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I wanted to see if the new island was available in the game yet, and all of a sudden: it asks me to make a new Viking!! I was really shocked and upset, because even when I get in with my username and password, it still shows it! Does anybody have the same problem?? What can I do????? I don't want to start all over again anytime soon! :(


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  19. Ragestorm - (Male Woolly Howl)
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  22. Elsa - (Female Groncicle)
  23. Rudy - (Male Speed Stinger)
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  25. Ellie - (Female Boneknapper)
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Read the forum Topic I THINK I'M HACKED and you'll get your answer.


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I got that once. All you have to do is clear your unity cache.


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I'm on iPad

Actually, I use the iPad mostly, because I can't get onto the computer. :(

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Profile deleted???

I have the same problem...I play on the computer and my ipad.

Everything I had is gone. Clearing the Unity cache didn't help.

So how do we get our game back??




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Profile deleted???

I have the same problem...I play on the computer and my ipad.

Everything I had is gone. Clearing the Unity cache didn't help.

So how do we get our game back??


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Same here:(

Same thing happened to me.So,I re-entered my viking name Fiery Hero but it said this name is used by somebody else.


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Hmm...I had this too but it was just for one day maybe you just wait until tomorrow and see...hope this helps :)


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Character still missing!

so I play on Facebbok and used to play exclusively on google Chrome until they decided to no longer support Unity web player.

My character won't load if I use Mozilla in either FB or the School website.

BUT on Explorer it won't load on FB but does load on the School of dragons website.

I had to log in using my username and password not the FB connect button.

Hope they fix this glitch soon...Explorer is not running SOD very well..very jerky!

So try Explorer if you are having the same problem.


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Works under IE Only, it seems.

Here's something odd. When I try to log in using either the App under Windows 8.1 or using FireFox, I get the same error. When I log in using IE11, it works! I don't get how it would, but IE seems to be immune from this bug.


I cleaned out my Unity cache and it's the same thing.



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I think it starts to glitch

I think it starts to glitch on the browser you use most often or something... It works perfectly fine on Firefox for me, only it gives me the same glitch on Safari.. But I guess Macs are a bit different lol

(Love your Thunderdrum's name btw. Reminds me of WoF ovo)


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Don't freak out!!

Just patiently refresh until your character(s) appear. If you're on an iPad/mobile device, open and close the app. Eventually, your character will appear. Whatever you do, do not create a new Viking. As I stated on another thread, this will sometimes delete the character and replace it with a new one while it might also just change the name. I'd prefer not to take the risk and just refresh, though.




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