Warriors- Blazing Meadow

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Hey people! I am doing a Warrior Cats fan fiction! No rules just please do not reply to DNR posts ane enjoy! :)


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Name: Taliah

Gender: Female

Species: Not really sure to be honest

Birthday: 28th of September

Lives In: NSW, Australia

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Playing Games, Watching TV, Riding Horses

Loves: Animals, Books, Drawing, Friends, Family

Hates: Abusive People, Avocados, Bugs, Heights, Small Spaces

Favourite Colour: Light Blue

Favourite Animals: Dragons, Horses, Wolves, Eagles, Owls

Favourite Dragon: Woolly Howl

Favourite Dog: Husky

Favourite Cat: Birman

Favourite Movies/Books: Harry Potter, How to Train Your Dragon, Eragon (Inheritance)


My Dragons:




Gender: Female

Species: Deadly Nadder

Colours: Dark Blue with Light Blue Belly

Personality: Adventurous, Confident, Loyal

Bond Level: 10/10



Gender: Female

Species: Razorwhip

Colours: Silver with Darkish Tinge

Personality: Cheerful, Daring, Friendly

Bond Level: 9.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Thunderdrum

Colours: Green with Lighter Belly and Spots

Personality: Cooperative, Introverted, Quiet

Bond Level: 6.5/10



Gender: Female

Species: Tide Glider

Colours: Dark Blue with Light Blue Details and Pink Patterns

Personality: Bubbly, Playful, Sweet

Bond Level: 7.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Colours: Orange with Darker Patterns and Yellow Belly

Personality: Athletic, Daring, Feisty

Bond Level: 7/10



Gender: Male

Species: Gronkle

Colours: Brown with Light Belly and Blue Speckles

Personality: Calm, Helpful, Lazy

Bond Level: 6.5/10



Gender: Female

Species: Sand Wraith

Colours: Light Sandy Colour with Lighter Belly and Spots

Personality: Alert, Cheeky, Fun Loving

Bond Level: 8.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Stormcutter

Colours: Dark Blue with Light Blue Details

Personality: Dignified, Tolerent, Wise

Bond Level: 7.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Typhoomerang

Colours: Blue with White Head and Light Blue Details

Personality: Optimistic, Stubborn, Competitive

Bond Level: 7/10



Gender: Female

Species: Prickleboggle

Colours:Green with Light Belly and Brown Spots

Personality: Easily Distracted, Energetic, Playful

Bond Level: 6/10



Gender: Male

Species: Snafflefang

Colours: Purple with Teal Patches and Light Blue Belly

Personality: Careless, Ordinary, Quiet

Bond Level: 5.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Groncicle

Colours: Light Icy Blue

Personality: Assertive, Greedy, Dignified

Bond Level: 6/10


Melody and Harmony

Gender: Female

Species: Zippleback

Colours: Purple with Light Blue Belly and Green Spots

Personality: Curious, Humerous, Imaginative

Bond Level: 5.5/10



Gender: Female

Species: Fireworm Queen

Colours: Gold with Light Belly and Dark Orange Spots

Personality: Competitive, Obedient, Tough

Bond Level: 6.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Whispering Death

Colours: Dark Teal with Light Teal Belly and Greek Spines

Personality: Introverted, Quiet, Shy

Bond Level: 6/10



Gender: Male

Species: Hotburple

Colours: Brown with Lighter Belly and Spots

Personality: Calm, Gentle, Lazy

Bond Level: 6.5/10



Gender: Female

Species: Sweet Death

Colours: Light Brown with Light Green Wings

Personality: Friendly, Misunderstood, Sweet

Bond Level: 5/10



Gender: Female

Species: Speed Stinger

Colours: Very Pale Teal with Light Belly and Darker Head Fin

Personality: Energetic, Fun Loving, Lovable

Bond Level: 7.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Grapple Grounder

Colours: Light Bluw with Royal Blue Patterns and Light Belly

Personality: Clumsy, Humerous, Excluded

Bond Level: 6/10



Gender: Male

Species: Raincutter

Colours: Green with Lighter Spots and Blue on Head and Back Fins and on Wings

Personality: Careless, Ordinary, Playful

Bond Level: 4.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Woolly Howl

Colours: White with Pale Blue belly And Light Blue Fur

Personality: Funny, Loyal, Protective

Bond Level: 10/10


Seed, Stem, Leaf and Petal

Gender: Female

Species: Snaptrapper

Colours: Light Purple-Pink with Green Belly and Yellow Spots

Personality: Seed:Shy, Stem:Intelligent Leaf:Sweet Petal:Self Centred

Bond Level: 6.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Skrill

Colours: Dark Purple with Lighter Details and Pale Lilac Belly

Personality: Brave, Sly, Witty

Bond Level: 7/10



Gender: Male

Species: Night Fury

Colours: Black 

Personality: Funny, Loyal, Protective

Bond Level: 8/10



Gender: Male

Species: Shockjaw

Colours: Light Blue with Green Belly and Back Sail and Dark Blue on Wings and Chin

Personality: Charming, Humerous, Joyful

Bond Level: 7.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Moldruffle

Colours: Defult

Personality: Cheeky, Cute, Playful

Bond Level: 6/10



Gender: Male

Species: Hobblegrunt

Colours: Different Shades of Light Teal

Personality: Cheerful, Playful, Naive

Bond Level: 5.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Scauldron

Colours: Dark Blue with Lighter Blue Belly and Details

Personality: Calm, Friendly, Proud

Bond Level: 8/10



Gender: Female

Species: Deathsong

Colours: Purple with Light Belly and Blue Patterns

Personality: Adventurous, Curious, Daring

Bond Level: 8/10



Gender: Male

Species: Singetail

Colours: Orange with Yellow Details

Personality: Alert, Heroic, Masculine 

Bond Level: 6.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Eruptodon

Colours: Brown with Grey Underside and Deep Orange Details

Personality: Calm, Gentle, Shy

Bond Level: 6.5/10



Gender: Female

Species: Flame Whipper

Colours: Pale Yellow Head and Tail, Pink Body an Black Stripes

Personality: Cheerful, Energetic, Witty

Bond Level: 7/10



Gender: Male

Species: Armorwing

Colours: Pale Yellow with Black Stripes, Horns and Claws

Personality: Loyal, Protective, Shy

Bond Level: 6/10



Gender: Male

Species: Snow Wraith

Colours: White with Blue Spots

Personality: Adventurous, Introverted, Lovable,

Bond Level: 7/10



Gender: Male

Species: Boneknapper

Colours: White

Personality: Cheerful, Clever, Playful

Bond Level: 6.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Timberjack

Colours: Darkish Brown with Dark Green Wing and Horn Tips

Personality: Alert, Corageous, Wise

Bond Level: 7/10



Gender: Female

Species: Flightare

Colours: Aqua with Lighter Aqua belly and Dark Blue Patterns

Personality: Elegant, Gentle, Mysterious

Bond Level: 7/10



Gender: Female

Species: Triple Stryke

Colours: Dark Navy Blue with Blue Underside and Lighter Blue Details

Personality: Adventurous, Energetic, Protective

Bond Level: 8/10



Gender: Female

Species: Woolly Howl

Colours: Light Blue with Darker Blue Fur and Blue Belly

Personality: Kind, Quiet, Shy

Bond Level: 9/10



Gender: Male

Species: Razorwhip

Colours: Copper

Personality: Calm, Friendly, Sweet

Bond Level: 7.5/10



Gender: Male

Species: Deadly Nadder

Colours: Dark Teal with Light Green Belly and Light Spines

Personality: Adventurous, Curious, Easily Distracted

Bond Level: 5.5/10



Gender: Female

Species: Mudraker

Colours: Light Purple with Dark Blue Spots and Aqua Belly and Sail

Personality: To be written

Bond Level: 6/10



Gender: Male

Species: Winndwalker

Colours: Dark Blue with Darker Blue Spots and Green Spine

Personality: (To Be Written)

Bond Level: 8.5/10



Favourite Classes: Sharp, Tidal and Strike

Goals in Game: Save up gems, collect one of every dragon, become #1 Ultimate Dragon Trainer

Friend Code: ELQIFI


It's Art Time!



By Werewolfgirl1253



By Dark Witch 11



By FloofQueen



By GreenAsSin



By Lululu6161



By glorybringer



By Zikta



By DuskDaybreak



By ShiroKageFox



By Wutend Bonfire



By FireNightStar



By BoomBox74




By Alexadragonfire



Thank you to all those people who have done art and edits for me! Very much appreciated! <3


Drawings by Me (Not all of them, obviously)

(Feel free to request by PM-ing me)


Congrats if you read all that, I spent way more time on it than I should have. Nonetheless, hope you enjoyed it! :)


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ALLEGIANCES (you may reply to this post)


Leader: Wolfstar- Huge grey-brown tom with yellow eyes


Deputy: Frostface- Pale grey she-cat with white markings on face and blue eyes


Medicine cat: Whitepoppy- Brown tabby she-cat with white patch on chest and green eyes


Warriors:  Darkcreek- Dark grey tabby tom with black underside and amber eyes

                                  Apprentice, Blazepaw

                Fawnspot- Brown she-cat with unusual white spots, a stubby tail and brown eyes

                Shadebreeze- Dark grey tabby tom, yellow eyes

                                        Apprentice, Berrypaw

                Halfpounce- Dark brown tabby tom with one badly scarred foreleg and blue eyes

                Hawkeye- Brown tom with excellent vision, green eyes

                                 Apprentice, Owlpaw

                Mossfoot- Light tabby she-cat with dark brown paws, green eyes

                                 Apprentice, Cloverpaw

                Pebbleshade- Grey tabby tom with amber eyes

                                        Apprentice, Icepaw

                Ivyspring- Brown she-cat with small white markings, green eyes

                                 Apprentice, Lilypaw


Apprentices: Blazepaw- Ginger tom, lighter flame like markings on face and tail, green eyes

                  Berrypaw- Light grey she-cat, blue eyes

                    Owlpaw- Brown tom with stubby tail, yellow eyes

                    Cloverpaw- Tortoiseshell she-cat, green eyes

                    Lilypaw- White she-cat, blue eyes, former kittypet

                    Icepaw- White she-cat with grey stripe down back, blue eyes

                    Sprucepaw- Pretty dark brown tabby she-cat, blue eyes


Queens: Brightslip- Pale tabby she-cat, amber eyes

              Duskpelt- Black she-cat with ginger underside, violet eyes

              Petalspot- Pale brown she-cat with unusual spots, violet eyes

              Swiftbrook- Light grey tabby she-cat, blue eyes


Elders: Boulderpatch- Grey tom with darker patches, yellow eyes

           Embersnout- Dark grey tabby she-cat with burnt muzzle, amber eyes

           Ratcoat- Dark grey tom with scruffy fur, one brown eye


Kits: Crowkit- Black tom with grey muzzle and paws- yellow eyes

       Driftkit- Pretty light grey she-cat with light underbelly, blue eyes

       Grasskit- Dark tabby tom with white paws- green eyes

       Sparrowkit- Dark brown tom with grey belly- green eyes



Leader: Lynxstar- Brown tom with darker points and a stubby tail, green eyes


Deputy: Rainpetal- Light grey tabby she-cat, amber eyes


Medicine Cat: Flintbreeze- Black tom with grey markings, green eyes

                                          Apprentice, Seedpaw


Warriors: Sliverbird- Pale grey she-cat, yellow eyes

                                Apprentice, Shellpaw

              Shortblossom- Small brown she-cat, blue eyes

              Crowleaf- Black tom, green eyes

              Webfur- White tom with grey tabby markings, brown eyes

                            Apprentice, Gullpaw

             Brindlepond- Brown tabby she-cat, blue eyes

             Driftpelt- Grey tom, amber eyes


Apprentices: Shellpaw- Pale tabby she-cat, blue eyes

                    Gullpaw- Grey tom with white belly, yellow eyes

                    Seedpaw- Tabby she-cat, green eyes


Queens: Blizzardwave- White she-cat, blue eyes

             Swanwater- Black she-cat, blue eyes

             Cloudstream- pale grey she-cat, blue eyes


Elders: Harefoot- brown tom, green eyes

           Honeypelt- pale tabby she-cat, green eyes

           Shredtooth- black tom with sharp teeth, amber eyes


Kits: Plumkit- pale tabby she-cat, violet eyes

      Daisykit- white she-cat, yellow eyes

      Rockkit- grey tom- blue eyes




Leader: Marshstar- Smoky black tom, green eyes

Deputy: Fernsplash- Light tabby tom with white striped tail, blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Lionshadow- Golden tabby tom, yellow eyes

                                             Apprentice, Rabbitpaw

Warriors: Riverhawk- Brown tom, blue eyes

                                  Apprentice, Maplepaw

              Pinethorn- Dark tabby tom, green eyes

              Stormsun- grey she-cat, amber eyes

                                Apprentice, Rosepaw

              Mousefoot- light brown she-cat, brown eyes

                                 Apprentice, Streampaw

              Swiftpuddle- brown she-cat with white patches, blue eyes

Apprentices: Rosepaw- Grey she-cat, amber eyes

                    Maplepaw- brown tabby she-cat, green eyes

                   Streampaw- grey tabby tom, blue eyes

                   Rabbitpaw- brown tom, yellow eyes

Queens: Birchpond- pale tabby she-cat, blue eyes

             Spottedwing- tortoiseshell she-cat, yellow eyes

             Eveningbrook- dark tabby she-cat, violet eyes

            Cindersong- grey she-cat, amber eyes

Elders: Rustfang- ginger tabby tom, blue eyes

           Shortwhisker- grey tom, green eyes

           Hailcoat- light tabby she-cat, yellow eyes

Kits: Mudkit- brown she-cat, blue eyes

       Toadkit- brown tabby tom, green eyes

       Softkit- white tom, green eyes



Leader: Rubblestar- brown tabby she-cat, yellow eyes


Deputy: Tallblaze-ginger tom, yellow eyes


Medicine Cat: Brownleg- brown tom with darker brown legs, green eyes


Warriors: Darkfur- Dark grey tabby tom- amber eyes

               Hazelfeather- brown she-cat, blue eyes

              Badgerheart- black and white tom- yellow eyes

               Littlewind- grey tabby she-cat, blue eyes


Apprentices: Brookpaw- brown tabby she-cat, violet eyes

                    Mottlepaw- Mottled grey tom, blue eyes


Queens: Ripplefall- grey she-cat, blue eyes

             Swallowcreek- brown tabby she-cat, green eyes

             Eveningfur- ginger she-cat, blue eyes


Elders: Weaselsky- brown tom with white belly, one blue eye

           Darkmist- dark grey tabby she-cat, green eyes


Kits: Gingerkit- ginger tom- blue eyes

       Goldenkit- golden tabby she-cat, green eyes

       Nightkit- black tom, blue eyes

       Pricklekit- brown tom, green eyes

       Breezekit- grey tabby she-cat, violet eyes

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Prologue (you can reply to this post)

A large group of cats rushed through the forest, their fur matted and unwashed. Leading them was a large brown-grey tom. “Wolfstar.” a pale grey she-cat with a white face caught up with him. “Some of the cats are falling behind. And I think Swiftbrook is close to kitting. We need to find a place to live fast.” Wolfstar glanced behind him and saw that the elders and queens were indeed far behind the rest of the warriors.

“Yes, I know Frostface,” he said to his deputy. “If we need to we will rest somewhere. But we must stay strong.” Frostface dipped her head and raced to the back of the clan to help the elders and queens along. The cats continued running until they stumbled upon a large meadow. Wolfstar stopped and scanned the area, and saw a hole dug into a small hill. “Everybody stay here. I may have found a place.” The cats flopped onto the grass, exhausted and the leader ran to the hill. Carefully, he approached the opening, sniffing for a scent of fox or badger. But the den was empty. He went inside an inspected. This will be perfect for the clan, he thought. He crawled out of the cave and back up to where the cats were waiting. “There is a den in a hill that we can rest in. We will rest there for the night and then start building our camp.” Wolfstar lead the cats into the den, and they entered cautiously. Once they were all in he called for the clan to sit in front of him while he spoke. “We have found an ideal place to live. From now on we will be known as MeadowClan.” The cats yowled in agreement, then went to rest for the night. Wolfstar too settled down and washed his scruffy coat. He sat up for a brief second and admired his clan, comfortable and happy for the first time in moons.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Blazekit blinked open his eyes as the sun beamed through the leaves onto his flame coloured pelt. He yawned lazily and stretched each leg. Then with a sudden wave of excitement he remembered he was to be made an apprentice today. “Icekit!” he hissed to his sister who was still dozing next to their mother, Swiftbrook. “Icekit! Wake up!”

“Blazekit go back to sleep. It’s barely dawn.” Icekit groaned sleepily. Blazekit sighed, clearly his sister wasn’t as excited as he was, since she didn’t even seem to remember. He stepped over the tangle of his mother’ legs and tiptoed out of the den. Only Mousefoot, Hawkeye and Hawkeye’s apprentice Owlpaw were awake, fetching some fresh kill before their dawn patrol. His paws tingled with eagerness. He practically jumped out of his fur when he heard a voice from beside him him. “You’re up early” He turned to see Ratcoat, one of the elders. His one brown eye was beaming with amusement. “Hello Ratcoat.” He could barely contain his excitement. The dark grey tom settled himself down next to Blazekit. “I remember the day I was made an apprentice,” he began, his voice cracked with age. “I felt exactly the same as you. When I heard my name I quivered from ear to tail-tip. I thought I could never be more excited, but then I was made a warrior.” His warm gaze stared into nothingness, recalling the happy memories. Then his smile faded. “And then..” he paused “and then one day I was on patrol, and we came across three Chasmclan warriors. They wouldn’t leave our territory, so a fight broke out. One of the warriors swiped at my face and scratched my eye. We went back to camp and our medicine cat removed it. I could no longer be a warrior. Even though I was getting old already, it crushed me that I had to become an elder.” Blazekit looked up at him, sympathy in his green eyes. His gaze turned as he saw Wolfstar approach the highrock.


“Cats of Meadowclan” his voice echoed through the camp. “May all cats gather beneath the highrock for the apprentice naming ceremony.” Ratcoat looked down at him.

“Good luck youngster.” he nodded and headed back to his place among the other elders. He went into his own den and caught sight of his mother, who was grooming Icekit frantically. “Blazekit! Come on, you can’t be looking scruffy at the ceremony!” He trotted over to her and her pink tongue rasped over his coat. When she had finished they emerged from the den and sat down. Blazekit glanced at Icekit, who seemed more excited now she was awake. “We are here this morning to give two kits their apprentice names.” A few cats turned their head to look at them. “Come forward you two.” He and his sister trotted and sat beneath the highrock. Wolfstar glanced at Icekit. “From this day forward, until she is given her warrior name, this apprentice shall be known as Icepaw.” Blazekit saw his sister’s white fur quiver with enthusiasm. “Pebbleshade, the Clan honours your courage and intelligence. I hope you will pass this and everything you’ve learned to your apprentice.” Pebbleshade and Icepaw stepped forward and their noses touched. “And this apprentice,” he turned his grey-brown head to Blazekit. “Until he has earned his warrior name, shall be called Blazepaw. Darkcreek, you will train Blazepaw. I expect you pass on your skill and knowledge to him.” Blazepaw did the same as his sister, and touched noses with his new mentor. “Frostpaw! Blazepaw!” His clan called their names and he beamed with pride as they gathered around them.