What is best way to post pictures?

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Like the title said, I am looking for the best way to post pictures.


Right now what I am doing is posted them on imgur and then providing a link because my old method doesn't work any more. 


I see people using photobucket and postimage and sturf, but I haven't tried those.

Out of experience, could someone tell me the best way to post a picture without just using a link that takes you to a new tab?








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First, unless you want to pay a pretty big price, don't use Photobucket. Photobucket updated their terms of use back in the summer and you now have to pay to upload pictures to post on other websites. I use Postimage. Here's how to post pictures so they can appear in your post:

-Upload the picture to a photo hosting site

-Click on it to make it bigger(if you use postimage, don't know if you have to do this on other photo uploading sites)

-Right click on it

-Click open image in new tab

-Go to the new tab and copy the url address

-Then on your forum post, click the button that has a house on it. It's a little hard to see in the picture but if you look left to right, it's the one by the first A.

-When you click that button, right click the URL space and click paste. You can then change the size of your picture but make sure the lock is always locked, otherwise when you resize your picture it will start looking distorted. After you resize your picture click the ok button. Once you click ok, if you're not satisifed with the size you can click on the picture and resize it.


Hope this helps. 


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Your welcome. Glad I could help. :)

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Sorry for bumping this thread. I've been linking people to my post when they ask for help in posting pictures. I need to repost the pictures because of problems with postimage.


Picture 1: 


Picture 2: 

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Use Gyazo!

I find Gyazo a super easy way to take screenshots!  It's completely free, and all you have to do is download it.  I use it all the time for screenshots (and not just for School of Dragons).  The one downside is that you can only view the last 10 screenshots you took (after that you have to have their URL to access them again - which you can copy if you really want to view it again- but unless you're making a screenshot comic it's not really a big deal).


All you do is click the Gyazo button (this will appear on your computer's task bar once you download the program), which looks like this .  Then, click on the spot where you want to take a photo, drag to create the frame, and release!  It's that easy (and much quicker and less complicated than using a photo hosting website!). Then, find the "Copy Link" button, click the drop down arrow, and select the "Direct Link URL" to copy.  Paste that link in the box HP Powers showed up above (accessed by the icon that looks like a house in the Comment task bar), and you've got yourself a picture!


Here's the link to download Gyazo if you're interested: https://gyazo.com/


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Ginrei froze my subject...

Personally I use tinypic.com. It allows you to set the image size (for this site I typically use the message board option) when you upload it. The only annoying thing about it is when it asks you to do a capcha, but other than that it's pretty easy to use, at least I think so. You just click browse, choose the image you want to upload from your computer, resize it (if you want), assign a tag to it if you want to (it doesn't require you to) and upload it. Now in my experience you do have to click on the image you uploaded and then click "view raw image" and copy and paste the URL from there. If that's not something you want to do then maybe use one of the other sites mentioned.


Yeah, don't use photobucket... that crap they pulled on us... Ooooh I am STILL salty about that. D:< Even if they go back to being free image hosting I will NEVER, EVER use them again. I had used their site for years and on gaiaonline Photobucket is the only image host compatible with the site or at least it was. But yeah, don't use photobucket.



.....Thank you. m(_ _)m


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Eh, I use Imgur.

I use Imgur because of the fact that I can upload an image I copied in clipboard. Not to mention the fact at how easy it is to add it in. All you gotta do is right'click on the image, click on "Copy Image," then press Ctrl + V on posting it, and you get something like this.

That was just me having fun. And after you post it here, you can change how big the image is. I usually type in 500-600 for the width.

And to center it all, press down so there is a big black line next to you photo, and click on the Center button. It looks like this:

What this does is that it makes sure the person sees the center of your image, no matter what their screen size is. Hope this helps!


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Great! So glad I found this thread

Great! So glad I found this thread; I have been trying figure out how to post pics.  Thanks for all the info and comments on various sites and tools that each of you like and use. 


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