When you're actually in the mood to play SoD

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But all you get is server time outs....



I'm just so tired ya'll, this game, and honestly, people in it too (you can't deny all the drama this stupid game causes), just keep giving me reasons to not play it as much as I used to. 

Honestly people who know me in racing, don't expect me to compete in tour. it's not decided fully, but I'm not sure I have the mentality to deal with all that comes with it: drama, racing for hours on end, etc. I may not ever have competed in a tour before, and so far I barely have any reason to compete in one now.

I just want to play with my dragons...




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Have you tried using ethernet?


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May I ask what Ethernet is?






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Internet through a wire instead of wireless.

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I probably would if I could. But my computer and router are in two different rooms, I don't really have any room to move it to where my computer is either.

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Pffft I feel you. I can't even close my living room door anymore due to all the cables running through the hallway. That's how much I hate wireless sometimes, LOL.


If I were you I'd check and see how well your connection holds up. Maybe powerline adapters could do the trick?

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Can you buy something to hook

Can you buy something to hook up ethernet in another room? I'm intrigued about this a d also can you do it on a tablet?



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A powerline adapter, or just a very long cable :þ

Some tablets have ethernet ports, and I think that there are also USB to ethernet adapters for tablets but I'm not sure if they're any good. 

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