Welcome Back: Woolly Canyon Racetrack!

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Thunder Run Racing is welcoming an optimized version of Woolly Canyon racetrack! Do you have what it takes to master this upgraded track? Zoom through the canyon aboard your speediest dragons and let us know what you think!



Prepare yourself to dodge and dive through the cliffs of Woolly Canyon, all while trying to collect the various sheep scattered throughout! Don’t forget to pass through every checkpoint to make each lap truly count!


Are you ready to familiarize yourself once again with the twists and turns of Woolly Canyon?


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Cool! Woolly canyon is my

Cool! Woolly canyon is my favourite track :D


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Move checkpoint higher

Move the checkpoints higher so there's 2 racing lines or create a second one on top of the other checkpoint.

There's 3 racing lines on that track but where they are now you've created only one racing line.