What will happen to the previous expansion packs?

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So if you play any of the Expansion Packs, you'll know that they all have one thing in common; Berk.


While visits are brief, some important events happen in Berk. For one, the Deathsong goes after Sven's Farm in Berk, the little compass test happens on Berk, and the final battle in Wrath of Stormheart takes place at Berk Docks. Not to mention.


SoD has a few choices here.


They could ultimately remove the expansions, which would anger players who like to repeat the EPs by creating new Vikings. Yeah, I just don't see them doing that.


They could move everything over to New Berk. It may be a bit of a challenge, but it's possible. All they would need to do is to make sure to add parts of Berk that fit with the quests.


Or they could have two Berks, one old and one knew. It's a bit hard to understand but hear me out. Auction Island has two versions; one where everything is normal, while the other is taken over by you-know-who. If you played Return to Dragon Island right after you complete Wrath of Stormheart; you'll be at normal Auction Island despite completing the questline where it gets taken over. Basically, the game would take you to Old Berk when it's required in a Quest, and you'll be at New Berk when you're completing normal quests.


Though this all assumes that New Berk will be the norm and not an Expansion Pack exclusive.


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I agree, there's no way that they will remove the expansions. There would be a lot of angry people if they did that. Not to mention that it would be unfair to new players because they would never have gotten the chance to play through the expansions.


I assumed that there will be 2 Berks on the map- the Berk we have now and New Berk. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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My guess

If they can, they could do what another online game I play does:

The map will look the old way until you do the story/episode/expansion quests that will change it. Though because we'll have a bunch of excitement, they should leave a "Are you sure?" warning and try to encourage them to finish all previous packs first. This way they can iron out any bugs that WILL come with the next expansion (this is a given with any game with new content).


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Can someone explain the idea behind there being a new Berk? Is it relevant to the third film? If so, please do not give spoilers, I'm just very confused at the moment. Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

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In short...

I've not seen it either yet, but I believe so, based on how others are talking.

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I don't think they will remove it. I bet they'll just add more islands (New Berk ans Hidden World) and that's it! Previous EPs will stay.
My other guess is... Time travel. Just as they did in World of Warcraft- If you want to go to old zones, you have to talk to a dragon who will teleport you to the old World.

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I've been questioning their decisions with where this game will be heading in the future, and if they're bringing New Berk, I doubt they'll get rid of the old one. Sure, they could move it to the new one, but yeah, the old expansions still relate to old Berk.


They'll probably just create a second Berk that's a little more off the map. Sorta like how they positioned Dragon's Edge.

As they add the Hidden World and a few other things (Much to my distaste, I feel HW should be a dragon only place and not an MMO section, it would ruin the aesthetic I think the director was going for in the movie, tbh), the map would simply get larger. 


Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this new expansion. I wanna see the LF and HW, but I don't know what they're going to do with it. Sometimes with these devs, they do what they think is right, but mess it up royally. I think we can all think of a few game companies who are similar.




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