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My uername is Dalavar and my vikings name is Eseld. In the quest What a Mess after acquiring the sketch,filter, spout and pipe when you are supposed to give them to Astrid to help the sick dragon they disappeared from my inventory. The quest keeps insisting that I need to give these items to Astrid but also insists that I don't have them and won't let me go get them. Please either reset this quest for me of fix this bug so I may proceed. Thank you.

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Further Details...

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue. Which platform are you using to play the game? Have you tried reinstalling the game? Also, please provide us with your username and viking name. Thank you! 

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Didn't want to create a new

Didn't want to create a new topic, so I post in here.

My problem with this specific quest is that I can't lit the bottom of the filter. No matter which angle I shoot, it doesn't work and I can't complete the quest. Please help.

btw, reinstalling doesn't work


My viking name is Vulpina. I play on computer with Windows 8.



In-game name: Vulpina

Age: Adult

Gender: F

Owned dragons:

  • Uriel (Monstrous Nightmare lvl 24)
  • Hades (Whispering Death lvl 30)
  • Rubyeye (Whispering Death lvl 30)
  • Muspyg ♂ (Gronckle lvl 24)
  • Asura ♂ (Screaming Death lvl 30)
  • Nightfall ♀ (Deadly Nadder lvl 28)
  • Tanathos ♂ (Devilish Dervish lvl 25)
  • Thunderwave ♀ (Thunderdrum lvl 26)
  • Smoothdrill ♀ (Whispering Death lvl 30)
  • Jekyll & Hyde ♂ (Hideous Zippleback lvl 20)
  • Electro (Shockjaw lvl 20)
  • Icicle ♂ (Groncicle lvl 10)
  • Deadlyaria ♀ (Death Song lvl 21)
  • Sharpsteel ♀ (Razorwhip lvl 22)
  • Irontail ♂ (Armorwing lvl 6)
  • Rocksmasher (Snafflefang lvl 4)
  • Pandora ♀ (Whispering Death lvl 17)
  • Sapphire (Whispering Death lvl17)
  • Fury (Screaming Death lvl 9)
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You have to switch targets to shoot the bottom of the filter. I'm pretty sure pressing the tab key lets you switch targets.


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Tried to, but it doesn't work

Tried to, but it doesn't work for me. :(

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Awww, I'm sorry. That's what usually works. It must be a glitch with the quest. Hopefully the devs will fix it soon.

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Double post. Rip this captcha system