What is the message Headmaster gave us?

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Everyone is asking me if I had got a message from the Headmaster and I allways said no because I didn't get one....IS THIS SUPOSED TO HAPPEN!!?? If ya have a screen shot of it post it here so I know what it says..



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(No Subject)

It's just a message warning of a supposed update that was supposed to happen at 9 PM PST last night, but hasn't happened yet. And it's beginning to get suspicious, frankly.


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Maybe about the mantenice of

Maybe about the mantenice of the school from yesterday, they close the game since 9, it is open now.



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But, they didn't fix any of the major bugs (switching dragon and can't breathe fire, sometimes you can't see players in multiplayer), so I think it didn't happen, or it has been delayed.



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Shutting down SoD...

Its posted that around 11pm PST they are supposed to move ahead with the Maintanence since they got things fixed.  Could it resolve big issues?  Hard to say.  They are updating the servers I think so that we don't have the lag problem.  Anyway the post is up in General Announcements, top of the Forums Page, first board.






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*Psst... What is a subject?*

I'm going to confirm what others sqid, with one correction: The update isn't due to start until 11 PM PST (for those of you on the east coast with me, it's 2:00 AM). I hope it's worth it!




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