What to do with friends while playing School of dragons

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So, after completing all available quests, it's sometimes hard to decide what to do in SoD.

Even if you are playing with a friend. So, does anyone have suggestions on what to do/ play

in SoD? What do you usually do?



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IM glad you asked

I had the same problem, but back when the chat was less strict people gave me a lot of helpful suggestions. You can play mini games with friends like racing and fireball frenzy. Also, it sounds childish but it’s actually pretty fun- you can play hide and seek or tag. The world are huge and there are so many hiding spots, but if you have done all your quests you know the land and it should be easy. We also like to go do several glitches- I just found a glitch that lets you shoot other Vikings like in racing- when I’m bored I just zoom around and start battles.












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Very interesting! I wanna try

Very interesting! I wanna try Hide and Seek and Tag ^^

Yes, the chat rules are too strict >w<


Also, the glitches sound fun, can I find them on youtube?

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~Chat ~Visit friends randomly


~Visit friends randomly (and make them irritated)

~Speed Stinger races


~Fireball frenzy



~Collect points to become a UTD




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haha, sounds fun, will

haha, sounds fun, will definitely try that, thanks!