We must put an end to words that shouldn't even be banned!

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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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sigh... back in Sod, I can speak to my friends easly but sometimes there's some akward moments where you want to say the words you want to tell them but the chat (headmaster) bans specific words like simple words, numbers and innopropiate words (swearing in anger.) I absolutely agree and is good of the Sod team to ban swear words because it's easy to see people say it on chat everyday back in Sod. However you can use a another way to say bad words such as that on chat anyways which makes me so worried about.


If the Sod team or admins is seeing this then please allow simple word spellings, numbers, but NOT SWEARING as well as the other way of swearing if you guys know what I mean. PLEASE!!! WE MUST PUT AN END TO THIS!!! It's getting frustrating!

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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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The Sod team should allow + signs and another signs. They should allow back in Sod any words and any type of numbers except swear words and the other way to swear and any innopropiate words for sure! Sod is a childrens game after all! THIS IS HIGHLY INNOPROPIATE I MEAN SERIOUSLY!? lol XD I'm getting so annoyed everytime I play Sod because of it now!


PS: sorry Sod team If I offended or hurt you in any ways for what I said but this has to be stopped! XD


Now... WHO'S WITH ME! :-D

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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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OOPS O_O This is already my third post but...

Can the Sod someday make Toothless racing paint because like in Httyd 2 the video if anyone has heard of it, you can get Toothless racing paint for Toothless. If this update is possible can you guys please make Toothless racing because every other dragon racing paint is already instores except for the Toothless racing paint. If too much then ignore this, otherwise if you can then that would be AAAAMAAAAAAZING!!!


Thankyou so much :-)


PS: tomorrow I'm going camping at O Riley's for 3 days so I won't be here... I won't be able to post for a while but flying fox here we come!!! XD

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Seriously? Aren't you the

Seriously? Aren't you the impersonator of Jay Baruchel on the game? You kept saying you worked with "Winter the dolphin" and that you were part of the SoD team. Davigur is your in-game name, right? Then I think you ARE the exact person who is impersonating! You kept saying, "Does everyone like our new dragon we made?" In all honesty, you shouldn't even be on this forum if you are going to impersonate an actor or game maker. Don't even start with the, "Oh, I stopped" or "I am Jay!" No, just quit it. I'm probably going to start up a whole rant on the forum, but just STOP.





More of my art can be found on my Instagram: @ProDragonRider




Smaug inspired by Lis Alis!




Dragons Online ^








































ImitationGame is a Hacker Fury. If you've seen "The ImitationGame," you'll understand.









This is Vortex the Void Fury



Too much ImitationGame!!









The Many Photos of




















This picture (above) is by Amber! ^









































Enjoy the rest of the signature!































"The Alpha, protects them all"













Nemesis, the small dragon who turned out to be the biggest hero.













Always have a friend beside you. They will always be there for you no matter what the cause. 
























"All of you! Listen to me! You must listen! Have you forgotten what happened to Dale? Have you forgotten those who died in the firestorm? And for what purpose? The blind ambition of a Mountain King, so riven by greed, he cannot see beyond his own desire!"

"The Lord of Silver Fountains. The King of Carven Stone. The King Beneath the Mountain. Shall come into his own. And the bells shall ring in gladness, at the Mountain King's return. But all shall fail in sadness, and the Lake will shine and burn."



"If we burn, you burn with us!" 





"Don't worry bud. I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I promise."


Oh, sure, they have armies, and they have armadas, but we... we have... OUR DRAGONS!








Drawing by Karddia

This is Berk. The best kept secret this side of, well, anywhere. Granted it may not look like much, but this wet heap of rock packs more than a few surprises. Life here is amazing, just not for the faint of heart. You see, where most folks enjoy hobbies like whittling or needlepoint, we Berkians prefer.. a little something we like to call... DRAGON RACING!























"Into a Fantasy"


I have a dream

You are there

High above the clouds somewhere

Rain is falling from the sky

But it never touches you

You're way up high


No more worries

No more fears

You have made them disappear

Sadness tried to steal the show

But now it feels like many years ago


And I

I will be with you every step (Hey! Hey!)


I found a friend in you

And I'll keep you close forever


Come fly with me (oh-oh oh-oh)

Into a fantasy (oh-oh oh-oh)

Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me


We can fly all day long

Show me the world

Sing me a song

Tell me what the future holds

You and me will paint it all in gold!


And I

I will believe your every word (Hey! Hey!)

'Cause I

I have a friend in you

We'll always stay together


Come fly with me (oh-oh oh-oh)

Into a fantasy (oh-oh oh-oh)

Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me




And I

I will be with you every step


I found a friend in you

And I keep you close forever


Come fly with me

Into a fantasy

Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me


Come fly with me (oh-oh oh-oh)

Into a fantasy (oh-oh oh-oh)

Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me





"Where No One Goes"

Let the wind carry us
To the clouds, hurry up, alright
We can travel so far
As our eyes can see

We go where no one goes
We slow for no one
Get out of our way

I'm awake when up in the skies
There's no break up so high, alright
Let's make it our own,
Let's savor it

We go where no one goes
We slow for no one
Get out of our way

We slow for no one
We go where no one goes

We go where no one goes






"Sticks And Stones"

Eyes open wide, blinded by the sun now
Orange and white, dark red, green and yellow
Rainbow colors! Do not hide, see the view! 
Step aside, go through!

Against the light, too strong, blow a fuse now
Everything bright, new songs, burning shoes
The look in your eyes! Break our bones into half! 
Scream and shout and do laugh!

Let yourself... go (Oh Oh Oh)
Let yourself... go (Oh Oh Oh)

Stay close to me
Count one, two and three
Up in through your sleeves
Bursting through the seams
Open your eyes and see - You'll see

Inn um ermar, upp hryggjarsúluna
Yfir skóg, flæðir niður brekkuna
Allt upp í loft! Ég mun aldrei gleyma! 
Því ég mun aldrei!

Hleypur um, rífur, leysir flækjurnar
(Upp með rótum) Með blik í augum!
Stórmerki, undur, brjótum bein í sundur!

Let yourself... go (Oh Oh Oh)
Let yourself... go (Oh Oh Oh)

Stay close to me
Count one, two and three
Up in through your sleeves
Bursting through the seams
Open your eyes and see

Stay close to me
Count one, two and three
Up in through your sleeves
Right beyond the trees
Show you how you'll be

Stay close to me
Count one, two and three
Up in through your sleeves
Bursting through the seams
Open your eyes and see - You'll see

Stay close to me... Count one, two, three
Up in your sleeves... You're right behind me
Stay close to me... Count one, two, three
Up in your sleeves... Burst through the seams

Open your eyes and see
You'll see (You'll see...)




Bilbo and Smaug 



Bilbo Baggins: I did not come to steal from you, O Smaug the Unassessably Wealthy. I merely wanted to gaze upon your magnificence, to see if you were as great as the old tales say. I did not believe them. 
Smaug: [strikes a pose] And do you, NOW? 
Bilbo Baggins: Truly songs and tales fall utterly short of your enormity, O Smaug the Stupendous... 
Smaug: Do you think flattery will keep you alive? 
Bilbo Baggins: No, no... 
Smaug: No, indeed! 
Smaug: Well, thief! I smell you, I hear your breath, I feel your air. Where are you? 
[moves in Bilbo's direction] 
Smaug: Where are you? 
[Bilbo runs, but Smaug hears his footsteps across the gold and follows] 
Smaug: Come now, don't be shy... step into the light. 
Smaug: There is something about you. Something you carry, something made of gold... but far more PRECIOUS... 
[Bilbo is assaulted by Sauron's eye and pulls off the ring] 
Smaug: [sees him] There you are, Thief in the Shadows! 
Thorin Oakenshield: Here! You witless worm! 
Smaug: YOU! 
Thorin Oakenshield: I'm taking back what you stole. 
Smaug: You will take NOTHING from me, dwarf. I laid low your warriors of old. I instilled terror in the hearts of men. I AM KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN! 
Thorin Oakenshield: This is not your kingdom! These are dwarf lands. This is dwarf gold! And we will have our revenge! 
Smaug: You think you can deceive me, Barrel-Rider? You have come from Lake Town! This is some sort of scheme hatched between these filthy dwarves and those miserable tub-trading Lakemen, those snivelling cowards with their Longbows and Black Arrows! Perhaps it is time I paid them a visit! 
Bilbo Baggins: Oh, no... This isn't their fault! Wait! You can not go to Lake Town! 
Smaug: You care about them, do you? Good! Then you can watch them DIE! 
[Smaug is smothered with a deluge of molten gold] 
Smaug: [rises up] Revenge? REVENGE? I will show you revenge! 
[takes flight towards Lake Town] 
Smaug: I am fire! I am... death! 
[Smaug has been keeping the Arkenstone away from Bilbo throughout their talk, however he lets it fall within reach of Bilbo] 
Smaug: I am almost tempted to let you take it, if only to see Oakenshield suffer, watch it destroy him, watch it corrupt his heart and drive him mad... But I think not. I think our little game ends here! 
Smaug: Did you think I did not know this day would come, that a pack of canting dwarves would come crawling back to the Mountain? 
Smaug: You seem familiar with my name, but I don't remember smelling your kind before. Who are you and where do you come from, may I ask? 
Bilbo Baggins: I come from under the hill... 
Smaug: Underhill? 
Bilbo Baggins: ...and under the hill and over the hills my paths lead. And through the air! I am he who walks unseen! 
Smaug: Impressive titles. What else do you claim to be? 
[leans forward to smell Bilbo] 
Bilbo Baggins: Luck-Wearer... Ring-Winner... 
Smaug: Lovely titles... 
Bilbo Baggins: Barrel-Rider! 
Smaug: Barrels! Now that is interesting! 
Smaug: And what of your dwarf friends? Where are they hiding? 
Bilbo Baggins: Dwarves... No. No dwarves here. You've got that all wrong. 
Smaug: Oh, I don't think so, Barrel-Rider! They sent you in here to do their dirty work, while they skulk about outside! 
Bilbo Baggins: Truly, you are mistaken, O Smaug Chiefest and Greatest of All Calamities... 
Smaug: You have nice manners for a thief, and a LIAR! I know the smell and taste of dwarves, no one better! 
Smaug: The King Under the Mountain is dead! I took his throne, and ate his people like a wolf among sheep! I kill where I wish, WHEN I wish! My armour is iron, no blade can pierce me! 
Smaug: Oakenshield sent you in here for the Arkenstone, didn't he? 
Bilbo Baggins: No no no no no, I have no idea what you're talking about... 
Smaug: Don't bother denying it! I guessed his foul purpose some time ago! But it matters not. Oakenshield will fail... 
Smaug: You have been used, Thief in the Shadows. You were only ever a means to an end. The coward Oakenshield has weighed the value of your life and found it to be worth nothing... 
  • "Zu'u Alduin. Zok sahrot do naan ko Lein!" ― "I am Alduin. Most mighty of any in the World!"
  • "Zu'u lost daal." ― "I have returned."
  • "Nust wo ni qiilaan fen kos duaan." ― "Those who (do) not bow will be devoured."
  • "Pahlok joorre! Hin kah fen kos bonaar!" ― "Arrogant mortals! Your pride will be humbled."
  • "Di kiirre fen alok." ― "My children will arise."
  • "Kel drey ni viik." ― "The Elder Scroll did not defeat (me)."
  • "Hin sil fen nahkip bahloki." - "Your soul will feed (my) hunger."
  • "Fen du hin sille ko Sovngarde!" ― "(I) Will devour your souls in Sovngarde"
  • "Daar Lein los dii." ― "This World is mine."
  • "Dovahkiin, hin kah fen kos bonaar." ― "Dragonborn, your pride will be humbled."
  • "Sahloknir, krii daar joorre." - "Sahloknir, kill these mortals."
  • "Zu'u lost kriaan hi ont, nu hin sille fen nahkip suleyki." — "I've killed you once, now your souls will feed my power."
  • "Zu'u unslaad! zu'u nis oblaan!" ― "I am immortal, I cannot die!"
Hello :)
~About me~
My favorite color? 
My favorite dragon?
-Nemesis the Boneknapper-
My favorite place to go in SoD?
-Training Grounds or the Wilderness-
I'm Irish!
I'm also a girl. :)
I joined School of Dragons October 14th, 2013
So, I've played this game for a while now, ah ha.
Current dragons: 146
Current Boneknappers: 
Idk a lot

~If you have any problems with the game then I'll be happy to help!~













My art gallery: ( Some of it )


Nemesis, Falseking, and Blackheart. 

Nemesis: Boneknapper

Falseking: Deathsong

Blackheart: Razorwhip




Full picture




This is a drawing referenced off of Sandara's picture on Deviantart.





My derp OC named Imitationgame...He has a personality like Dagur!

(Actually, I referenced him off of Hook from the TV series called Once Upon a Time, lol)






Ever heard of Once Upon a Time? No? Maybe?!







Prince Hans?















Back to Once Upon a..  Time.








It's magic






Captain Swan! 













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They don't allow numbers

They don't allow numbers because they don't want children giving away personal information like ages, phone numbers, and addresses. There are predators on the internet that live for that kind of information. Same with names. They don't want you to give out your real name.


Now...I don't know why nose, and neck arnd other body parts aren't allowed. that's weird. 


Click here to see why certain things are banned, and what exactly is banned.


Remember SoD is a Jumpstart game designed for school aged kids (and older) and one of their biggest priorities is going to be protecting their players. 



SC Banner by Stiger23

Please fill out an application HERE if you are interested in joining.

We look forward to hearing from you :D

*Recruiting Poster made by SIlence*


*banner by Silence*


In-Game Pictures


Me, Stiger23, Silence, and themasterplan47

(All above Photos by Sitger23)


Gifts Made for Me

Thank you to everyone who has made me a gift. I treasure them!


Crest by Silence  |  Viking by Carmine  |  Viking by Heather Moonlight

Dragon by Rebicar  |  Finnic by theMASTERplan47


Dragon by Moondragonfox  |  Herman by theMASTERplan47

Irwynn by Stiger23


Thank you all for the amazing gifts!!!



Lovingly Adopted to the Family



Find many of my adoptables on my Viking Website!

Maijic Mayhem

The site is under construction,

but you will be able to see the dragons on my adoptables page.


Diceon gifted to me and made by StrawHatAlex!


DragonBots by Kelcyk123


Lahav - Happy go lucky, excitable dragon :) He enjoys following me around but gets distracted easily.


Furies by Defy

*Art and Species by Defy*

Name: Buttons (Be careful, he likes to steal your buttons)

Gender: Male

Species: Woolly Fury


About Woolly Furies

Nope nope nope this is not woolly howl! This is the first and unique Woolly Furies!It is a hybrid between nigt fury and woolly howl and I think the result turned out very nice. These cute creatures are completely covered with soft fluffy wool so you will be pleased to fondle your dragon. These cuties have another interesting feature. All woolly furies know how to pull teeth just like Toothless! Flame all the same and pinkish. --Defy


*Art and fan species by Defy, nightfury species by HTTYPD*

     Name: Magma                                                                                                                                                          Name: Bandit

     Gender: Male                                                                                                                                                             Gender: Male

      Species: Boulder Fury                                                                                                                                    Species: Nightfury


About Boulder Furies     

Charming creatures with indomitable energy. These dragons have a very tough skin covered with plates.

They are a little inferior in speed to other furies but the flame does not compare with others. Only Spirit Furies exceed their temperature and power. Boulder Furies dig and eat small pieces of rock like gronckles. They are very cute and love spending time with the rider. -- Defy


*Art and fanspecies by Defy*


Name: Axel

Gender: Male

Species: Spirit Fury


About Spirit Furies:

And now say Hello to the first ... Sprit Furies!!! Yeah yeah you read that right! Why Spirits? Because they are totally transparent and remind spirits. They look like ghosts , have a huge glowing eyes and a strange glow inside. But actually these are REAL dragons which you can touch and even fly with them. They like to hover above the ground like ghosts and in this  posture to follow the rider. This is one of the largest furies and have the most enormous wings. They are very proud and want to constantly be with only rider.This is a very rare and dangerous dragons. Usually attack luminous deadly flame. --Defy


*art and fanspecies by Defy*

Name: Ruffina


Calm and warm. Ruffina has a very warm nature and she always gets along with all the dragons. She doesn't like squabbles and never comes into the fight with other dragons. Ruffina is very fond of little dragons and always protects them. She's very affectionate. --Defy


My lovingly Adopted Aquaborealis

from Spy aka 1flower

*Species and lineart by 1flower*

*color by 1flower and kcrockett*


I have permission from Kcrockett to put her dragons in my signature. Here is a list of them:

Nova (Trahveller's mate), Tide Pool (Nova & Trahveller's son), Coral (Drevis & Kiwi's daughter), Drevis (Kiwi's mate), Damon (Aryia's mate), Azog (Raeyan's mate), Thresh (Raeyan & Azog's son), Drakis (Verde's mate), Koba (Shamaya's mate), Mist (Ripple's mate), Tundran (Leena's mate), Sapphire (Puck's mate), Dawn (Jekyll's mate), Willow (Regal's mate), Glacius (Máni's mate), Tito (Raynelle's mate), Neon Lake (Twilight's mate), Zeus (Artemis' mate), Iris (Larkin's mate), Silver Mist (Morris' mate), Cyra (Draven's mate).


I also have permission from Maddness to have her dragon in my signature.

Rivercloud (Fleur's mate)


Babies who have now grown up:


Additional Bases:

Full Grown Aquaborealis and their Mates:



From right to left: Trahveller (Maijic), his mate Nova (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Daughter Laylah, Son Tide Pool (Kcrockett)



Lohlaa (Maijic) and her mate Neptune (Krockett)

From right to left: Ignatius (Kcrockett) his mate Glimmer (Maijic), and their son Pyrrhos (Krockett & Maijic)


From Right to Left: Drevis (Kcrockett) and his mate Kiwi (Maijic), and their daughter Coral (Kcrockett & Maijic).

*Kiwi is the Daughter of Glimmer and Licht, Step daughter of Ignatius*

From Right to Left: Damon (Kcrockett) and his mate Aryia (Maijic). Dazran (Maijic) Son of Damon and Aryia


Raeyan (Maijic) and her mate Azog (Kcrockett)

Raeyan and Azog's twins, Rain and Storm

Raeyan and Azog's other hatchling

Thresh (belongs to Kcrockett)

From Right to Left: Verde (Maijic) and her mate Draksis (Kcrockett)


From Right to Left: Shamaya (Maijic), and her mate Koba (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Fleur, Shamaya and Koba's daughter.

Forest, Fleur's son, And Fleur's mate Rivercloud (Madness)

Ripple (Maijic) and his Mate Mist (Kcrockett)


Leena and her daugher with Cursed Eclipse, Calliope

From Right to Left: Puck and his mate Sapphire (Kcrockett) 


Jekyll ^_^ He has a split personality.

and his mate Dawn (KC)


Regal and his mate Willow (KC)




Acai, my little berry boy ^^ He likes roofs


Máni & his mate Glacius

Raynelle & her mate Tito

Twilight, her mate Neon Lake (KC) and her daughter with Denim, Artemis


Larkin and his mate Iris (KC)


Caspert (name pending)

Morris the Melanistic (Maijic) and his mate Silvermist (Kcrockett)

Pyrrhos (Kcrockett and Me) and his mate Cassiopeia, she is blind, and has two tails :D

Cassiopeia was a queen that bragged about her beauty. Though my Cassi is not vain, I thought she deserved a name that was as beautiful as her.

Cassi's daughter with Zyock, Nesoi. She is partially blind

and needs to be in water a lot or her skin will dry out. 

Pyrrhos' son, Canicus. He likes to Growl ^^ (Mother, Crescent)


Draven, my partially tamed wind elemental.

He visits, and terrorizes me. But I love him!

And his mate Cyra, owned by Kcrockett

And Daenerys, their daughter :D


Aquaborealis species belongs to 1flower. Most of the art and coloring belongs to 1flower. Some have been colored by Kcrockett. I used to know which were which, but have since forgotten.

Nova, Ignatius, Drevis, Coral and Damon all belong to Kcrockett.

They are just visting their mates on my signature.





My Smoothskins

*Art and Species by Me*


                          Name: Lemon                                                                 Name: Lime


Name: Puff



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This really irks me

Yes, because nobody would ever find another way of expressing numbers, one of the most basic functions of language. Or, you know, just join the forums and give all their information away down to their GPS coordinates if they so pleased. What a joke and what a farce for "protecting" children. 


I still maintain that it's pathetic to block numbers. Children are learning some atrocious spelling and grammar habits as a result of this game, especially those whose first language isn't English. Heck, I can see what it's doing to my OWN language skills as an adult whose first language is English. That's a far worse crime, imo, than a child sharing his or her age (real age or otherwise). 


I see children giving away their age in this game all the time. Tin plus won! Tin plus tree! Hive teen!


Oh my, well at least we're learning a bit of basic Maths to make up for wrecking the English language. 

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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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sigh listen

I'm not thee Jay Baruchel actress, I lied and I'm sorry. To tell everyone the truth here I do have two sisters and one brother that is a dolphin trainer which is true. Yesterday also I retired from my old job and became a dolphin trainer like my brother and yes I have met Winter (dolphin) once and the reason why is in the past I broke afew upper parts of my neck so I can't actaully move my head side to side and I can't walk... I'm in a wheelchair just so you know and everyday when I see others walk along the streets and when they walk right past me, I dream that I could just walk once more even if it were in a dream. I met Winter for my 12st birthday Look, everyone experiences their own problems and this is mine. I'm already stressed because my sisters pet lizard died so ask me this.... Also I'm not part of the Sod team, that was all a lie, I'm just dolphin trainer like my brother.


Should I really quit if I'm just a user playing Sod wanting to know if this update may be possible? I've quit with the whole Jay Baruchel and funny enough that is actaully my real name and that is why listen carefully is why I told everyone a white lie................................................. that I was Hiccup the real Jay Baruchel to fool others to get more friends because at my youth group I go to at church, everyone there ignores me when I try to have a conversation with them and they too make fun of how they way I look and walk because of my bent spine. So really .... could you really argue with that when I'm trying to put it to you this way that I'm one of those people who are in serious conditions? True is was foolish of me coming on forum but only because I wanted to act like this Jay Baruchel character which I quit doing a while back.


I don't want a fight, I just want to know if the Sod team can make this update since I can't do much being in a wheelchair all my life.


And this by the way if the first time I said on forum the truth of who I really am so if you want to argue some more then deal with that! Otherwise if you do so, I'll just ignore you because I'm too stressed.


Sorry for my rude behaviour but I just wanted you to know what is going on with the REAL me.

Davigur Jay Baruchel's picture
Davigur Jay Baruchel
Joined: 04/20/2015

If I were thee Jay Baruchel then that is why I called myself DAVIGUR instead of JAY BARUCHEL seeing if they actaully did allow you to say your REAL Name, but I'm not that Jay Baruchel but that is my ACTAUL name believe it or not and to tell you the truth that name I use Davigur is a friend (David) of mine who died in hospital years ago so that's why I named my user for Sod to remind me of him and seeing that I had no pictures of him but only the ones my cousins sent me.


I don't want to start an argument alright! I never wanted to, I came onto this forum so I could meet some new friends, not as the other Jay Baruchel but as the real Jay. People never understand what others are going through unless you knew the person so please do not argue with me. I wanted to just ask the Sod team if the Toothless racing paint were possible to make seeing they haven't made it yet. This was never suppose to be an argument. And I understand with the whole forbiding numbers and names thing like Maijic said I totally understand. But please do not turn this into an argument please. So much has happened recently with me and my family and has really weighed me down in life. Please don't argue not anyone, otherwise this thread was not made how it was suppose to be.


And to make more clear for you PRO DRAGON RIDER... I will never leave Sod nor forum because there would be no point of me quiting otherwise seeing I've already quit with this whole Jay Baruchel (Hiccup from Hiccup: actress) thing. Please ask me on private chat before you go around agruring over something your not so sure about. You don't know the real me and neither do I know the real you and I really don't care. Just please don't start this argument. I just want you to understand what I'm trying to say to you here, I don't mean to offend you in anyway. I used to be a poison mouthed liar but I've changed. Please let the Sod team decide on what they want to do with my request seeing I'm NOT part of their team. Don't turn this into an argument. It was never suppose to be turned into one. It's just a simple request I ask of them.

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Okay... So your first AND

Okay... So your first AND last name is Jay Baruchel? I'm having a difficult time believing this... It's just a coincidence you happen to have the same name as an actor? But please, don't give out your personal information if this is true!



This is VERY rare of me, but I forgive you for the whole Jay Baruchel thing... Even if you did insult me multiple times.



Listen, if your back/neck problem is true, then I'm deeply sorry. It is a real tragedy when someone goes through something like that. Just know one thing, lying is wrong. I'm glad you admitted to the actor scenario.. And you were brave enough to tell me about the situation with your back/neck. No one should make fun of you for that.

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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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Thankyou Pro Dragon Rider

Thankyou for understanding. And yes my name is really Jay Baruchel and I know it sounds hard to believe but it's true 100%. And yes, I'll be careful not to share my name with anyone else other than now. I know how serious it would be for the other Jay if someone actaully yep... I promise I would never share my name with others. I should probablly just stick to my user name for Sod (Davigur) :-)


  And thankyou for the support. I have been taking few medicines to ease the pain in my neck and my neck is getting a little better, it's my back that prevents me from moving my neck or head side to side. It's hard to describe but the doctors said I had swollen glands in my neck and that I pult a muscle in my neck which may be causing the pain but otherwise my neck is getting allot better. Hopefully things will get better but otherwise thankyou Pro Dragon Rider for the support :-)

I really hope you don't feel bad for what you said but look, you make misakes, I make misakes everyone does afterall in life and this is only a minor thing you did Pro. Don't feel bad but I ask you to enjoy life and everything good that happens. And I thankyou again for apologizing to me, it was very brave of you ;-)

I forgive you my friend and God bless :-)

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Lol, there are a lot of flaws

Lol, there are a lot of flaws in that post.



I didn't make a mistake, I stood up for the actor. Why would I feel bad anyway? I did a good thing as to protecting someone's rights. I wasn't necessarily apologizing to you. I think you need to read things more carefully... 

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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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Sorry about that I understand what you mean...

I'm deeply sorry for saying for what you said was bad when you were actauly doing something right. I'm sorry about that Pro I'm the one that should be apologizing, not you at all.

My name is Jay Baruchel however I'm glad that you stood up for the other Jay Baruchel actress and you shouldn't feel bad at all I agree I'm sorry for what I said before... yes 100% I think I should read others posts before I make mine.


You must understand that I don't use Davigur Jay Baruchel to just steal Jay's character. No, I have the very same name as his and it is a rare name to be given and I have tried changing the name to just Davigur but I can't. The reason why I named myself with the Jay you know afterwards was because of another post "Hiccup or JAR BAR in chat today" that thread was a nightmare and I made so many foolish mistakes making others think I was the actaul Jay Baruchel when I wasn't never really him. I'm just an ordinary gamer like everyone else Pro, you and me both I think.


Your right, never feel bad for what I said before yet feel proud for standing up for thee Jay Baruchel actress. Be proud of who you are and be yourself because then everyone here will see that you use your words more wisely than me because I just simply post without propally thinking.

Sorry for my short memory that I do not have but yes I do forget things easily I must say ;-) I'm real sorry for what I said.

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Everything we do, we do because we want the game to be a safe and fun place for all. Below is a link to our website that outlines what we silence for and why.




With that being said, sometimes weird words are blocked for a reason we do not fully agree with either. I personally can see to it that those words are taken off the list. For example, just the other day I learned 'seed' was blocked on chat. So I am getting this taken care of! If you have any words that you think need reviewing, I am more than happy to take a look and decide whether it should be added or not. 

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Banned words or languages

Hi Siren.


I think it is good to block some words but there is an another big problem: Me for excample life in germany and not all here (especilly kids) caan speak english. I know many parents and kids who wish that german kids or from another countries can write in their mother tongue. Please tell me what do you think about it?


Thanks :)

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German Language

Hi Palesa,


While we do not have german as a language available in SoD yet, we do provide 7 other languages other than english that many parents and kids use, as it is their first language.. So you can play and write in german so you do not have to use english. With that being said, we do block misspellings in chat (As it can be used for innapropriate slang), but we do not silence users for that. We can look at adding german in the future though. 

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I understand that the chat

I understand that the chat system is meant to protect kids from hearing bad words but with the chat so strict people can barely talk to each other. This is especially true for people like me with lackluster spelling who struggle with words that most people are fine with and get constant warnings from the headmaster over. Now, don't get me wrong here I understand WHY misspelled words are often blocked but if you're going to have the chat SO strict that people can't have a conversation without warnings then I think you should get rid of the auto chat ban. Keep the ability to manually ban a user that everyone is complaining about but the auto bans are mostly just a nuisance for the nise players who haven't done anything wrong. Also if I could say the names of dragon speacys in the game without getting warnings that would be great.



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It keeps blocking the word

It keeps blocking the word "should".

It's also fickle.  Someone sent me a message with the word "hack" in it and when I tried to reply back telling them I don't approve of it, it blocked me from using the same word! 

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Use instead

Gameboynut wrote:

It keeps blocking the word "should".

It's also fickle.  Someone sent me a message with the word "hack" in it and when I tried to reply back telling them I don't approve of it, it blocked me from using the same word! 

                                                                                                                                                     We use shack instead of hack (hacker).We put an s before the word & that works. This Is teaching Kids to miss-spell words.



      Bring back the editing feature! Vote here!                 




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Censorship Fails

I'm a parent and my view of censorship (which is what these filters are) is that it does more harm than good.  I have a responsibility to ensure that my child is trained in the art of staying safe on the internet before letting him/her loose on same.  It is not the responsibility of the game owners to keep anyone safe, it is their responsibility to have clear guidelines on the terms of playing their game, which would normally include refraining from swearing, abusing other players, and any other kind of threatening and unsavoury behaviour.


The outcome of censorship is not only ensuring that it is difficult to communicate with other players but it also ensures the following:

1. misspelled words result in muting and other bans falsely damaging player reputations and their game status

2. workarounds are found for spelling numbers and other words which lowers literacy for our children eg won instead of one

3. it is polite to address someone by name and being unable to do so teaches our children to be impolite

4. bans on words either stand alone or within another word actually teaches our children unsavoury words that they would otherwise not learn 


Any parent that expects a game to include censorship is abdicating their responsibility for training their children in staying safe and appropriate on the internet.  I find it curious that the game claims to be about keeping children safe whilst the forum contains a raft of player information that is available to every predator on the internet.   That to me is a bit mad.

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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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The way you speak is the way you chose to on online gaming...

I understand the serious matters for children accidently sharing their email address, their name, code numbers that involves anything both in Sod game and even in real life can be extremely harmful. To be honest, even for friends you only know online but never met them face to face yourself... you can't entirely trust.

I'm a christian however and I'm glad to see others and parents caring for their childrens safety. Words we think we should ban actaully cannot be fully be stopped. Even the plainest of simply words can be used as a sign to threaten  other players, abusive behaviour and swearing in anger.


The way you speak every word you say on forum even I and back in Sod... we have to be really careful because to be honest Hackers could be watching what we are saying right here right now even.

I may not be a parent yet but I do know that this thread wasn't really meant to be posted since now I know that every word can be used for what I said before. Misspelling and teaching children to do and to say wrong things is not the way most parents want to teach their children and my best advice for every parent here is to supervise (to watch your children play ONLINE GAMES) everytime they play. Playing online is the only way you can be hacked or just simply buying gems or purchasing membership for thee Sod game. I've been hacked twice and lost over 6500 dollars Australian money to be truthful.


If ever you purchase buying gems I advise all users to download the game like said when you say "PLAY NOW" then the option of downloading the games pops up.

If anyone can download the best anti-virus smart security 8 or whatever for your computer or laptop so hackers cannot track you in gaming online would be the wisest thing to do to keep your personal thing safe on your compuer or laptop or even your phone.

There was something I needed to tell others that have been hacked by master cards or whatever you use.

When you play Sod NOT on the ONLINE BROWSER and PURCHASE GEMS in the downloable version of the game... I found out that it's safer because yes your still playing online but not on browser if you get my meaning. Purchasing gems and membership is much safer on the downloable version of Sod than on the browser version because I've done it so manytimes I haven't been hacked since almost a year or two ago. I don't know it this information is safe but I feel it is something I needed to share anyways. If anyone is having problems with the game it's probablly best to contact those who made Sod and ask for help with your current situation.


There is many more deeper information about this I can share with you if your unsure about anything I just said... otherwise PM me in private chat so you can let me know if your having any issues either on forum or in Sod game. Otherwise I'm just another gamer, not an expert so I can't really help if it's a serious problem, otherwise I really wish I could :-)


Last be said like before I can share deeper information for those who want to keep their children safe for playing online games but that's pretty much most of it. I can share more but what I meant it may be impacting for some because it is a serious matter for most and there's other things I felt like I needed to share but I just got back from O Reilly's (mountain camping) so I may need to rest a while so I can recover...


For now, play safe, never share any personal information, codes, names, or anything else for your own safety. Parents, supervise your children if ever to go online to play games because yes danger exists but fear never exists... yet it only exists within our thoughts and imagination and that is why we 100% fear hackers and other players who say bad things or threaten other players. It makes us fear to do online gaming again which is a good thing because it would be for your own good if things got too serious.

Parents must restrict online games by their appropiate age because most of us teens and adults are always well.... this is sometimes what you see back in Sod, I won't say it in sentences but these are the current feedbacks for which we've been hearing in Sod. Parents take a good look and don't let your children see these true words being used everyday since there's chat bans you cannot even say things like you want back In Sod. Hear are some...


1. Puck

2. Ship

3. Crop

4. Pick

5. As-

6. whole (linked to as^^)


Those words ^^, are most of what I see everyday and I know this was highly innopropiate for children to see but it's meant as a reminder for parents that arn't always around supervising their children on online gaming. Children learn from others, innopropiate words, they then become disobedient towards their parents because then they become addictive to online gaming and most children play online games not even knowing what some words mean on chat that could actaully be those words I mentioned before.

Please keep your children supervised at all times because hackers can be a bigger threat for which you may think they are. A big NO NO... hackers are more intelligent than we think.


Play safe second time said, parents supervise your children at all times on online gaming, Sod users do not share numbers, email addresses, names or even friend codes for your own safety. Parents, if online gaming affects your children in any way I'm sorry but I know most do it to be nice because children love games but you may have to pull them off entirely from online gaming so the bad can't change to become the worst.

I have to recover from the camping trip...




1. don't share any codes or numbers with other gamers (any type or cards)

2. never share any names with other gamers.

3. never tell others what country your from then do what I said in 1.

4. try to play more offline than online for your own safety to keep you away from those who may seem nice turn out to be hackers.

5. from now, only purchase gems and membership on thee downloable version of the Sod Game that is reacommened everytime you about to login on browser.

6. Never play on browser but only on downloable version like mensioned in 5.

7. If you see others saying innopropiate words or others that threaten you, switch to single player mode and then go back online to change servers.

8. Play safe! Keep by these rules then you should be safe.


Play safe and take care everyone and God bless!


Bye for now...

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Toggle Filter

I was assuming that the chat filter could be disabled since in Account Management there is a setting called Safe Type Chat. I have mine set to disabled, but hadn't really tested it. I always feel that filters should be something that can be toggled on or off, that way those who wish to be able to speak freely may do so.


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Davigur Jay Baruchel
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Yeah... I think everyone would want the same to be able to talk freely without words being banned 50 50%. Something like that though as an update would take the Sod team a while to make since it's allowing all words and most that has been banned to be allowed to be said... just not swear words of course.

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C har
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Things have changed

When I first started playing my name was just fine for posting in chat:C har .Now part of It Is blocked,now I'm just C,     har Is blocked (har turns red).

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Pafrco, I agree 110%

I find it amusing (not really) that this game teaches so much about science, while simultaneously slaughtering the art of language and spelling. Have a tutorial on safe chatting, about not giving out personal info, etc, and definitely ban common cuss words the way most forums do, but let's drop this ridiculous hyper word ban that is going on. That I can't give the names of my character and her dragons, or even say a statement like "Your [darn] [dragon] landed on my [head]!" is just [stupid] (can't say that word either)! You can have rules about not sharing personal info, and about bullying, but you can't protect children from EVERYTHING by allowing them to experience NOTHING. Things are going to happen in life, it is unavoidable, but you can't teach them how to deal with life by banning words that shouldn't even be banned. That being said, on the flip side I really appreciate that this place is free of the garbage I've experienced in other forums where kids play. I've been an admin for a  RPG/online interactive fiction game, and it makes me madder than heck when the host forum used for the game allows all kinds of sleazy advertising on it while knowing, and apparently not caring, whether their members have kids playing there or not.

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Copied from here http://www.schoolofdragons.com/help/chat-guidelines


In-Game Chat Guide

The in-game chat system can be a bit of a mystery and confusion can arise concerning why players’ chat is blocked. While players have reported being silenced for not saying anything inappropriate, please be mindful that School of Dragons is made for players of all ages, ranging from children to adults. That said, our goal is to protect all of our players from harmful language or messages that may put players in potentially harmful situations. Here is a general guide of words and phrases that are blocked in our chat system. Hopefully this can help you from being silenced for unintentional language.


Numbers—written in numerical and word form—are blocked from chat.

Examples of numbers in numerical form: 1, 2, 39, 78, 100

Examples of numbers in word form: three, five, seventeen, two hundred Making it impossible for us to tell anyone  how many dragons we have, or that we have to leave but will be back in 20 minutes or 2 days or whatever. 



Misspelled words are blocked to prevent potentially inappropriate language such as slang from being used.

Examples: poeple, aewsome Ok, I have issues with transposition dyslexia due to a concussion from years ago, so this isn't even funny for me. I have to constantly go back and correct things, so if words written backwards like this are banned I'm pretty much in for it.


Names are blocked to prevent players from sharing personal information.

Examples: Lily, Jamie, David Really? So when someone asks us about our dragon's name, or our OC names, we can't give them for this reason. I don't see why first names are such a big deal. Last names sure, first names? Nope.

Real Life Context

Language referring to a player’s out-of-game life is blocked to prevent sharing too much information with strangers.

Examples: in real, in real I have a lot of friends, what are you watching in real This being said we also cannot say that "Your dragon is [real]ly cool."  Or "My dragon goes [real]ly fast when racing." Or "I [real]ly wish Toothless was [real] for [real]!". You get the idea...

Inappropriate Language (sexual, harassment, bullying, negative words)

School of Dragons promotes a safe environment where players feel secure.

Examples: idiot, ugly, fart  Hmm, and yet in the movie we hear "Butt elf", etc. Idiot, ugly and fart are part of the status quo, people. Serious curse words do need to be banned, sure, but don't even insult our intelligence by banning words that are not banned in the books or movies.

Personal Information

Sharing personal information is blocked to protect players from sharing information with others they do not know.

Examples: Age, gender, location If you have to then have players who are new take a mandatory "internet safety" tutorial before allowing them to play the game at all. If parents are allowing their minor children to be on the internet then it is their responsibility, before it is the game's responsibility, to teach them this at any rate.