What’s an island/place in SoD that you with more people hung out in?

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I’m asking this mainly out of pure boredom, but I did figure that it would be interesting to know what places you wish more players would hang out in. 


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Probably Scuttle Claw Island and Mudraker Island


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School, Wilderness, New Berk, Great Hall

As an extremely introverted person, I would like them to stay in the School...

  • ...so that I can fly with my titans on the Edge and Training Grounds without vikings who follow&want to befriend me xd xd xd.
  • ...because even though I am an introvert, I don't like ghost islands. I don't know why, but I love when I am surrounded with people, without making social interactions. School is a sunlit, magnificent place, which is rare in that viking-themed, bit dark, chilly game (in my opinion). It would be peculiar if people didn't attract to it instinctively. I've tried to imagine the school without a bunch of cute bronze-star players and chat dramas, but I simply can't.

Another underrated place is the Wilderness. It is only visited by vikings who have quests there, even though it could be a perfect lounge. It has several fishing spots, a spectacular waterfall, you can learn flying there, and it even has a geyser to really-really-really bored people. You can do nearly anything with your friends there: for example, once my brother and I "dogfought" between its greenish waters and huge rocks. Recently, the Wilderness is a bit grey for me, but it would be a vivid and cheerful place if more vikings visited it.


I hate to admit it, but New Berk could also make a perfect opportunity to hang out. Having Stable and blacksmith, some important opportunities are at the spot, and it is also fun to explore. Unfortunately, few people visit it, increasing my depression after the loss of the original Berk, which was overcrowded 24/7. If only it was as populated as the School... But I have to admit that I feel a bit separated everytime I'm there because of it's distance from the main islands.


My last but not least is the Great Hall. Heather, Headmaster and Phlegma are present, just like a huge board showing the mightiest warriors of the week/month/game... The fact that there are so many sitting room and empty tables is a bit disturbing, making me feel it's unexploited. It would have a feeling if friends or clan members met and shared their experiences there.


I'm very curious what other people will say because it's a very interesting question. :D


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It's honestly a shame that New Berk is less populated because the new Blacksmith has open floors that can be walked on, you can even climb the stairs to go to the second floor.

And players can fly all the way up to the tallest mountain top. The only big shame is you can't glide with the Flight Suit. :'D


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I used to play around the 2013-15 times and back then, the wilderness was the most popular place. We only had 3 maps (School, the Wilderness aka wild, and Berk), and Berk wasn't as popular XD. People would play fire tag, hide-and-seek, role play, flock around timberjacks (hackers and giant dragons), go in glitch caves and just do anything. Good times X).  I was kinda sad when it got less popular after the school expanded, people started to go to the training grounds because swimming became a thing XD And from there.. yeah the game got more toxic XP


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Thank you for your reply <3 <3 <3

I play only since 2016, so it's always very interesting to read about the old times from veteran players' comments. Even though I have never experienced these kinds of entertainment, I really wish I had could (even though I always have a hard time socializing xd). It seems to be very delightful :D. And thanks for your clarification about the Wilderness' case. It was really strange to me that it is not popular, but now I understand and I'm sad :D.

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Thank you for your reply! <3 <3 <3

I really like the Blacksmith at New Berk, it has a very professional look and it's fun to hang out there, not to mention the huge sky :D. As for the flight suit, I don't know much about it because I rarely use it, but it can be an obstacle to the ones who like to fly with it (ie. to the majority of vikings xd).

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*Grabs popcorns*

Aww, i still remember where me and my friends hung out!

We always hung out in the TG (training grounds) it an active, fun place, where you can wait for the battle event, and while you're waiting, you can invite your friends and talk, while you wait for the ship. If you don't have friends, or they, like in my case, are offline, then you can meet very nice people, and talk for a little bit about random stuff.

Second, for me, is the "credits" map. It is a "secret" map, where you and your friends can hang out in peace, without having newbies or other people around watching you and trying to disturb the conversation. It is nice to fly, race, etc...Overall an awesome place!

Third, (now it's not a good place anymore) old berk. Old berk was an awesome place, full of people doing quests, newbies and medium level players. Always decorated for halloween and snoggletog, it was an outstanding place, i have a lot of memories there. Sadly, since we left berk, it is now a ghost village, perfect if you want to make an horror story with your friends.

Fourth (but not less important) the school. The school, like the TG, is an active and fun place. It is large enough to play hide and seek, hang out in hidden places, and watch newbies doing quests (only if you're REALLY bored lol). Sadly, you can't find much people, since most of the people in there are newbs, wich still need to figure out how the chat really works, or they just don't have time to chat, since they are doing quests.

Fifth, for me, is the wilderness. The wilderness is an awesome place, where you can do basically everything, from fishing, to "gliding" using the geyser's air. An awesome, sunny place, perfect to enjoy staying with friends or flying around.

6th place for me is new berk. New berk is perfect for diving, racing, hanging out, etc...It is a very big place, that's why it is perfect to fly around with a fast dragon, since there are no limits, you can dive at full speed without the preoccupation of crashing immediately into a wall, rock, etc..

Here's my long list!

NOTE: I'm not trying to offend people by saying "Newbies". "Newbie" means new player, i was a newbie too, we all were lol.



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Mmm, I spend quite a bit of time in places where less people go because it's quiet, and when you're with friends, the chat doesn't get clogged up with messages. If I could say a place I wish more people would go, I'd have to say my favorite place; Old Berk. Sure there are more newer players and the random group of people that will pass through...but most of the time, its relatively empty. And that makes me sad. It's a really..beautiful place, almost. I spend most of my time there, perched on my favorite spot, looking down at the people running/flying around, or I'm zooming around on my Tooth myself. I also go into the several glitches that can be found throughout the map. It's just a great place c:





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I usually just chill in either the school, training grounds or Berk.

But most of the time I'll just be in my stables, lol.


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