Voltron Legendary Defender Dragon Pack

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I.. am just a huge nerd and want to show off the little Voltron pack I made in School of Dragons, especially with a new season for Voltron coming out.


Blue, the Blue Lion Sandwraith


Lanu Samasama, The Yellow Lion Gronkle


Vita, the Green Lion Nadder


Red, the Red Lion Monstrous Nightmare


Shiroi (they wouldn't let me do just Shiro and i'm salty), the Black Lion Stormcutter

(little note: I will be titaning the other three in the future, I'm just concentrating on getting all titans at the moment)


Also little bonus, one of my beginner dragons, colored and named after Altea, a planet in Voltron.














Bug Fixes before Updates by The Smokey Dragon

Sanctum of Dragontide Signature by HummerTruck

Transparent Moondust by Cordial/TrenchBlood

Edits and Screenshots by Me


Art Corner

Fenrir the Titan Razorwhip edit done by JulTheBat


Moondust done by Cordial/TrenchBlood


Neon Viking and Moondust done by LilyStark


Viking and Moondust fistbumping by Fireflash


Viking and Moondust cuddling and resting by ToshiLoshi


Altea edit by nathanviking


Moondust done by Midlstrit on Tumblr and DeviantArt


Drawing and Edit of Moondust done by myself


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It feels like it all

It feels like it all fits 


if the lions were dragons.. they would totally be these dragons






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I like how each dragon's

I like how each dragon's personality also fits the lions


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