A way to clean up items in game

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Joined: 03/28/2018

Whether it be by deletion or simply selling items, I have thoughts of how it could improve game performance. For one, a lot of items are duplicated over time and tend to build up and cause issues. An example of this being; A player during a battle event. Whether they win gold or not does not matter in this point, as most of the time the player will "win" a saddle or a farm decoration that they may already have.

A sort of cache clear for old quest items would also be useful, as I compared my two vikings before deciding to make this suggestion. I have my original viking that I began the game with earlier this year, around March, and compared her to another viking that I never touch unless it's for stable quests. She has all quests done, plenty of farm decor, multiple outfits and saddles, and always lags and crashes when I play online. However the viking I don't touch has done very little quests, just enough for his starter dragons(2) to both be adults. He has little to no quest items in his backpack, no farm decor, no outfits except what he started with, and no saddles. He plays just as well online in the most crowded of servers during a battle event as if I were offline just flying around on my main.

I really do think that the clutter of the backpack and other items is what causes most players to lose patience when it comes to lag and crashes, however I do not disagree with other arguements as this game is one that has many bugs.

So my suggestion as I mentioned above, would be a simple way of selling or deleting items. I understand if the quest items aren't able to be dealt with this way, however being able to sell or delete farm decor and get rid of extra saddles or old outfits would be nice.