What will YOU call your Skrill?

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We know Skrills will be coming out in 10 days or so. If you are planning to get one, what will you name it? How will you design it? Will it be male or female?


Here's mine if I get a Skrill


Name: Majesty

Gender: Female

Colours: Black, Grey, some Light Blue


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Mine would be

Name:Midnight Zap (or Zap for short) (Edit) Or Mystique Witch do you like?

Gender: Female

Colors: light blue, black, and Electric pink


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Oh wow, Mystique is an awesome name! I would go for that one :)


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I'm definently calling mine Dagr

Dagr - god of daytime


My skrill wil be lighting up the sky XD


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I will call Mine Bolt, He is my OC from my fanfic I wrote long ago.


Name: Bolt

Gender: Male

Colour: Grey/silver with cyan highlights.

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I'm going to stick with the colors I choose for all my dragons:

I like the sivery/grey color that dragons get when all their colors are set to white. I did that for both my Thunderdrum and Nadder.

I'll name my Skrill 'Glamtasm'.
And she will just be oh-so fabulous.





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Ohhhh!!! I can't

Ohhhh!!! I can't wait!!! 


Mines name will be Surge 


ut it will be really dark grey, with a white stomach and dark navy blue!! Kinda like yours!! It's a great design. 

It will be a male. 

Gosh I can't wait!!! XD




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If I get a skrill 


Name: Thunder Strike

Gender: Maybe male mostly/ maybe female

Skin: Mostly darkish purpish and blueish 


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Name : Electro Gender:

Name : Electro


Gender: Male


Colors : usual colors of a skrill 



Already made an edit for me Skrill :p can't wait for it to come!






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Most likely something a long

Most likely something a long these lines


Gender: Male

Name: I Dont Electrify

Colours (if we can change them): Dark Blue, green and orange ^^






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I will call Mine strike
I will call Mine strike because he is an OC of my comic and also the pet is a dragon rider of another (also my) comic! 
name: strike 
gender: male 
color: original color skrill


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Nimbus! It means Storm Cloud. :)






~ ~ ~ ~



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Actually, nimbus clouds just

Actually, nimbus clouds just signify rain -- it's cumulonimbus clouds that are those big thunderstorm clouds. 


But Nimbus does sound more appealing as a name, I think :u



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Well Google Translate told me

Well Google Translate told me Nimbus meant storm clouds in Latin. XD

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Google Translate is pretty

Google Translate is pretty unreliable -- past results I've received have included "she screamed a cable" (for something that, upon further investigation, really meant "she was very angry"), "no visible legs" (instead of "not a footprint to be seen"), etc. ... it was pretty close this time though, hehe ;u;

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Haha, ah well. I like Nimbus,

Haha, ah well. I like Nimbus, though. :3

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I lol'd. Did you?

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Name: Blackout.

Gender: Male.

Colours: The natural colours, dark grey and silver body with purple markings.


I can't wait for the Skrill to be added! Blackout will be my one and only dragon. I'm not going to use the stables, my loyalty will lie with Blackout!

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My Skrill

Name - LightningStrikes

Gender - Male

Colours - Originals colours of a Skrill


The Skrill is gonna be awesome!! Can't wait!!!


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I'm a huge Marvel and DC fan!


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Name: ZionGender:

Name: Zion

Gender: male

Colours: "Black, and some times very dark grey" His metalic spine glow bright neon green, only after he absorbs lots of lightning from a thunderstorm.

Size: His is two times larger then the average Skrill wwith abnormaly large wings that slope near the end of the tail.

Description: Though he is not the largest Skrill alive, he is known for his endurance and stubbornness just like his rider. With his extra large wingse he can lift an entire boat and carry it for most of the day without rest.



I hope you can put cool decorations on your Skrill :D


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I am still trying to decide,

I am still trying to decide, but I think I will do something along these lines:


Name: Electron Ellie.

Gender: Female

Colours: I will decide when I know how I can customize them. XD


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Oooooo! I'll have to get one

Oooooo! I'll have to get one for sure! But as for a name? I don't know...the possibilities!

I'd probably pick male...

Seveltin, Liethund, Zrevlectic, Stromthor, Thundrid....



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I'll have to name mine Blitzkrieg. Historical and lightning related! (In a non literal sense, mind)

I won't know what colours until I see what they come in. Knowing me it'll be blue like the rest of my dragons xD

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Probably gonna be a male Skrill named Falmin. Still deciding final name and colours XD

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 either Elecx or


either Elecx or Shock.


not sure bout the color





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ill call mine lighting.a

ill call mine lighting.a male.

a blue and yellow skrill.(if i can change the color.)


New batch of requests soon! (Mid-April?)


Also I'm thinkin of adoptables..


Btws here's the link to my tiny DeviantArt! It's just random so don't kill me






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Stormscream. That is all.

Stormscream. That is all. Probably male, colors tbd. Would have to see how the colors work on the model lol









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Mah Skrill

I will name my Skrill: Light Lash and she will be a female and i will love her forever :D



I don't reply much on forums. Just come here to read topics when I'm bored. Might make some adoptables soon or something.


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sorry it repeated

only meant to post it once

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sorry it repeated

only meant to post it once

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Mah Skrill

I will name my skrill Light Lash and she will be a female and i will love her forever :D

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Mah Skrill

I will name my skrill Light Lash and she will be a female and i will love her forever :D

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My Skrill will be a male

My Skrill will be a male named 'Tempest'. :) Still deciding on the colours.


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Name: Eclipse or NightWind

Still deciding XD



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name: Nightro

Gender: Male

Colours: Skrill skin\ purple, black and gray or white




 Viking name: TiffyTiff

Gender: Female
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dragon that I want badly: Storm Cutter
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Mine will be called

Mine will be called Dust,because that's what's left of his thunder strikes.


The power of the dragon rider

is coming from his bonding with his dragon,

 not from the dragon species.




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The Dragon Trainer
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I'm so excited for the release of the Skrill! My Skrill will be:

Name: Boltricity, or Stormchaser

Gender: Male

Colouration: Regular colouration of a Skrill (as shown in Defenders of Berk - A View to a Skrill Part I and II







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 my skrills stats :


name: Night Wing

color: the skrill skin

gender: male

more info: maybe a sleek skrill saddle , fires an electric shock.


speed: 10

pitch rate: 8

turn rate: 8

acceleration: 7-8





 i  Toothless !!!


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My Skrill

My Skrill will be named after my OC dragon, Miath The Mysterious! But Miath for short.


im starting a new signature lol

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My skrill

Name probly Swagger

Gender Female

Colors i want to see it on the skrill first so i dont know




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Ground Spitter and RockStarGal

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the dragon queen
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My skrill


Name: Skybolt

Gender: Male

Colors: ... i guess just the colors of a skrill

Personality: Extremely Protectve but also very sweet and loyal. he must get to know u before he will trust u.

u would think that a skrill should be sort of evil, but mine will be kind, bold, and strong. like a skrill should be.


Name: Purple sparkles

most used dragons: Skybolt (skrill), Rhino (Rumblehorn), and sometimes Sparkle (nadder) 

and now for some... DOCTOR WHO! :P

if u haven't figured it out yet, my favorite doctor is Ten XD

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If I get a Skrill...

Name: Sparkplug

Gender: Male

Colors: Black, with a purple/gray underbelly and lightning white details.








"There are many forms of crazy, it lives in all of us; but it's how and where our craziness comes from that determines whether we shift from crazy to insane..." ~ Dragonlover48


Hey, I'm Emma the Artistic! Don't mind the paint stains and soot-covered face, they're normal...


(Special moments from me and my dragons)

"If being crazy means having a good idea in a room full of bad ones, then sure, call me crazy: I actually kind of like it!"~ Emma the Artistic

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My character:


Emma Strongarmor

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Gender: Female


Long golden brown hair, tied back into a tight ponytail, with large hazel eyes and long eyelashes. Her skin is tanned, and almost always stained with soot, paint, or gunpowder. Out in public, she wears a pink t-shirt with an armored fur skirt and brown fuzzy boots, and has a surplus of satchels and belt pouches, along with a battered black helmet with curled horns. When working, she wears a leather apron with her hair tied into a bun and a white tunic with leather breeches under it. Has a black tattoo shaped like a celtic knot on her left collar bone.


One part genius, two parts mad scientist, and all artistic curiousity, Emma is nothing if not interesting. When she was little, she had a fascination with how dragons breathed fire, even when they were attacking the village. When her parents were killed in the Red Death attack, it only served to stoke the fires of her inventive mind, leading her to invent near impossible machines so to better defend her home and everyone she holds dear. Unfortunately, Emma is also a bit of a pyromaniac, and has a dangerous attraction to explosives. This causes her Fellow Berkians to give her a wide berth, and ultimately leads her to isolate herself entirely from the village. She wants to be accepted for who she is, and not ridiculed for creative impulsives she cannot always control.

Abilities: Swordsman, scientific genius and stratagist, dragon trainer, always keeps explosives on hand.


Try reading my fan fiction: Toothless' Kingdom!


                                         Please comment, I'd really like to hear what you guys think!

Bouncies by Hattori!

My dragons, Peony and Spindleheart!

Name: Peony

Breed: Monstrous Nightmare (Southern)

Age: Broadwing

Level: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Chocolate brown, with Hot-Pink details and a pale pink underbelly. Has a small scar at the end of her tail from Dagur the Deranged's axe.


Was born on the Island of Crete, but escaped when Drago Bludvist took her flock. Eventually made her way to Berk, where she was captured and put in the Academy. Emma was the only one who could get through to her, after one of Hiccup's attempts at training her went wrong. Ever since, the two have been like sisters. She is hot tempered, stubborn, and ferocious, giving her a rotten reputation amoung the villagers, but she also hides a nuturing and over-protective maternal instinct when it comes to her rider and her adoptive "Nephew", Spindle. She and Nina Haddock's Deadly Nadder, Darrien, have a competitive friendship, but she distrusts any other dragon or rider, especialy Stormfly and Astrid. She also has a grudge against Hiccup, but she'll follow his orders when they make sense.

Abilities: Copy-Cat fighting, glowing pink patterns, the usual bursting into flames

Status: Warrior of her small flock

Hiccup attempting to train Peony in the Arena. Peony: "Not happening, Twig Arms..."

(Edit by Sephira)

Name: Spindleheart, though often just Spindle

Breed: Whispering Death

Age: Shortwing

Level: 12

Gender: Male


Stormy gray scales, with turquoise spines and a sunset orange underbelly. Wears a set of headgear that resembles goggles.


Was found underneath Berk as an egg, along with two other eggs. Hiccup, knowing Emma had little to no fear of Whispering Deaths, entrusted one of the eggs to her, after much reassurance that she'd take good care of it. Spindle's personality is shy, sweet, and adorably awkward, with little to no social skills. He often has trouble speaking to the other Whispers he was found with, and is deathly afraid of Hiccup's new Whisper, Shredder. Not knowing any other family, he maintains a stubborn belief that Emma is his mother and Peony his aunt (though he can't really say her name right, so he always calls her "Auntie PeeNee"), even as he discovers his past and lineage. Being slightly more sensitive to sunlight than most, Emma made him a pair of tinted goggles so he can fly during the day. He's an overachiever, and always gets depressed at his poor racing skills, but excells at target and shooting games, thank's to Peony's patient training.

Abilities: Spine-Shot, Tail-Whip, Drilling, very good swimmer

Status: Scout of his small flock


Name: (coming soon)

Asian dragon by Glacecia!


Hong Taiyang (紅太陽), or "Red Sun"

This dragon is very proud, strict, ordered, and often acts like a bit of a snob... okay, maybe a lot of a snob. But he's also very willing to learn, and knows how to read and understand several languages. He enjoys watching things be created, and loves the structure of the scientific process. He will sometimes give you a message written in a foreign language and watch intently while ou try to puzzle out the translation.

Oriental Serpentfang by NightmareRebuff!



Cold and emotionless, Deathknight is a sadistic maniac who makes Dagur look like Sigmund Freud. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything except inflicting suffering and sustaining his own existence. He’s become a bit of a boogeyman: a nightmarish creature that stalks the deep forests in winter, toying with it’s prey, then ripping it to shreds or dragging it back to it’s lair to kill slowly and painfully. It’s hard to believe such a vicious dragon could have a shred of honor, but he does. If someone manages to defeat him in battle, Deathknight actually won’t attack that person/dragon again if they venture into his territory, but don’t expect him not to destroy you if you try and take him on a second time…

Speed Stalker by NightmareRebuff & goldenfury360


All things not School of Dragons:



I'm a serious Bookworm

Series I love: Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Warriors, the How to Train Your Dragon books, Wings of Fire, The Lunar Chronicles, the Temeraire books, the Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter, The Beka Cooper Trilogy, Bliss, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, The Last American Vampire, The Dresden Files... bascily, any fantasy novel I can get my hands on XD.


Favorite shows:

Agents of Sheild

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Legend of Korra

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Blue Bloods

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Musicians I idolize (I sing a lot):


Imagine Dragons

One Republic

American Authors

The Script

Matt and Kim

Maroon 5

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My biggest fandom of all time (to date) is:




(but I can't play it... DX)





To Be Continued...

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My Skrill

Gender: Female

Name: Shox

Colours: I will use the special skrill skin



Name: Emily Discoheart

Clan: Light Hunters Guild

Banner created by the awesome Frytha


Shox- Female Skrill

Bellinda- Female Deadly Nadder

Storm Rider- Male Skrill

Banshee- Female Night Terror

Crusoe- Male Scauldron

Vulcan- Male Armorwing

Cyaneum- Male Singetail

Cloaca Unum- Male Groncle

Xana- Female Razorwhip

Polarus- Male Razorwhip

Jay- Male Razorwhip

Flurry- Male Groncicle

Andromeda- Female Groncicle

Amethist- Female Flightmare

Knightmare- Male Flightmare

Guardian- Male Euruptodon

Skylor- Female Deathsong

Danger- Male Whispering Death

Brooke- Female Speedstinger

Scarlet- Female Sandwraith

Starfire- Female Monsterous Nightmare

Champ and Ace- Male Hideous Zippleback

Aurielle- Female Typhoomerang

Ashes- Male Smothering Smokebreath


I'm a Strike Class Fan!!!!!


I LOVE the Skrill!





Art done 'by:


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I'd most likely keep it the normal Skrill colors. It would be a male, and named Tesla, after Nikola Tesla.


Trinitayyy ~AAAoWM



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Im gonna name mine Lightningstrike :3


Still thinking about the colors


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Blitz and I would probably

Blitz and I would probably make it navy with really pale yellow markings and it would be a male










be in






to be 




so take












and Fly with me









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Im going to hidewhen they add changewings and go spend my money XD       



They are the best dragons <3<3   


Sorry for the picture problem I am going to fix it soon


Planned dragons

Female Scouldren- Named Sky- light blue and white and maybe some grey

Male rumblehorn - orange with purple and brown- named Bramble 

Male maybe female flightmare - Lumus - white, light,light blue and yellow





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Inferno, Stratos, or Zeus

Inferno, Stratos, or Zeus ^.^ Definitely a male dragon (idk I'm a girl but a I want a male dragon :P) I still need to test out the colors before I get it (if there is a skrill skin I would like that because the original coloring is awesome in my opinion) if not some kind of darker colors like indigo? Hmm I have to see what they look like first. 




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Sticking with the Z theme I have going on,

Name: Zahna
Gender: Undecided.
Colors: Also undecided.

One out of three isn't too terrible...


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my skrill will be called name

my skrill will be called 

name : lighting strike

coloure : black and white 

gender : male 









im not rlly active on this anymore so imma empty this.

you can find me on DA for more info



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see yah around !!

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Lots of people are going with

Lots of people are going with electrifying names, lol


I want to go for a HTTYD-eqsue style name this time


something like,


Spitcracker, because he spits crackling flames of pure lightning!

he can be called Crackers for short :D


as for colours I think I'll keep the original colour scheme in mind, but it depends on what is customisable, and in the end I might just end up playing around with the colours forever until something looks cool :)


Baldr the Bonkers

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Alright, I can't wait to ditch Paradise for Majesty hopefully..this winter.