Wartihog has the same quest again and again!

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deadly nadder rules
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I got a quest from Wartihog and he said to talk to hiccup about the scientific method. I talked to him and got the quest done. I looked for another quest and found Wartihog with the same quest just a while ago! I've done this quest like 7 times and he still has the same quest. I wasn't running any other programs because this is my favorite show and game. Is this just a quick xp quest or is it a bug? oh and by the way my computer is PC, Windows 8.1, Google Chrome. This happened at April 24, 2014

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the quest is repeatable

the quest is repeatable


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This is Heathers quest!

but this is heather's quest. Remember the time that your'e still a newbie. Hiccup said go talk to heather. Then she said go talk to hiccup about the scientific method. THIS IS HEATHER"S QUEST!!!


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Yeah this sucks ineed to play this quest fifty milion times just for five gold









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Yeah, it's kinda like the

Yeah, it's kinda like the Fire Pits... if your shoot 5 they give you 5 gold or something... in case you run out of money xD 

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but that didnt make sense

Shooting the fire pits at Berk 5 times to get 5 golds is easy - fair price


but completint a tutorial-like quest that requires watching 3 videos? - i ain't quite sure about that


well, but it's surely cool to have free high-quality rewatch of those HTTYD clips :)




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yea, you can shoot five fire

yea, you can shoot five fire pits alot faster then you can do that quest


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yep, lol i've done that quest i dunno how many times....






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Sorry for the confusion...

The quest is repeatable. Sorry for the confusion!  Stay tuned for new content from our team soon.