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I'm just gonna rant here because I've had a HORRIBLE week in this game.


Ok so I keep on getting high scores in battle events but this week I've been constantly getting the chest glitch. And other glitches preventing me from getting the chest. And when I DO get the chest, I get NOTHING but gold or farm material even though I got the gold rank in battle. In addition I lost a gem quest when I had an 80% of winning. I also accidentally wasted my gems on speeding up a gem quest that gave me 25 gems. 200 gems down the toilet. I just sent two of my titans on a gem quest that they only have 40% of winning because I honestly don't care anymore. Nobody I know really roleplays and I'm too awkward to go and ask people if they want to roleplay. I've had to deal with several speedhackers in racing, and some people are just annoying with the traps they pay for, BEFOREHAND. Some of the chests I win in battle are all eggs, but one thing that's a farm item, and I always win a farm item in that case. Just UUUUUUUUGHHHHH



Okay. I'm done. Don't say stop complaining. Because normally I hate complaining but this seriously has been irritating.



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not much else to say! I'm most likely going to be using my actual game account, instead of my forum account.




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I have been having really bad

I have been having really bad luck with battle reward chests as well, I get gold rank sometimes even first on the list and still I get all useless rewards most of the time. The rewards have become really bad lately I don't understand why. As for the chest glitch yea I have that a lot too and it's super angering but lately I tried something new and it has been working out for me I hope it stays that way cuz I'm sick of the glitches. Don't open the chest from the battle window you get when the battle finishes instead exit out of the window and don't press open ether. The chest will go into your bag. Land and change dragon then switch to single player mode then switch dragon again and then go into your bag and try to open it from there while in single player mode still. It has worked for me a couple of times now and has not let me down yet and I hope it stays so. Give it a try hope it works for you too




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I know of it. It doesn't

I know of it. It doesn't work. And it's not just that glitch!

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I don't know about the stable

I don't know about the stable problem you have so I can't help you with it :/ do you go into single player mode ? Or you just switch dragons ?

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Silver manipulated my subject -_-

I have a glitch where the chest won't open if you click on it immediately after winning a battle, but if you open your backpack and open it through there it works just fine. 

When I open chests........ Skins and saddles. Not so bad right?

Not when you have 3 Defender Toothless Saddles, a couple copies of the same Changewing skin, and skins/saddles for dragons I never intend to buy. 


I think 80% of my dragons are also de.ad since I sent a lot of them on a/some quest/s a while ago and haven't been online in forever to feed them...... 




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I've never gotten silver or bronze chests, just gold, and lemme tell ya, I have sooooo many saddles, friendship gates and gold!! It drives me insane

Sometimes there's a chest full of gems and eggs, and one saddle. Guess which one I get. ANOTHER SADDLE!1




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Ikr that's why I have been ditching this game for about a month now. Im playing Minecraft, Asphalt 8, and PackMan-in case you guys wonder what I've been doing all this time. Yep, not been up to my little "games" as much as I used to be.(As much as I enjoyed them) ;D



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Ah minecraft. I built I giant

Ah minecraft. I built I giant really detailed alpha toothless statue in the game, along with the bewilderbeast. And then my computer broke. 



Rip my statues...



but anyways this became a rant thread and I think we should shut it down before it gets out of hand.