Ways to improve the Expansion Pack experience [Contains some spoilers]

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Let it be known that I really enjoy the Expansion Packs, with The Hidden World being my favorite, that I end up creating new vikings just to replay them. However, there are somethings I think SoD should do that will improve Expansion Packs greatly.


  1. Have a setting that will only show available quests from a specific Expansion Pack. I find that creating a new Viking and going straight to the Expansion Packs can be a bit annoying when it comes to being met with non-expansion quests. It's like I just finished mapping out Icestorm Island and Hiccup all of a sudden wants us to do the "Let's Get Racing" quest. I imagine this can be a drop-down menu where you can select the Expansion with their quest icon labled.
  2. Make the order of the Expansion Packs more clear. I have seen several people complain about the "To Be Continued" ending in Return To Dragon Island and Secrets of The Leviathan and that they don't know where to go to see the ending. Maybe make a seperate menu for The Headmaster that gives you the starter quests, and maybe at the end of each Expansion Pack, a menu pops up telling them what the next Expansion Pack is.
  3. Add in some sort of quest counter or a story-tree chart not unlike what the SoD WIki made. 

    Sometimes when I replay Icestorm Island and Call Of The Deathsong, I lose track in terms of where I am at in the expansion pack. Icestorm Island as 50 quests, and sometimes during the first playthrough, a player might miss out on a few important quests that help the Expansion Pack make a bit more sense.
  4. Add in the ability to replay the Expansion Packs. Believe it or not, there are a few like me who like to create new vikings just to replay them, and having to do the tutorials over and over can be very annoying. I'd like to see a feature where after you've complete the Expansion Pack, you'll be able to replay the quests again. If the rewards are what's stopping you from doing this, make it so the game nerfs the expansion pack quests if you replay them.
  5. Move the cutscene where Harald is setting off explosives to within The Hidden World. I've seen so many new people first join, see Harald setting off explosives during their first moments in the game, and when they first do Battle For The Edge, they're very confused as to why the gang trusts Harald in the first few moments of the Expansion Pack. Instead of the explosion for the FTUE quests, maybe have the Warlords or Dragon Hunters invade the School Grounds, and you have to chase them away. Maybe even make a Dragon Tactics level out of it.

This is just my ideas on how to improve the overall Expansion Pack experience. What other suggestions do you have?


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These are all great ideas! It's not exactly a suggestion to improve the expansions but I think it should be optional to get the dragons as "rewards" in them. Or perhaps we could get the egg instead of the dragon itself, so we can choose if we want to hatch it later on or not. I understand you get them as an achievement(?) but some people might already have the dragon or simply would rather not train it


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These are all good ideas. I especially like the one about being able to replay them without making a new viking. Something I'd like to add, since we're talking about expansions, is that I really, really want to see some more expansions released. In a little over 2 months it'll have been a year since they released an expansion. I feel like they've sort of just quit on expansions in favor of events. I'm having fun participating in the Thawfest event but I still want to see more expansions released. I always have so much fun doing the expansions.


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