Where is the Flint and Steel??

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Im on Secret of the Leviathon and when I am at the statue of the eruptodon and it tells me to light the fire in the eruptodons mouth, I cant find the flint and steel to click on. And I've looked everywhere!! Please help me find the flint and steel - thank you in advance

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There is no flint and steel,

There is no flint and steel, you just click on the bowl in his mouth.


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I cut because I hurt not because I loved the pain,



I dealt with the pain not because I liked it, because I ​was used to it,


But I love because I'm loved,


Not because I ​love myself.


You ever feel like you could just die?



Like everything is just to hard?


And everyone tells you it will get better?


To keep smiling?


But your just dead inside.


But your just great at faking that smile!


So, you go through your day, with that look on your face.


That pokerface, with dead eyes, as you cry on the inside.


And that forced smile, when your spoken to.


If your spoken to.




There's theese certain people.


Who you don't make you cry.


Who you don't force a smile around...


Who hug you while you cry..


Who tell you it's okay,..


And you believe them.


This, is why people have friends.


Have partners in crime


Have lovers.


Because they keep you sane.


No matter,


How tough your day was.


Someone is always there.

For you.


Lovely poem up there by jada!


​People put on masks to protect the people around them from the darkness they feel inside.


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thank you

thanks for replying, I've tried clicking on the bowl before and it didn't work, is there a certain bit on the bowl that you have to click?  It's just not working for me for some reason :(