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                   First off I want to give props to Umbreon27 for suggesting this website to me. It is Vimeo I have like a channel there where I post video of me doing art me gaming me doing just vlogs. If you would like to see that please check it out here is the link where you can watch my vids I only have one so far.


                                                 Link: https://vimeo.com/187601456


             Hope you like it, and with you guys help it will grow. Until then just have some fun watching my vids :)






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Fur give meh back that subject!!!!

Oooh! I've watched it and it was so awesome! I only use picmonkey for effects and adding texts. Now I know how to use it for future uses! Thanks so much for making these videos! Can't wait to see more of those! ^^


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Tracking! Can't wait for more!!!! ;3



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Sapphire, drawn (left) by the talented Alicornbrodie, (right) by the fantastic DatOneTrumpet! Thank you!!!!! :D <3


Sapphire and Wintergreen blinkies by Nessie. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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Coldsnap and Frytha by the fantastic Varku ! Thanks!!!! :D


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