What should my next Titan Dragon be?

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Hello! Recently, I’ve been thinking about getting another Titan dragon, but I’m having trouble deciding on which one to get. A lot of them have such nice designs that it’s making choosing difficult. Overall, I’m looking for a Titan with a relatively nice design, and one that can do quests that I can greatly benefit from. As of now I already have a Titan Woolly Howl, Stormcutter, and Skrill. 


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*Grabs popcorns*

If you're searching a titan with a particular design, then the sand wraith is a good choice. The sand wraith has a particular yet funny\derpy design, wich also makes him some sort of cool and outstanding for some wierd reason lol. It is a pretty good racing and battle dragon. It's perfect for quests where the skill "camouflage" is needed, since he can bury itself and completely blend in the sand.

If you're searching for a less complicated design, then the thunderdrum is a pretty good choice. The thunderdrum has a simple, yet nice design, and also has a great color pattern. It is decent for battle and racing, and it is pretty good in quests where you need tidal class dragons, or, it's also good for quests where you need to find something in the deep ocean, because it has the skill "sonic".

Hope this helps! 


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Mystycal: Male Adult Groncicle

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Whispy: Male Adult Whispering Death

Eclipse: Female Adult Triple Stryke

Neptune: Male Adult Triple Stryke

Saturn: Male Titanwing Triple Stryke (Glitched Wrath Of StormHeart Egg)

Jolly: Male Adult Pickleboggle

FuryMaster: Male Titanwing Boneknapper

Sweet Revenge: Female Adult Boneknapper

Halloween: Female Teen Boneknapper

Rhaegal: Male Adult Silver Phantom (Tribute To Game Of Thrones)

Sweetness: Female Adult Sweet Death

Honey: Female Adult Sweet Death

Candy: Female Adult Sweet Death

Alaska: Female Titanwing Woolly Howl

FrostClaw: Male Adult Woolly Howl

Wolfy: Male Adult Woolly Howl (Inspired By Wolves)

SnowFlake: Male Adult Woolly Howl

Toothless Snowy Fake: Male Adult Woolly Howl (A Woolly Fake Toothless)

Snoggletog Wraith: Male Adult Woolly Howl (The Subspecies Of The Woolly Howl)

LaElylveon: Female Adult Woolly Howl (Dedicated To My Friend Elylveon)

Burst: Adult Male Woolly Howl

Typhoon: Male Adult Typhoomerang

Boomerang: Female Adult Typhoomerang

Lantern: Male Adult Typhoomerang (Torch Brother)

Night And Day: Male Titanwing Zippleback

Dark And Light: Female Adult Zippleback

Briciola E Scheggia: Adult Male Zippleback (It's An Italian Name)

Shyra: Female Titanwing Monsterous Nightmare

FlashWing: Male Adult Monsterous Nightmare (Tribute To Skylanders)

Hurricane\Nerone Il Tamburenna: Male Titanwing Thunderdrum (Fourth Main Dragon)

Thundy: Male Adult Thunderdrum

Ares: Male Adult Thunderdrum

Bianchina Rennadrum: Female Adult Snoggletog Thunderdrum

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Hi! :)

Here's not what to go for (ranked by opinion):

Worst -> Average

  1. Dramillion-you can't tell the difference
  2. Sentinel- green moss on back
  3. Whispering Death- I don't know it just looks weird XD
  4. Monstrous Nightmare
  5. Snow Wraith
  6. Scauldron
  7. Rumblehorn
  8. Speed Stinger- it's ok 


Here are my recommendations (based on my personal preference and opinion ((ranked))

Best -> Average


  1. Thunderdrum- it has a really cool horn on the end of its nose
  2. Sand Wraith- adorable grumpy face
  3. Deadly Nadder- really beautiful titan
  4. Terrible Terror
  5. Buffalord
  6. Deathgripper
  7. Flightmare
  8. Hideous Zippleback- kind of cool pattern along the wings
  9. Scuttleclaw
  10. Shockjaw
  11. Boneknapper
  12. Deathsong
  13. Gronckle
  14. Razorwhip
  15. Triple Stryke
  16. Grim Gnasher
  17. Screaming Death- its a long thin worm with big teeth

(removed Stormcutter, Woolly Howl, and Skrill since you already own them)









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For quests, since you already have a stormcutter: monstrous nightmare, hideous zippleback.

These two species seem to be among the most useful ones to have.


For the looks: thunderdrum all the way!


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