Wraith. They simply said they race more often with the Shivertooth, which makes it their most reliable dragon. And in my opinion, Slithersongs are /not/ tied with Snow Wraiths. Snow Wraith stats are a bit better than the Slither, but both are great. As for the turn rates between the pair, I'd say they're about even when I race with them.

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astrid carol
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True but

true but the stat isn't very accurate for the most part

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Thanks, But I Don't Need Defense

If I didn't say it directly, I'll say it now: the Shivertooth is as fast than the Slithersong, and at top speed, both the Shivertooth and the Slithersong are faster than Shockjaws and Sand Wraiths. All these dragons can compete with one another with skilled riders because many more factors go into a race than just speed. But the Shivertooth is fast.

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Shivertooth Racing

Did you miss the part where I said the Shivertooth is my main racing dragon? I think I know how fast it is, thanks.


The Shivertooth has a speed of 9.2, which is just as fast as the Slithersong, Snow Wraith, or Woolly Howl, and their acceleration is better than the Slithersong's. It also has a better turn rate than both the Slithersong and Snow Wraith. I beat Snow Wraiths, Slithersongs, and Toothless with my Shivertooth all the time without any speed boosts. They are excellent racing dragons. The only reason people don't think so is because Shivertooths are not a popular dragon, so they are rarely raced.


And I don't boost when I race, thanks. Any dragon can win with enough boosts, even a Gronckle. So a Slithersong turning better than a Snow Wraith when you boost means nothing to me. In clean races, I generally see Snow Wraiths beating Slithersongs. Skill matters more than species, of course, but that's just the facts.


Also, you made a thread asking what people's opinions were about racing dragons. I gave you mine. I'd appreciate it if you respected both my experience with racing and my personal opinion.

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Sorry i never read all you message

Sorry if i didn't respect you opinion. i apologize. Beside since it your main dragon you must be good at racing with it


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It's Alright

You know, as soon as I stepped away from the computer, I realized I sounded way too harsh in that last post. Would have edited but you already responded. My apologies as well for snapping at you at the beginning there. And thanks for your apology. :)

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I've never raced with a night fury but everybody who uses him is annoying honestly..


Imo slithersong is the best because it doesnt have an annoying turn rate like the snow wraith. other than that, they're pretty much the same.


Actually, I've beaten a LOT of snow wraiths on my typhoomerang, but you have to get used to it sadly...




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I find....

I might catch a lot of flack for this, but for me, the best racer is the Snow Wraith. 

I have tried all of the others, practicing with them in single-player, and racing against other racers, but I keep going back to the Snow Wraith.   I use to race Toothless, but when the Snow Wraith came out, I didn't stand a chance anymore and had to get a wraith to keep up. 

After seeing this thread, and hearing that Toothless is fast in game again, I brought my Toothless out of retirement today and did a few races on him.  Eh.  I didn't see any difference from before.  I will say it seemed that he was a quicker turner than I remember, but that just could be I have been steering a wraith for over a year now and forgot how sensitive the turning is on Toothless. 


As to the best racer, I don't think we will ever have a definitive answer.  We know who the better racing dragons are, but the best depends on the rider.  I ride a wraith, and I am FAR from a beginner, but I have been beaten on occasion by Flightmares and other "lesser" racing dragons, because of the skill of the rider.   


Plus, the best racing dragon for a person also depends on the person.  Those with a lighter touch on the keyboard would do well with Toothless, etc.  Those that are a bit more heavy-handed on the keys would do better with a less sensitive dragon.  I think, in the end, the best racing dragon is whichever one works for you.





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A recent update has brought

A recent update has brought Toothless' flight performance up to be able to surpass Snow Wraiths quite easily (IMO). Except for when the Snow Wraiths bump in the obnoxious way they're prone to. Toothless' handling is unsurpassed, his acceleration has improved and I've been able to get times with him that I never got with any other dragon. Give him a try again. They're always sneaking in dragon changes in this game.

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Well, I'm an experienced racer so my list is.
1. Night Fury
2. Snow Wraith
3. Slithersong
4. Sand Wraith
5. Skrill/Woolly Howl


Well, Snow Wraith is more, uhm, whatchamacallit, uh, a more beginner-friendly dragon? It is easier to win on them when you are a beginner.


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The secret

Because of race mechanics, I have a chance of winning a race using my Skill/Howl against three skilled Snow Wraiths riders but not against a single skilled Snow Wraith rider.

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£ I have raced... £

I have raced with my level 24 sand wraith and have beaten snow wraiths and night furies before. Many people might disagree but I have even without boosts. It depends on skill, but I have never beaten a slithersong before.

Edit: since toothless has been updated, he is probably the best racing dragon there is.








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It posible i believe but It

It posible i believe but It depends on how good you opponent is. And how good you are.

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Did that girl just ride here on an Ursa?

I'm going to be one of those annoying people: it depends on your flying preferences. I do excellent on my Wholly Howl, Typhoomerang, or Skrill, despite their low acceleration. I find myself unable to control the dragons with EVERYTHINGS. I tend to crash with fast turn rates... I'm actually a horrible Shockjaw racer. If you like a slow start with a speedy ending, then go for those dragons. If you prefer fast starts and no worries about crashing (because you can start up so fast), then go for a one of those. Not sure of your style or don't care? Go for a jack-of-traits dragon, or try out as many different kinds as you can. I know this may not be what you want to hear, but it's an important part of choosing a racing dragon.


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This is all very true.

This is all very true.

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Funny how everyone has a different favorite!


I'm not a super-experienced racer (about 2000 trophies now), but that does mean I know which dragons are easier for beginners...


I really prefer the more maneuverable over faster, harder-to-turn ones. The Sand Wraith, Flightmare, Shockjaw & Shivertooth are all great because they have a nice balance of speed vs turn. Overall, I'd say the Flightmare is my favorite-- Blue Tide and I kick some serious butt in TRR.


Plus any dragon with low acceleration is a liability if you don't know the courses well: if you bump into something, you have to wait for them to get going again.


In my experience (racing AGAINST him, mostly), Toothless is the best, but only in expert hands! If you don't fly him well, you could lose to much slower dragons. Just like I lost repeatedly when I first started racing my Snow Wraith :/







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do not forget the dramillion



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It's really up to the experience rider and your preferences. I've beaten night furies, sand wraiths and other dragons with my changewing, which isnt a popular racing dragon but in my opinion they arent bad. 

At the same time, I've raced with toothless and been beaten by dragons that you would think are slower than toothless.


trying to find the "perfect" or "fastest" dragon to race with is pointless, most of the time players race well because they are hella experienced.


also if you are one of those people who think night fury racers are annyoing, sorry but you're just inexperienced and maybe even envious :) its not impossibble to beat them



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In my experience, outside the Night and Light Fury, the best race dragons are:
1. Easily one of the fastest dragons, greater acceleration than Night and Light Fury as well. Not easiest to control tho, all that acceleration requires a steady hand, to keep it in gear.
2. Sand Wraith, incredibly easy on the wing and we'll balanced.
3. Shivertooth,stats to tare the pants of a Skrill, actually I would say, say for its tardy design requiring a steady hand it's better than the Sand Wraith.
4. Silver Phantom. I am guessing it will provide a Slither Song like Experience, fun to fly abit of a cruiser.
5. Skrill, Fast but abit robotic in someways, when pitching especially.
6. Woolly Howl, fast, abit of a bruiser tbh, it's not the best around the corner or coming out of one either.
7. Shockjaw, fast acceleration, relatively easy to handle.
8. Flame Whipper same as above.
9. Grapple Grounder Same as above, less easy to handle.
10. Death Song. Honestly I would prefer to use this on a circuit than a Howl or Skrill. It's abit like a Silver Phantom and Slither Song to fly.

I would remember that gear is just as important as dragon in my opinion. Better gear can provide an edge on the circuit.

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Come to think of it..

Admittedly I am not the racer I used to be but I have noticed Toothless is alot more challenging to keep up with these days. I can still keep up with your average Toothless but I have little no chance against good Toothless's especially using mobile.

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sand wraith

in my experience (ive raced with stormcutter, woolly howl, snow wraith, night terror and sand wraith), i personally found the stormcutter, night terror and sand wriath the best, they all have very good turn rate and overall stats though, i prefer the sand wriath as its faster than the stormcutter and night terror, skill and racing armour also makes a difference and how comfortable u are with the game racings mechanics






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  I was born a Carpenter, we were quite poor, I helped my parnets as much as I could but ever since I broke my arm, I couldn’t help much, the best I could do was to care for our rumblehorn, Bolverkr. Bol was very sturdy and was the perfect dragon for carrying lumber from the nearby forest and back home, I always made sure he was fed and well-rested. When my arm healed, it was a patchwork of scars, I could use it atleast, I got back to helping my Dad cut down the trees like normal.

  One time, I was getting Bol ready to fly back home, I heard a loud roar, followed by a torrent of flames. Since I always watched the dragon races, I could tell different dragon fires with ease, this one was clearly a stormcutter. The fire barreled through the forest and towards Bol, of course, he had already taken off, all the lumber had fallen into the clutches of the wildfire, onky thing I could do was run. And that’s what I did.

  I darted from the forest, I could hear powerful wingbeats above me, stormcutter might’ve thought I was invading it’s home, by the sounds on the beats, it was getting closer. I ducked into a cave, bad idea, from what I’ve heard, stormcutters were one of the most intellegent dragon species and I just cornered myself to one, perfect.

  The stormcutter landed and seemed to show off it’s immense size with its wings, it snarled and flared it’s wings slightly and peeled back its lips of some sort. I backed into the corner, I heared pounding footsteps barreling towards the cave, only one dragon I know, Bol. He used his horn things at the front of his head and slammed into the stormcutter, the stormcutter roared in anger and spewed a spiral of flames at Bol, I wanted to help but there’s not much I could do.

  The stormcutter tried to lure Bol into the skies, I’ve seen them fly enough times to know they were more agile and faster than most dragons than they are on the ground. Bol was stubborn enough to stay on the ground where he had his advantage, the stormcutter seemed agitated and dived at me, I ducked, of course, the stormcutter had fast reflexes and a powerful turn that it managed to stay in the air and not barrel into a wall. 

   It beat its wings and growled at us, Bol was pulling his "defence" face, I was slowly mounting Bol, preparing for flight until I heard yelling, a battle cry of some sort. Dad, he swung an axe at the stormcutter, it roared and spewed fire at him. My heart skipped a beat, we didn't have the money to afford the fire-proof armour, or any type of armour at that so, my Dad would be incinerated. I was astonished when he emerged from the flames, he was badly injured but I was glad he was alive, the stormcutter snarled and flared its wings once again. At this point, I had mounted Bolverkr and was ready for aerial combat, well, Bol was, I was wearing my every-day clothes...

   The stormcutter took off, Bol chased after it, I didn't even tell him to, he just did, my Dad called after me but I couldn't do much against an enraged rumblehorn. 

   The stormcutter was graceful in flight, rythmically beating its four wings in perfect sync, when it noticed Bol however, it went faster, I've seen fast stormcutters but this one was probably able to keep up with a snow wraith. Bol, being a rumblehorn, struggled to keep up but, the guy was so determined bless his soul. The stormcutter was a mere spot in the distance, Bol was flapping wildly, I did my best to calm him down but, to no avail.

   Finally, the stormcutter took a sharp down dive, Bol, of course, followed it down. Bol landed and slowly went towards a cave at the foot of the mountain, I have a bad feeling...

   Before we even set foot in the cave, I heard a loud roar, the stormcutter, it was louder than before, way louder. I dismounted and investigated the cave, first thing I noticed, was the amount of blood all over the place, then the egg, then the headless body, then the head and the cavern crasher. Cavern crashers don't usually come up this close to the surface but, now we know why the stormcutter was so protective of this area, it was rearing an egg.

   Bol had charged in, the cavern crasher did fight but, I guess it didn't want a fight since it fled, thankfully, Bol was no longer aggressive, but now, we have a stormcutter on our hands.

   I picked up the egg, I guess it'll have a few weeks until it hatches, "Otrera!" I heard my Dad call, I took off my cloak and wrapped the egg in it, I went out to my Dad. He wanted to sell the egg since we were having financial problems, I wanted to hatch the egg and race with the stormcutter, they were very fast and agile, perfect for racing. My Dad didn't like the idea of me racing, especially when the Tournament was on, all the experienced racers would be on and probably be using all the traps and trying to kill each other.

   When I brought up the fact I could still make a bit of money, he agreed but only if it didn't interfere with helping him, I agreed, I've always admired races but now I can be a part of them.


Hatched Stormcutter, later named XWing











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Best racing dragon

I think the best dragon to race with is a gronckle for it is not too fast and easy to control.


If this is the bit where I tell you about my dragons then




Lightfang- Razorwhip

Rock rustler- Gronckle

spice- mostorous nightmare (it is a weird name)

Skyblaze- monstrous nightmare

vulcan- eruptodon 

Scorch- eruptodon

Bone breaker- singetail

jawbreaker- deathgripper

Rocky- gronckle

Cloudclimber- flightmare


Also my clan name is the rising berserkers and my position is the leader. (I am just typing in what other people type in there signatures)

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gonckles are good, id use them for when ur starting out and when ur comfortable, go on to a faster dragon to up your chances of getting more trophies and winning against faster dragons

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I say skrill I use mine a lot

I say skrill I use mine a lot get 1st 2nd 3rd I mean without my kitty walking on my keyboard that is xD ranks on order of most often gotten


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