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Sooooooo.....I don't was this thursday home and i have a question : Was something added this week ??( bad english ,sorry )


Welcome I am Terror . I love to train dragon's and explore new islands . I LOVE all my dragons :) . Every dragon have a place in my heart .My husband is Snotlout <3 . JediwhorideDragons has an amazing talent at writing and I'm thankfull to her for writing me a story ..profile by BrynneBjornsson"

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not really much

well the forum was under construction so it was blocked a few,the chat ban and clan message gone again.it began  to break again.and loggind out.so i'll talk to brynjolf next week(they don't work on weekend).the race is messed up....

excepting problems wich arrived back is nothing much.the last update was triplestrike saddle.u probabilly saw it.

personally i bought a silver phantom egg and hatch it soon.i'm so disapointed i should buy timberjack.or not?

the forum is also asleep.nobody works on it latelly:/

it is hard to find any message,u can search and talk to someone if you wanna.

hope i helped:)


hi.dragons mean all for me,and i practice this awesome game for them.i hope we're friends.i'll always answer if you have something to tell me,hope you do so.thx