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Anyone notice how on the mobile app all the oceans and lakes and rivers all look so FAKE now? Like before the update it looked like actual water, now all it resembles is blue marble. seriously 













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We will weather every storm,

Strike like lightning when in battle,

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twice the water was frozen

twice the water was frozen and i turnwd my volume up and it di no sound welp


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 thanks to 



by google images       

by google images


hey! (still under contrustion) im glad to see you     


now... i will show my fav dragons 






ok these are my favorite dragons above i love pokemon but i love mouse types






i love them cuz idk u never know >:D


now...  my vikings...



gender : female


vikings : nightmousie,




clan : dark lighting wolfs ( im the

elder of the clan )


UDT : 1 golden star


Look : sand wraith


Hobbies : Arts and crafts, games,

being  alone (sometimes) looking at

animals and pictures and hanging out

with my sister



Siblings : Nightflowers (delphox alpha is

her back up) 



personality : tricky, funny, weird 


main dragons : triple sryke, toothless,

night terror and skirll


still used to pokemon XDD


electric types are so cute 



i wanna be the cutest person in the world in real :333