What are your fav books?

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I would like to know...well, what the title says!


My fav book is Wings of Fire and I'm still waiting for the 14th book, and I just finished the new graphic novel.


I'm looking forward to knowing your favourite(did i spell it right?) books!





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Age: 11


Fav books: Wings of Fire, Pax


Fav movies:  How to Train your Dragon, Star Wars


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Books... Uh. The last book I've actually gotten my hands on are college books when I was cramming for an exam.


*Scratches head* What would you consider a book? Because there's cook books, textbooks, how to book, coffee table books, Do you also consider comic books? What about comic books that are as thin as magazines. What about gaming guides or magazines?


Would you also consider digital books as well? :O



Hi! I'll be on slight hiatus from the forums and art requests, as I'll be working on my undergraduate thesis.

I'll still be around watching.


Because of a bug, I'm now "VicZarskykatsu" in-game. Thanks SoD.


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Stardust, the subject is not a chew toy!


Yes, you could think of it this way:

"everything that is considered as a book, called a book or has the same format as a book is a book to me!"

Sorry, that's the best explanation I have...

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BOOKS (haven't been on forum in awhile don't mind my craziness)

I just recently started reading WOF and am waiting for the 2nd set to come in the mail! Quickly became one of my favorite series. 

I love reading and have read many animal-fantasy books, my favorite series being Warrior Cats!

(That's actually what got me into Wings of Fire because of the author)

I also love The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley...

Misty of Chincoteague used to be my absolute favorite book.

Also used to like Redwall

Those are some off the top of my head... might think of more later.




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About what you said about

About what you said about Warrior Cats bringing you to WoF because of the author, thats excactly the opposite for me!  I'm still reding the first book of Warrior Cats, but I finished WoF.  My second favourite book is Pax. 

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Flare ate my subject and Eclipse ate my lunch
  • Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • The Hobbit
  • The Silmarillion
  • Wing of Fire
  • Warrior Cats


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Fav Books:

1. Master and Apprentece

2. Wingfeather Saga

3. Revenge of the Sith ( yes its in a book format too)

4. Nyxia

5. Eragon (the series) 

6. Wings of Fire

7. Percy Jackson ( and generally Rick Rordens books)


Least Favorite book of all time:

The Hot Zone

Bc you could not pay me any amount of money to read that terrifying book again... ;-;


Ive read all the WOF books (except the weird one with the humens) and its pretty good... I did have a problem with the 14th book tho... I would tell ya but I dont wanna spoil plot details... (BC PPL WHO SPOIL THINGS ON PURPOSE ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE) :D



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Huh You read through all that? Wow Im impressed...
I gotta say we were pretty lucky not to run into-
 annnd I spoke too soon....

*runs away screaming*

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JediMasterFury, I'm not

JediMasterFury, I'm not forcing you, but I would suggest(did i spell it right?) WOF Dragonslayer, it answered so many

questions i had about the series.  So i'm not forcing you, I'm just suggesting it.

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Oooh :D Well ill certainly look into it!! (And btw I dont feel that your forcing me! Im open to any and all suggestions!)

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My favorite books are wings of fire. I own every one including the winglets quartet. The author, Tui T. Sutherland, is part of the Erin Hunter team. This is the book cover for the 14th book.


I won't be posting as much due to school.


I'm sorry if I never end up doing requests. I don't end up doing some because i am no longer interested in that.

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*EXPLOSIONS* O______________O

Ohhh! Ive never seen that one before i guess I ment the 13th book XD

(its been awhile)

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What I love:


Warriors - Erin Hunter


Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling


Guardians of Ga'Hoole - Kathryn Lasky

Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis


Lord of the Rings - J.R. Tolkien


How To Train Your Dragon - Cressida Cowell (Audio books read by David Tennant, the voice of Spitelout)


Matilda - Roald Dahl


This is what I've got so far!


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Name: Azyru

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Titan Wing Color: Black, white spines, and turquoise blue highlights

Eye Color: Violet

Viking Companion/Sister: Firesome



Bio (Firesome):

Firesome is a young girl who had been a slavegirl to Grimmel for ten years since she was stolen away from her family by him when Grimmel raided her home island, killing her parents. She finds her freedom after meeting a fierce young female Skrill who she sets free and calls Azyru after the two form a secret bond. They escape together outwitting Grimmel's Deathgrippers and going as far as they can away from their tormenter. While resting on a small island, Firesome receives a vision from her real birth father, the Mighty Thor, and he tells her to journey to an island of Dragon Riders.

After months of traveling and bonding, Firesome and her new bond sister dragon Azyru happen on the island of Berk, meeting Chief Hiccup who takes an interest in Firesome's strong connection, almost as strong as him and Toothless, and offers her to train dragons and ride alongside other students in their School of Dragons.



Bio (Azyru):

Azyru is a Skrill who once lived fierce and free, ruling the skies until Grimmel shot her down, the Deathgripper sedative knocking her out, and wakes in a cage. She befriends a strange young slavegirl that Azyru grows very attatched to after a time, and when Firesome breaks her free, she vows to protect her like a big sister. The two would fly together for a long time.



My Dragon Family (So Far):


Alpha Pair:

1. Azyru - (Female Titan Skrill - Leader)

2. Spinetail - (Male Titan Deadly Nadder - Azyru's Mate)


The Alpha Pair's Hatchlings:

1. Voltage - (Male Skrill - Firstborn son)

2. Shadowbolt - (Female Skrillnadder - Secondborn Daughter)

3. Icebane - (Male Skrill - Thirdborn son, the Lone Wolf icestorm Skrill)


Fury Family:

1. Toothless - (Male Night Fury)

2. Silverstream - (Female Light Fury)

3. Dart - (Female Night Light blue eyes)

4. Ruffrunner - (Male Night Light green eyes)

5. Pouncer - (Male Night Light green eyes)

6. Stryka - (Female Titan Sand Fury)

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

I liked WOF, as well as Warriors.  But I'd say my all-time favs are Brandon Mull's books, which include Fablehaven, The Candyshop Wars, Beyonders, and FIve Kingdoms.  And then of course there are the awesome books here on these forums, like The Dragoness Backstory, Selene, and I Am Dragonblood.


(By the amazing EmeraldGemHuntress65)



Here's my Siggy,  which consists of a lot of wonderful art done by a bunch of awesome people.


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Nightwatch ate my subject

Books...Books..Books.. Ya guys wanna know the last book I read? My math textbook.

My last book aside from that was my band book... (yes, school smh.)

and before that was Percy Jackson's Greek Gods book, and thanks to me being overseas from home I read it about 3 months ago. I can't read ebooks.


I haven't read Wings of Fire in 3 years, not past elementary school. Honestly, I really liked Wings of Fire too but I hate hearing it in SoD since the whole chat always ends up talking about it and nothing else. HTTYD fandom.........



credit to EmeraldHuntress65, TYSM my siggy is not as dull anymore thanks to you!


Hiya, yes my name is Candleshade. But please, I got soo used to it in game so call me Candle! Or Shade- lol

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Name: Candleshade(often called Candle)

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Main Dragon: Nightwatch (Sand Wraith)


My Dragons:

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4. Hailstorm (male Groncicle)

5. Ironheart (male Gronckle)

6. Defender (female Scuttleclaw)

7. Midknight (male Armorwing)

8. Stormfang (male Monstrous Nightmare)

9. Zecora (female Monstrous Nightmare)

10. Vespera (Female Monstrous Nightmare)

11. Fangstorm (male Monstrous Nightmare)

12. Lavaeater (male Eruptodon)

13. Starwave (male Thunderdrum)

14. Shadowglider/Shadow (female Razorwhip)

15. Galesplitter (male Whispering Death)

16. Skyla (female Triple Stryke)

17. Darius (male Elder Sentinel)

18. Dominus (male Singetail)

19. Agrippa (female Deathgripper)

20. Stalkar (male Hobgobbler)

21. Squibb (female Flame Whipper)

22. Syrah (female Death Song)

23. Skulmud (male Mudraker)

24. Daryn (male Eruptodon)

25. Neisti (female Skrill)

26. Myrkur (female Stormcutter) Titan! 

27. Dart (Night Light)

28. Toothless (Night Fury) 

29. Light Fury (Light Fury) 

30. Byrjun (male Snow Wraith)

31. Ligrera Jr. (female Woolly Howl) Titan! Stage reached on the first day of Snoggletog!

32. Kynsumar (male Typhoomerang)

33. Cahaya (female Flightmare) Titan! Born on the first Day of Dreadfall!

34. Tilviljun (male Boneknapper) Titan! 


Sure, some out of game info..

Gender: Still female.


Hogwarts house: Slytherin!! (though I think I can fit in any house..)

What about Ilvermorny?: Thunderbird

Greek godly parent: You'll probably find me in Cabin Three, the cabin of Poseidon :D

Favorite colors: So simple, yet so hard to answer. I like all colors, though I would say blue, purple, green, black, and white.. oh TEAL! (and it goes on.. -_-)

AND I AM ACE! maybe a soft spot for my gender?



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Scuttleclaw from the MBTI personality thread by AMAZIEing! Thanks Maz! *runs back to training*

Here's Aster, my Rare Red Owl baby that belongs in the Harry Potter fandom! Again, thanks Maz :)

These three edits of Nightwatch are also made by Frost Shards! :O

Here's Oceania, a Diving Nimblescale by Angel Nerd. Again, TYSMMM

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Flighmare adoptable also by Toothless0603!

Still want more? Here ya go!

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https://paste.pics/a269f282a2f83487f1786f334576afda Ligrera in hatchery

https://paste.pics/e8fc87d131790424ab90cefc191d9a93 older pic: our clan in the clubhouse! #thawfest2020

https://paste.pics/a4f64a5bd487010525763cb2f2dfcdf4 My stuffie! Is that an owl? Not sure, probably. Turn her into a dragon hehe!

https://paste.pics/3c2f1cde15a0f7e6a0f17748e86f687d the start.... taming Nightwatch...

https://paste.pics/63059cedc44862388e588783298e67ca NIGHWATCH YOU CUTIEPIE- sorry lol

https://paste.pics/c48b94dc6e3874e8230db39ccc6112b3 Nightwatch skydiving without her warpaint

https://paste.pics/524237612ee93eafaebbd0c8d95b3203 Boop. Ligera's already a Titan... XD



(Now you've reached the end of my siggy. If ya wanna stay, Toothless is here to entertain you. Bye!)

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I Have Been Officially Labeled a Disturber of the Peace

Hmm, As Candleshade said "My Math textbook" XD I was behind so I've been doing a LOT of math these past few days. Other then that I've been reading the Bible and I started rereading Inkheart for the 209086 time. :3 I also reread Anne Of Green Gables (the first book) I really haven't had time to read things as of late. 


Now, books I like in general, keep in mind most of these have been already mentioned. :)

(In no order)

Warrior cats,


LOTR and the Hobbit,

Little Princess 

Secret Garden,

Percy Jackson, 

Kane Chronicles,


Star wars Jedi apprentince, (I've read all the ones with Qui Gon but stopped when Ani came into the picture. 

Kinda Harry Potter (Although I feel as if it's way to popular)

Flygirl (By Sherri L. Smith) (It's historical fiction but I really like it :))

Infinity Ring, 

39 clues, 

Rangers Apprentince

and I'm sure there's more.


As for Wings of Fire, I made it to book 3 (Maybe 5-6? IDK) or something and I lost interest XD But it isn't that bad, it just wasn't for me. :)



            Last updated: 8/21/2021, (Profile Pic by IceyShadow!

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(But you can just call me Maz. :3)

In game names: Mazhira, AlenkaJackson, Spot Conlin, Oashnokia, and Mirmalay

Gender: Female

Religion: Christian :3

Personality: ENTP, I try to have fun while staying kind and respectful to everyone. I love laughing and having a good time! :D

Likes: I love musical theatre, friends, reading, and drawing! :3

Honeycrisp my siggy guardian done by the simply fantastic Fun Dragon! :D

Heads up, There is at least one gif that goes kinda fast, so if that's something that might bother you, don't go any farther then the Bible verse. :3


Find me on Flight Rising and Devinart!

I love dogs! Do you? Here's a fun (and honestly kinda addicting) Game! Furry Paws! (I'm Maz #1606178)


FANDOMS!!! :D :D :D 

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Sorry for the bad writing and spelling, I have slight Dysgraphia and  thus my thoughts arn't very easly understood (Plus I talk in an Accent sometimes and it bleeds into my writing)



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Here is Spout! My amazing Silver Phantom done by the talented Sohki!

I do art! :D 

Here's a few of my pieces of artwork in link form! 





Here's some on paper, top is a person the other one is a dragon




And with that, You have reached the end! Great Job! :D

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Hey! You can request a free drawing via PM now! Yay! :3


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- Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus have been my favourite series since I was little. I've read it thoroughly four times (at least).

- Requiem for a Soldier is on Wattpad, and yes, it's a romance.

- Jane Eyre and I read it in a different language. It was still great.

- The Shadow of Beauty FireRedhead yuuus.

- To Kill a Mockingbird read it once for an assignment, ended up getting so immersed the second time I decided to read it alone.

- I Am Number Four tried to get into the rest of the series, but honestly they bored me after the second book. The first book stands as one of my favourites thou.

- Dork Diaries I don't even care that I could be old, this series is a legend. 

- Smile / Drama is probably the first time I've ever liked reading with pictures.

- Encyclopedias mostly centered in Human Anatomy, galaxies / space, and Ecology. Fite me.


Although, I must say these days I read more virtually than paperback (but hardcover ALWAYS beats reading through a screen), and I mostly read original books in Wattpad. Oh, and my own works just to check grammar, plots, etc. But honestly, I'd love to buy more books. 


(Eyo, recommend some novels bookworms, lol)



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Rangers Apprentice (without

Rangers Apprentice (without any hesitation) are my favorite books.

Best series I've ever read, although once it got to book 12 my heart sorta broke. Still a good series from then on, but I can't quite read it the same as I used to... It was also my first interest in a story that wasn't animal focused.


White Fang

The first chapter book I ever read! And no, not the kid version. I read the original one. How, you may ask? Long story short: I hated chapter books. I loved roleplaying with my older sister. My sister loved chapter books. One day she said, "No more roleplaying until you read four chapters of this book" and shoves it into my hands. I got addicted and read the entire thing. Now it's one of my top books, the end.


Warrior cats in theory... 

but while I liked the books at first, now can hardly stand to read them because they're so full of flaws and cringe. They continuously use the forbidden love side-plot for starters. And then there's a lot of question I have about StarClan, and just the way the clans work in general. The first books set things up one way (with more of a tribal, indian-like atmosphere), but they carried it out on a totally different road and I didn't like that. It's on this list because it WAS one of my fav books, and not because it IS anymore.


Something I made specifically for SoD. Meet Lightning, the SoD Night Fury (Sand Wraith) And Ariane Silverleaf! My SoD character looks nothing like her... But I wish she did!


Lightning the night fury, done by Dragonriders Fury! (#386, pg. 8)



I use https://paste.pics/ to upload pictures. If any of you are having trouble uploading pictures of your own, just go there and browse for your file. Once it loads, look under the link. It should say 'More'. Click on that and copy the 'Image URL'

For GIFs, I use https://giphy.com/


Of course we're all salty. We're all the salt of the earth, placed on the world to give love and to be good and kind to man, animal, and the land itself.


My boat raid motto: "Lets burn this ship!" (Looks like "LetsBurnThisShip!" in game bcs I'm being careful of the filter)


Old armor stats can be found on this chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SYDaQSqZv8RjQnB7kiywOpMyZCBcP1be3PngaxfVnq4/edit#gid=0


And locations of video chests for mobile players can be found here:

Ads Chests in the Wilderness | School of Dragons | How to Train Your Dragon Games


An awesome analysis on a bunch of HTTYD 3 flaws.

The Issues with How To Train Your Dragon - The Hidden World - Ethan_Joseph - How to Train Your Dragon (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]


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1. Eragon/ The Inheritance

1. Eragon/ The Inheritance Cycle

These books are what sparked my love of fantasy. The writing quality gets visibly better as you read the series, the fact that dragons are a centerpiece in this story just makes it better. The politics, the drama, the scenery. Everything about these books, I love. Romance plays next to no part in the story, which was quite refreshing to read. 


2. Percy Jackson

I have always loved Greek mythology, ever since I took a class on it in elementary. The humor, the action, the POV in which it's written. Everything about this is great. I recently started re-reading the series and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it.


3. Harry Potter

 My love of HP is...... fragile. The nostalgia, the storyline, the creativity. I love the books for what they are: books about an out-of-place boy who grew into a hero. I don't dislike the series, I just dislike its author. 


Some stuff about me:

Name: Morgan

Age: 20

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Whoah, I see Ranger's Apprentice fans here! ^^ So I have to reply to this post :D I can't call myself a fan, because I've read only two books from the series, but the first one definitely stole my heart <3


I don't read much, most of books I've ever read was for my school classses. I liked Percy Jackson series tho. At least the first five books. I'm not too much into this franchise, so I don't know if it's a separate series or other books Rick Riordan wrote are also included. Sorry Riordan's books fans :D



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I don't know why but my phone didn't want me to share my favorite books! XD but I have arrived >:D


Warrior cats! Amongst many of you, I too am a huge WC fan-actually it was what gotten me into drawing and my cat obsession XD though sadly I haven't read the newer ones yet :0

The Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer): A really good twist of the disney princesses with some scifi-sadly I got busy before I could finish the second to last book and I haven't found a chance to read it again...

Renegades (Marissa Meyer): A story about where super heros are common, and is from the view point of neither hero or villian. (i'd be good if you like My Hero Academia)

Heartless (also by Marissa Meyer): A twist on The Queen of Hearts, love this book!

Eragon: Really good book on dragons and magic, been a while since I read it but still :P

Harry freaking Potter: Seriously, y'all need to read this if you havent

Narnia: Was really good, loved the movies and the books. I'm big on fantasy plus mixed with the wonders of God? Oh frick yes

Guardians of Gahoole: Loved them! I like birbs :3

Wings of fire: yee, I read them up until the newer books I just haven't had the chance to read them

Virals: Mystery book mixed with teens with wolf powers! I really liked it, i'm a big mystery person

The Shaye Archer series: Realistic murder mysteries. Gets a bit dark quickly


I'm too tired to remember the rest XD


Hello friends! I'm Toothless! You can call me Split, Floof, Toothy, etc.


These are places where you can find me!

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My favorite books are Wings

My favorite books are Wings of Fire, The Inheritance Cycle, How To Train Your Dragon, Project Nemesis and Game of Thrones. I also have a guide book for Skyrim. 

I love reading so much. No-one in my family ever understood how I can read a 500-page book in two days or less. I have an imagination, that's why!

  • I am a Nerd and am proud to be one :)
  • I am half Scottish and half Irish. I guess that's why I love anything that has to do with Celtic culture.
  • Reading and playing video games is one of my favorite past-times. 
  • My favorite games are The Elder Scrolls, Spore, God of War and Okami.
  • I love anything to do with mythology, especially Norse mythology.
  • I am quite knowledgeable with biology and geography.
  • A few of my favorite books series are How To Train Your Dragon, Eragon, Wings of Fire and Project Nemesis.
  • Godzilla is one of my favorite monsters of all time.
  • I believe that Monty Python and The Holy Grail is a fantastic movie!










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Nightwatch ate my subject

wow- I.... I- okay, i've been waiting for someone to mention a newer fandom.... but I guess I have to share it instead...


the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. The beginning is super good, but once you go past book four, BEWARE ROMANTIC STUFF! FOSTER KEEFE! FOSTER KEEFE! TEAM FOSTER KEEFE BEATS FITZPHIE


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The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said by Philip K. D.

The Silmarillion and the Children of Húrin by J.R.R. Tolkien

Foundation by Isaac Aasimov


I like sci-fi, paranoid-fi and a touch of epic fantasy I GUESS.

There's probably more but here's what I could name from the top of my head.


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