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I just don't get what's up with a psyco chicken:

It looks like a rubber chicken getting betrayed trying to hipmotize you.

Its really loco!

This loco chicken I belive would be better if it was not a chef.

He would be in super big trouble if it was real. 

What does this chicken think he doing?

A pirate?

That one is REAL NUTS.

True thing they are all:




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Story of Bkaawk the Stupid Chicken

Story of Bkaawk the Stupid Chicken

Chickens are not so dumb,

but this one is.

Bkaawk was the world's dumbest chicken.

He treid to speak to his best friend,

but never did again.

Bkaawk + Jake is not true,

so he went to the loo.

His owner came over to kill Bkaawk,

and all the chickens and roosters cheered!

Bkaawk was never there again,

so all the chickeng were proud.


Bkaawk was in a tantrum,

trying to run away.

By the grab of the owner's hand bkaawk was nos not there again.

So all that is left of his is this silly picture: