A Warning for Roblox Players!

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              Yesterday my 7 year old sister was playing Roblox with me (it was her b-day) and this person called my sister a DUMBO because she wasn't responding to the person because she. can't. type. yet... I was LIVID!!! I was standing up for my sister and in the process I was called stupid for not " teaching her " to type. Then there was another name but I will not bring it up because it was very wrong and youngerpeople don't need to read it.. The same thing (different player) happened to my 5 year old brother.. So be careful if you have younger siblings or family members. I wanted to give the Roblox players on here a heads up..




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There was a person who was

There was a person who was mean about moms not just kids and they called all the moms in the world a bad word which i dont wanna say because people and kids can see the forums too and the person said it in front of the whole server including me and my younger sister. we were like "thats rude" and they said something mean to me then my little sister said "your a girl too and in the future you will regret/maybe become a mom and i bet if she finds out your mom is gonna be angry" and then my sister told me that 2/3 people from 1 year ago (she couldn't type back then like your sis because she was new and didnt talk to strangers until 6 or 7 months ago) they said a bad word and my sister just quit the game. thats why little kids (more 5-8 years) should not play roblox yet. 


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*sigh* apparently no game is safe anymore, but for barking to a kid because they can't type? This is why humans just disgust me a bit, things like this, if someone is going to pick on someone on a game, then said b.ully can just go elsewhere because r.ude people like that probably don't have a life or better things to do. I'm sorry about your sibling LadyFighter, if someone is mean like that, then it's best to ignore them or go off Roblox till they're gone or she can go to another server if there's going to be b.ullies in this world, I've lost faith in humanity now, jeez


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            My sister is ok now I told her she is not a dumbo and we blocked the person... I just am at a complete loss... I can't believe the person would do that and say that to me and my sister...I am glad my sister didn't see what I was called... It was horrible I have never in my life been called lets put it as a call girl... I will not say the real word but its very close to it..

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ooooohhhhhh no

Yyyyyeah I think i have a good idea what it is but you're not one though, Roblox, Minecraft, anything with servers, you're bound to run into a b.ully, just block or avoid and ignore and just continue having a good time as if someone acts like that then they're not worth it and just try to not pay any mind to them as giving them attention will almost always make them do it more, trust me I know from many experiences. ;_; they're not worth the time or effort, that's why I have MMO on SOD off all the time, that and it slows my devices.

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Why is this an announcement on the SoD forum? It has nothing to do with the game.

Also... If your sister or you can't take something milquetoast like 'dumbo' then maybe playing online games isn't a good idea. Not trying to be mean, but honestly people get worse things thrown at them on the daily. That or just enable parental controls.

Or wait, are we being trolled? Is this a troll thread?


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         1. This a warning to other ROBLOX players  2. Why would I troll about something this serious?   3. I had no other ways of posting this  4. DID I MENTION MY SISTER IS SEVEN YEARS OLD?! 5. I was called a prostitute    6. If you have issues with this thread then PM me and we can talk. 7. You were sounding rude and 8. I don't troll to get attention I am being DEAD SERIOUS that this happened to me and my sister.

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Woah, no need to get feisty about this!

Yes, we all get called things online. Yes, online games are often a problem and a breeding ground for trolls.

I don't see why we need to get so fired up about this.


Yes, Varku, it is a Roblox problem, I totally agree, not gonna question it, not gonna argue it.

I see where Lady Fighter's intentions are coming from. It's not great for seven year olds to get called that sort of stuff, or anyone for that matter, and it could be a warning about a certain player. I'm not a player of the game, but I can see why this might be an issue.


The best thing you can do to help your sister to avoid this sort of stuff is to enable any parental controls. It's the best solution, as it helps prevent things like this from happening in the future.


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She was warning the roblox players so if it doesn’t concern you why say anything?

not being rude or anything it’s just sometimes.. you should let people do things without intervening :)


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Silver manipulated my subject -_-

Ok.... but we're not "intervening"? People have the right to question and inquire about stuff. I was asking myself the same questions.

Honestly, maybe I've become jaded due to being much older and having spent years in online games and on many different sites, so I've seen lots of what goes around, but I definitely understand the sentiment. I do think, though, that it's pretty common knowledge that stuff like this goes around, so making an announcement about it is a bit unnecesary... Knowing that that could happen is a necessary precaution to going anywhere on the Internet. Throwing random insults at people is just bottom of the barrel stuff, and I find it hard to believe that anyone who actually knew what "other choice word" meant would call you that out of the blue, so they were probably an ignorant kid at best or a childish, petty person at worst.


Yes, I'm also going to be "that guy" to point out that this would probably be a better fit for a different forum section than the announcements because ideally, this is for School of Dragons and if I'm honest it was probably intended for the admins' use only, but these days that forum section is just a mess. 



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I completely understand what your saying, but everything that gets posted on here doesn’t need to be about httyd or SoD, there is a section for everything not related to the httyd/SoD stuff so yes it would be better there but that doesn’t mean people have to moan at her for posting it because it honestly doesn’t affect anyone in a bad way so why make a big deal about it? She was just trying to look out for people :(

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I don't play ROBLOX, but will be cautious about this. Thank you for posting it. <3
To all others: Leave Lady Fighter alone! She's trying to help us, not troll or just be funny. This is a serious issue that can happen at any time and anywhere. I understand that there is not much that we can do about it, but at least Lady Fighter let us know about it. Heck, I'm not planning on letting my 5 year old brother play Roblox due to this! Before anyone begins to argue with me about my brother playing SoD, he plays it WITH MMO off.
So please, everyone leave her alone and lay off. It's not our business that she's a really nice person and was trying to help us. What is our business is the way we respond to this, by being nice instead of harassing her for trying to help us.
That's all I've got to say.





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You took the words right out of my mouth!! 

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There's always the option to turn chat off somewhere in the account settings if your brother really wants to play Roblox.(Not trying to tell you what to do of course but it is always an option :)) My sister plays Roblox and she has the chat settings turned off. She can't see other people chatting and she can't chat. The bullying that goes on on online games is one of the reasons she turned chat off. She's had some bad experiences with online games before so she just turned chat off. She still has tons of fun without chatting.


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                As my friends Ella and Tilly pointed out it was intended to HELP others with younger siblings and ROBLOX players! I was warning others about what me and younger siblings have been dealing with so others can be aware what others are doing! I was not trying to be feisty I don't like causing problems or being rude! I follow a GOLDEN RULE that says TREAT OTHERS LIKE YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED!!! So thanks to those that were standing up for me!!

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This is obviously a warning

This is obviously a warning not a troll and also DESPITE this being a SOD forum, we CAN still look out for one another when a fellow member is in trouble or needs to give a warning as forums are ALSO for talking and making friends so she's allowed to warn others, if anyone has an issue with this then they can back out of the thread as this is OBVIOUSLY a serious thing. A KID got picked on and was very young, it's best to warn others as well about this as this is also a COMMUNITY forum

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Lady fighter
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            Thank you! Everything you said is on point!!! Thanks again to everyone who stood up for me!!! :)

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You're welcome and seriously,

You're welcome and seriously, on this forum we still need to look out for each other, we help each other out,  it is a point to put the parental controls on or go to another ROBLOX server, or really wait a bit as the same person can't be on 247 and just ignore them, it's best to keep safe ^_^

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it's not a troll i know from

it's not a troll i know from my experiences on roblox that this kind of thing would never be a troll since there are indeed players who hurt other peoples feelings so please understand Lady fighter would have never have posted this if it isn't an issue or if she doesn't care about anyone else but since it is an issue and she does cares about others she posted to anyone who plays roblox to warn them the dangers. Yes she did put this in the wrong forum topic area but she did it to warn everyone so i suggest we try to help out each other especially when her younger sister got picked on we must give her our support and suggestions on how to fix this issue so it won't happen again and i just want to put this out theer to you all how would you feel if your younger sibling (under 13) got picked on in a game? for me i know i would get seriously upset or mad with that and try to warn and ask for help to everyone.

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               Which forum topic should of I put this under? There are so many! I had no idea. >.<

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I think it's suppose to be

I think it's suppose to be under games, sports and recreation

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here you go ^_^


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Lady fighter
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         Thank you now I know for next time!!! :)

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I don't play Roblox however...

I can see there's stuff to report players for Roblox. One of the best ways to get an issue reported for most games (unless the support is absolute junk and in some games it unfortunatly is) is to take a screenshot and send it in a support forum (if they have that). Like take a screenshot of the chat if there's no function to report the chat (and of course report the player).  I'm afraid there's not much else that can be done with the bully (beyond somehow tracking them down and telling their parents irl).


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So sorry

Thank you for the warning lady fighter. My son is the same age as your sister. Unfortunately he can type and also read( just about anything) bullying is wrong, there should be a report button on Roblox. Luckily my son understands that he tells us anything bad someone says to him, and he is to leave whatever game he's on.  Typing takes time to get use to( he uses the short cut buttons) I hope they have better experiences.


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Yeah... you get a lot of toxic people on Roblox. I haven't played in almost two years but I recieved a sexist comment from a guy telling me I couldn't play a specific car racing game because I'm a girl. Didn't bother me much tbh but still.


Oh and I remember my very first Roblox experience being a person continuously spawn-killing me because they thought it was funny. When you get used to this kind of behaviour you usually learn to ignore it. If I encounter any toxic people I try to ignore them, after all, attention is what they want.


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