Wait i dont have membership anymore but i can still use toothless ?!?

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I dont have membership anymore yet i can still ride toothless?? is this a glitch or now part of the game ? 

havent played the game for awhile so this might just be an update i didnt know about but i thought i better ask before i buy skins for toothless as i dont want it to be a glitch and him taken away :O (what a waste of gems that woud be) :x

anyways thats all i wanted to ask if anyone know's please comment down below :D





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Well, i think that after your

Well, i think that after your membership expires, Toothless will expire too, right..?? So i guess it's a glitch.





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Thats weird though.... its

Thats weird though.... its not acting like a glitch ?? im confused :'O

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i really dont get it.... :'D

i really dont get it.... :'D

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Blitz zapped my subject..

a while ago you used to be able to keep your Toothless after your membership expired, all those older players who had a membership before the update and got to keep Toothless after the membership expired, the admins let them keep theirs, if your account is from a couple of years ago it is not a glitch, if not, then it is probably a glitch.


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Actually no. They took away

Actually no. They took away all toothlesses. I was supposed to keep mine, but noooo! :/ 



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I kept mine. Haven't been a

I kept mine. Haven't been a member in years and I still have good ol' Toothy.

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Auugh! THIS GAME I SWEAR. I got mine the day it came out, before they announced they'll remove him! And yet when I ended my membership they took him away :/ so I guess I'm unlucky or something and it's really annoying because I found this out on the one week I'm having really bad luck in the darn game.


edit: I just discovered mine says I got him after the update. But that is not true. There was a glitch in the system where it says I got mine later because my membership ended. I'll just deal.

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Email support. Yea they'll

Email support. Yea they'll take a while to respond, but if you got it before the deadline you're entitled to keeping him. I dunno if they'll need some kind of proof though, although if what you say is true there's gotta be some way to find out. Probably some membership records somewhere, anything.


I think on another thread about legacy Toothless someone mentioned theirs was taken away but got it fixed with customer support. So it's at least worth it to try.


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As others have said, if you got Toothless from membership before sometime in October 2014 (I think? It might have been towards the middle the middle of the month, idk anymore) you get to keep him forever. If you got him after that set date, though, you don't get to keep him after your membership expires.

Was it possible you had a 3-month membership before October 2014? because if you did, that would explain why. But otherwise, I guess it's just a weird glitch.

I know I got my first membership before the day they took him away for non-members, so I still have my Toothless. That's the only reason I remember :P


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Require a reply from an old player who has access to Toothless

I am also one of the very old players who has access to Toothless even if not a member as well but I have 2 really important questions that I hope someone who is also an old player and has access to Toothless always to answer me please. I have not been a member in a long long time but I was thinking of buying the 7 days membership once to try and buy those racing stripes they added for Toothless in the shop but I have two questions: 1) If I buy this membership and it expires will I still have access to my Toothless because I am an old player or will he be converted to a recent dragon and so be locked for me after the membership expires ? Or is there a possibility that the game might glitch me and think I got a new Toothless and so end up locking it despite me being an old player ? 2) Will my Toothless still be able to wear those racing stripes after my membership expires or not anymore only if you are a member despite me having my Toothless unlocked for me because iam one of the old players ? I would appreciate any clarification ! :)




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I am a VERY old player i

I am a VERY old player i think ive had this game for more than 2 years!!! :O and i have bought membership more than once. ive had 3 months a few times and then my last one was for a year!!! and its only just ended and seeing as ive never had this glitch before i must be one of the old players but again im still not sure as you are all saying that before the expire date which was 2014 i think you said in october ??? anyway after that date i couldent use toothless this is the first time its happened now in 2017 so is that because there was a new update recently allowing old players who had toothless before that date to keep him now ? i hope you get what i mean...


I want to just say a big thankyou to everyone whos commented, the forum is so nice and full of helpful people so THANKYOU!!!

(if anyone can answer this queston ill be even more grateful !! :D


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Judging by your Join date

Judging by your Join date 2015 you joined and got the membership in 2015 which was almost a whole year after the update they made long ago that caused new players to lose their Toothlesses after their membership expired. The maximum date one had to have gotten Toothless before was the 16th of October 2014. Anyone who go a Toothless after that date regrettably does not get to keep him :( but anyone before that date was put into the exceptions and are able to keep Toothless even after their membership expired. You stated that you have almost always had a membership since you joined the game which is why you had access to Toothless but now that your membership has expired he has been locked and you would unfortunately have to buy a membership again to have access like you used to. I hope this answers your question ;3 

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but thats the thing toothles

but thats the thing toothles is unlocked right now ? and i dont have membership anymore mabey it is just a glitch... is there anyway you can check how long you have had the game and the times you had membership ??

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I got my toothless and my

I got my toothless and my first membership on exactly the 19th of August 2014 that was 2 months before they made that update that caused everyone who got a membership after the date October 16 2014 to have their Toothless locked after the membership expired. It's strange that you got him after the update by almost a whole year so I don't understand why he is unlocked for you he should be locked. Oh and I have not been a member in a long long time I think the last time I was a member was in 2014 then I quit SoD for years and only came back recently, a month ago kinda and I still have him with me and unlocked because I am one of the very old players. It must be a glitch maybe he will get locked again after a few days or something if that does not happen well I guess all you can do is pm an admin and let them fix it for you and lock him because sadly no one else can help you except an admin ;3

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Thankyou :D Ill keep that all in mind


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Ok Thankyou all for all your

Ok Thankyou all for all your help i really appriciate it !!