What's your favorite SoD island?

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Mine would have to be either Death Song Island or Armorwing Island. I've been thinking about doing a couple artworks of your guys' dragons on an SoD island, so maybe that might be a thing


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Chill (Shivertooth, Male)

Cloudcover (Razorwhip, Female)

Mirror (Razorwhip, Female)

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I'd say Vanaheim, I like the music that plays there



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Ooh, this is an interesting topic. My favorite island of SoD is.... Dragon's Edge or Icestorm Island or The Hidden World. I like Dragon's Edge cus RTTE cartoons was really great. I like Icestorm Island cus I like Speed Stingers, and you can find bunch of them at the cave(after completing a quest). I like The Hidden World cus "hey, who doesn't like glowing dragons!?"

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Would have to say New Berk just for the sheer size of it, and auction island for the music. Plus both the Hidden worlds for the music, size, and beauty of it :P


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Death Star blew up my subject

My favourite islands is probably dragon island(although it sucks that i cannot wear my flight suit) and i like the icestorm island cave section.



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It used to be Glacier Island but then the Dragon Hunters came and never left. p-q It's also always dark over there. . .thanks Grimmel. e-e My favorite at the moment is probably the Hidden World Annex because of how vast it is and all the dragons flying there. The only drawback is there no way to fast travel to it; you have to go to the School and fly into the entrance (not too much of a hassle or anything but if you can fast travel to the Training Grounds, Wilderness, and even the main Hidden World, why not the Annex?).


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Death Star blew up my subject

I also like glacier island cuz you can raid the dragon hunter base.

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For sure Hidden World (also at the school) the music is so amazing and it is so beautiful there! Who doesn't love glowing dragons?!
Also I love New Berk. It is also beautiful there and I love diving with my dragon or flying beside him/her



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I'm amazed you like Melody island. Though it's a very interesting place, I can't stand being there. The echoing music that sounds like piano wires being grated hurts my ears ;A;


I think I like Ship graveyard. There's a lot of interesting spots and places there ;w;

I know I have some other favorites but for now I don't know which.







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New Berk and Others

I personally really like New Berk. It's so big, and so pretty from high up above when it's foggy and you're gliding. However, I'm also a big fan of Armorwing Island (hexagonal rocks!) and the Edge because there are lots of people there and it feels very alive...just don't look too hard at the mountains. They are...not impressive.


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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

I like icestorm island and d.eathsong island. Though the d.eathsong's constant call annoys my ears a bit.



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Ooh, good question!

My favorites (in no particular order) include Auction Island, Vanaheim, and Outpost Island.  I love Auction Island because frankly, it's beautiful!  I really like how it's densely forested, and how the music and general atmosphere leave you feeling on-edge.  I really wish I could have a dragon there; I was going to take some screenshots of my Ghastly Zapplejack in its forests to post on the "Show off your Zapplejacks" thread, until I remembered that I cannot.

I love how peaceful and beautiful Vanaheim is, too!  It's just... so calming.  The music, the colors... Plus great for screenshots! (I have a really good shot of Stoneguard, my Elder Sentinel, there.  Good enough that I'd be willing to use it as a desktop background.)

Outpost Island is also quite peaceful, but in a different way. I'm a little disappointed at how incorrect it is when compared the Outpost Island from RTTE (there's a TON more to it than SoD has), but it's really cool having the entire gang there.  You can almost feel like you're actually an integral part of the team.  Plus, it's got some good fishing spots. And the Battle for the Edge expansion!  That was really fun!


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Melody Island or Mudraker Island. I like the music. :)


Aka Cryp or Cryptic, occasionally Fang. I have the same username in the game (my main viking). I have all three Night Lights. Ruffrunner is my favorite and I really hope they become available for Dragon Tactics since that's my favorite minigame. AND I REALLY HOPE DREAMWORKS ALLOWS ADULT NIGHT LIGHTS BECAUSE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND BECAUSE MY LIL FURIES WOULD LOOK SO COOL GROWN UP!


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Razorwhip (Darba)

Flame Whipper (Joker)

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Hobgobbler (Bobble)

Crimson Goregutter (Gordon)

Deathgripper (Centurion)

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Scauldron (Tibby)

Gronckle (Gronk)

Monstrous Nightmare (Nightmon)

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Thunderdrum (Nono)

Zapplejack (Apple)

Galeslash (Pingu)

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Hidden world

Hidden world annex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Rumble, Rumblehorn

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Popcicle, Groncicle


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  For me it would probably be Scuttleclaw island or the Hidden World Annex. x3




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                                                                                                            By Anic101


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      By Frugal :P


    By Madoka Miyanzono :3

  By Madoka Miyanzono :D


         By EndlessNight :)


        By Endless Night! :D


         By the ZestyDragonWing


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   By VicZarSky :P


   By ZestyDragonWing                                                              By ZestyDragonWing


                                                  Potato Nyx by Kasane lover


         Potato Hypnos by Kasane lover



                               Cyclone The Windwalker by Sohki the amazing Windwalker Queen. xD   








                                                                                                                                           BackDrop  By the awesome Flitt!!!      


                                                  FireStorm done by the Amazing Andrea!



                              FangBlazer by the talented Peregrinecella




                                              FangBlazer by the awesome Icee Glacier!



                                               FireStorm by the talented Peregrinecella


                                                     MugLug done by the awesome ZestyDragonWing!


                                                              Deadly Shadow done by the AWESOME Icee Glacier!



                                                                                     Phantom by Speedyleaf


                                                            Saphira done by the amazing Izzydrawsdragons









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Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.

Probably Vanaheim, because the music is really good and fits the mood. Sometimes I open SoD to go to Vanaheim and be AFK and close the game tab to listen to the music while I do my homework or study. 

The Hidden World or the Annex, also because of the music and all the dragon glows.

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Hmmm. honestly my top favorite would probably have to be Dark Deep. It's definitely the one I visit most often.


Some honorable mentions are Eruptodon Island and Zippleback Island. Eruptodon island used to be one of my favorite spots just because of the music alone, it used to have this beautifully lonely sounding piano score that fit the vibe of the island perfectly and made it feel beautifully mysterious. I don't think that music is there anymore though which really saddens me.


Zippleback Island is cool (Hobblegrunt Island too), I just wish it had more stuff in it. Armorwing island too! These are all really cool huge maps that are just.. empty. Kinda sad. I still like them, though.


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Lovely screenshot I got of my viking and Odin staring at the moon ^w^

Epic picture of Odin done by WutendBonfire!



Cobra, my grapple grounder, by.. me!


Picture of Roach the young Shellfire by me!

Awesome edit of Roach the young Shellfire by Midnight2558!


Picture of Spottedleaf by Tyrannosaur66!

Unglück, the disaster child Titanwing Light Fury by ZestyDragonWing!


Picture of Mage by FlamingHusky!


Amazing edit of Armakillo done by Siren-Spirit!


Great edit of Ignis my Monstrous Nightmare done by Frytha!


Corliss, the Big Bad Boophis by the ever-so-talented Varku!

Ankle-Biter, my Wocky Jabberjaw, by the skillful Chameishida!


The Acidic ScuttleSting! Idea by me and this amazing picture by NightmareRebuff!

Blight the nightfury/razorwhip hybrid adopted from Tyrannosaur66!


Picture of Graveyard discovering a new friend after waking up from a nap by Celestial Dragon!


Trenton, the mega-rad, uber tubular Whispering Death/Thunderpede hybrid, by.. me :'D

Trenton as an Animal Crossing villager, by the ever-astounding Zestydragonwing!

Wilbur, the adorably goofy Abomibumble gift I got from my friend ApertureNightfury12345!





Proud Winner (by default.. lol) of the September/October Dragon Design Contest! (Hosted by ZestyDragonWing)


Fun fact: Guzzlord is my favorite pokemon <3 (drawn by me, you can tell because it's drawn so small :'D)

Lil' short:

Jayfeather: C'mon friend, this thing won't hurt anyone!

Odin: I do not have time to mess around with strange objects.

Jayfeather: Look, just hold still.

-Seawings makes sure to not be in the shot of the camera-


Jayfeather: Aha! Got it. Ahh fish paste, my wing was in it..

Odin: Hand that over this minute! I... want to see if you got my good side..

Jayfeather: HA!

Seawings: G-guys lets just bring this thing to Ice, o-okay?




-Jayfeather flew off chuckling-

-Odin roared after him-

-Seawings whimpers and decides to follow-

(Funny picture of Odin and Jayfeather by Wutend Bonfire!)












Ha! Got ya >:D

(awesome gif of Odin by Peymae!)

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Saving people hunting things family business

You love boulder class and you love Dark Deep which is a boulder class island... No idea why I'm laughing xD

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"Not CARAMEL! It'ss BUTTERSSCOTCH!" *drowns in.. -butterscotch-*


Becauuuuse.. of the correlation? That's my best guess x')

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Aloha Lola

I'd say either Mudraker Island or Berk. Skydiving through those two makes my day.






· Em, Andromeda, Nightingale, Huntress, HS

· Ocassional Racer

· Extremely clumsy

· Trophy collector

· Sand Wraith, Snow Wraith and Night Lights lover

· Active Player 2017-2019

· Full-time fangirl 






Proud to have been the Leader from 2017 to 2019! RACE LIKE THE LIGHT FURIES!











Thank you for your trust! I am truly honoured I've served with you all.








Emberfly - Adult Fireworm Queen

LavaWave - Adult Flame Whipper

Fireshot - Adult Hobblegrunt

PyreHorn - Adult Moldruffle

Mcsizzle - Baby Monstrous Nightmare

Ignia - Adult Monstrous Nightmare

Magmus - Titan Monstrous Nightmare

Sunset - Adult Night Terror

Phantasma - Adult Silver Phantom

Whiplash - Adult Singetail

Stormblaze - Adult Typhoomerang




Gama - Adult Eruptodon

Boulder - Adult Eruptodon

Zeme - Adult Grapple Grounder

EarthShock - Adult Grapple Grounder

Steinene - Adult Groncicle

Shiverfoot - Adult Groncicle

Stalactaurus - Adult Groncicle

Frannk - Baby Gronckle

Izikhali - Adult Gronckle

Stonemuncher - Titan Gronckle

Rockblast - Hotburple

Thandelene - Adult Screaming Death

Wildburst - Adult Screaming Death

EchoSonar - Elder Sentinel

Rockfang - Adult Snafflefang

Spinfire - Adult Whispering Death

Stonewild - Adult Whispering Death

Spineminer - Titan Whispering Death




Grimmborn - Titan Grim Gnasher

Blindheal - Adult Prickleboggle

MistSlicer - Adult Raincutter

Steelrace - Adult Razorwhip

MagnaBlade - Titan Razorwhip

Wingclaw - Adult Scuttleclaw

Hookclaw - Adult Scuttleclaw

Krystalla - Baby Shivertooth

Elurra - Adult Shivertooth

Frostpike - Adult Shivertooth

Flow - Baby Speed Stinger

Nevara - Adult Speed Stinger

Zipline - Titan Speed Stinger

Helixwing - Adult Stormcutter

GoldenCloud - Adult Stormcutter

RipperSky - Titan Stormcutter

Timberslice - Adult Timberjack




Metalwing - Adult Armorwing

Hedy Lamarr - Baby Boneknapper

Nalla - Adult Boneknapper

Boneknight - Titan Boneknapper

Veil - Adult Changewing

FireKiller - Titan Death Song

Millionheat - Adult Dramillion

Mania - Adult Flightmare

Nightmare - Titan Flightmare

TrickSly - Adult Hideous Zippleback

FlapJack - Titan Hideous Zippleback

Nebulah - Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Wobble and Trouble - Adult Smothering Smokebreath

Idliso - Adult Sweet Death




Pipping - Baby Deadly Nadder

Sharpshot - Adult Deadly Nadder

Neospike - Titan Deadly Nadder

Landrake - Adult Mudraker

Tinderhull - Adult Rumblehorn




Paralia - Adult Sand Wraith

Waverider - Adult Sand Wraith

Jackpot - Titan Sand Wraith

PoisonSpring - Adult Scauldron

Galvanon - Titan Shockjaw

Cyclone - Adult Sliquifier

Shellia - Baby Thunderdrum

Riptide - Baby Thunderdrum

TidalWave - Baby Thunderdrum

SeaweedBrain - Adult Thunderdrum

SeaBurst - Adult Thunderdrum

Watertail - Titan Thunderdrum

Helia - Adult Tide Glider

Aether - Adult Windwalker




Stingtail - Adult Deathgripper

Jazzon - Baby Skrill

Aurabolt - Adult Skrill

Elektra - Adult Skrill

Thunderstorm - Titan Skrill

Eira - Adult Snow Wraith

IceStrike - Titan Snow Wraith

ScorpionStryke - Titan Triple Stryke

Snowstorm - Baby Woolly Howl

Blizzard - Adult Woolly Howl

Sullyvan - Titan Woolly Howl



































Thank you for your friendship, mates! You helped me in more ways than you know.

I might pop up every once in a while. Maybe.

Yours in demigodishness, and all that. Peace out.